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Shelter Shorts May 2014 Bevs

Shelter Shorts May 2014 Bevs

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Monthly newsletter
Monthly newsletter

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Published by: Riversandbluffs Animalshelter on May 28, 2014
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Shelter Shorts - May & June 2014
 is a monthly newsletter intended to keep Rivers and Bluffs nimal Shelter volunteers and supporters !onne!ted" #ith everyone$s he!ti! s!hedules% we know it is often diffi!ult% if not impossile to attend monthly meetin's or to work at all of our fundraisers" (veryone is invited to sumit arti!les for the newsletter" )o do so% please !all Bev at *0+-,2*-214 or email her at wyalusin'2012.'mail"!om"
Monthly meetings are held on the 3
 Thursday of every month at the Prairie du Chien City Hall.
Meetin's e'in at */00 p"m" lease use the a!k door" (veryone is wel!ome and en!oura'ed to attend" )he net meetin' will e held on )hursday% June 1
Dog Oedien!e Classes
have finished for the sprin' session" )he parti!ipants in this session have een amon' the most !ommitted  have seen"  hope that they en3oyed !omin' to !lass as mu!h as  en3oyed sharin' what  know aout trainin' do's"  may start another !lass in a few weeks% ut for now  need to e in my 'ardens as mu!h as  !an"  have pur!hased 2 tunnels a lon' tunnel and a !ollapsed !hute5 oth of whi!h the do's en3oy"  hope to add a few more a'ility items in the near future% in!ludin' a set of weave poles and a tire 3ump"
"#i$ Tri% &as Card Sales
from Mar!h 21 throu'h pril 1* totaled 62+47"00" rofit for 8) !ards for the period endin' pril 1*
% totaled 62+4"70" 9or the period pril 1:
 ; May 17
% total 'as !ards sold totaled 6127 for a profit of 612"70" )hanks to everyone who !ontinues to support our efforts throu'h the pur!hase of these !ards" f more would pur!hase these !ards from us% we !ould reali<e our 'oal of a fun!tional uildin' in the near future" )he sale of 8wik )rip !ards !ontinues to e our easiest and most profitale fund raiser" lease help us y !onta!tin' me throu'h this email or y phone ; ,2*-214% Jill at ,2*-4+:0 or =onna at *0+-,:-2112" s we enter the uildin' phase of the shelter pro3e!t% the 8) !ards !ould !ertainly make a differen!e in how soon we !an start !onstru!tion" 8) 'as !ards are e!ellent 'ifts for hi'h s!hool and !olle'e 'raduates" f 3ust a few more people would pur!hase 'as !ards%  elieve we !ould e reali<in' 6700 profit every month"
lease !ontinue to save and donate your old !ell phones% smart phones and ink !artrid'es" )hey !an e dropped off at )ender >are nimal ?ospital% Radio Sha!k or  3ust rin' them to a RBS meetin'" =onna% thank you for your time and effort in this  pro3e!t"
Pasta for Pets
was held on #ednesday% pril 1*
" )hanks to Merilee for reali<in' her 'oal of makin' this year$s asta for ets i''er and etter than last year$s" )hanks to everyone who has donated to the au!tion or has helped with soli!itin' money or au!tion items" )hanks also to those who attended asta for ets% aked desserts for the uffet or helped at asta" rofit from asta for ets totaled 62%:7"00 in!ludin' 61,07"00 from the live au!tion% 610:2"70 from the silent au!tion% 6+, from the 70@70 raffle% 64+1"27 from the meal and 6: in donations% less advertisin' epenses"
Prin!ess for an Evening
was held on Saturday% pril 2*
 at ?u!kleerry$s Restaurant and BanAuet ?all" n!e a'ain% attendan!e was less than we had hoped% ut everyone in attendan!e appeared to have an en3oyale evenin'" #e had many repeat prin!esses and their dates and  feel for those who have attended efore% rin!ess is a mu!h anti!ipated event for youn' 'irls" #e did away with many of the sweets from previous years and
tried servin' more healthy% yet appealin' refreshments" =iane #itt made fresh pineapple  oats filled with a variety of fresh fruit" )he fruit was a i' hitC t the end of the evenin'%  do not rememer pi!kin' up any fruit left on plates" )he rasperry filled rin!ess !ake from Ma$s Bakery in Bloomin'ton was as deli!ious as it was eautiful" Jello hearts were also very popular as was the !heese and sausa'e tray donated y Bo and =iane #itt" 'ain thanks to everyone who helped with this event in any way ; volunteers who helped set up and take down% sponsors to help pay for advertisin' ; =r" =onna ?i''ins ptometry and )ender >are nimal ?ospital ; Ma$s Bakery% 8emles Dreenhouse !orsa'es5 Bo & =iane #itt% Brian >ipra hoto'raphy and ?u!kleerry$s Restaurant Skemp 9amily and staff5"  am not sure how mu!h money we made on rin!ess ut  estimate it to e aout 6700"
'elson True (alue )ood Stand and *a$e Sale
was held on 9riday% May 
" t was a !old and windy day% ut =onna% =e >ross and  survived" t was not as usy as other years% ut our profit for the day was 6404 in!ludin' 641, in sales% donations of 67"27 and sale of 2 tee shirts for 627" )hanks to =onna ?" for donatin' !ondiments" )hanks also to =onna >ipra for helpin' us set up and 'et started" nd as always thanks to everyone who aked for the ake sale" #e sold almost everythin' we had" )he Auantity was 3ust aout perfe!t for the one day sale and the sele!tion was e!ellent"
Rooster +ndy,s Chi!$en -
 will take pla!e on )hursday% May 2
" By the time you re!eive this% it may e history" f you do re!eive this prior to )hursday% please promote the >hi!ken E and support us throu'h pur!hasin' deli!ious 'rilled !hi!ken dinners" #e have sold only a few advan!ed ti!kets% !ompared to other years" #e need to sell ,00 dinners" ?ours are from 11 a"m" - * p"m" f you would like to e assured of a dinner whi!h in!ludes a half !hi!ken% potato salad% aked eans and dinner roll for 6+% please let me know"  think we are set as far as volunteers/ Jill% =e >ross% Julie & )odd #hyte% Randi 8% Randy % John Ryan% Brenda #ilson and myself" lease help to make this a su!!ess"
Tra!tor Su%%ly Dog Care / 0
)ra!tor Supply Stores are promotin' a spe!ial event on June 2+
 involvin' do's" )hey have asked me to e a part of it"  told them that  would help them with it" )hey also asked if we would want to do a food stand% ake sale and  possily a do' wash"  feel that we should do somethin' as  don$t want RBS to 'et la<y" >urrently we do not have any fundraisers planned for the entire summer until the rairie ool uppy addle on u'ust 2,
" But  !annot do it alone" s there anyone who would e willin' to help with a food stand for a few hours 10 a"m" ; 2 p"m"5 or possily lon'er as well as try the do' wash a'ainF  do know the do' wash was popular and it would help draw people" )he last time we did one% we had de!ided not to do any more do' washes as we had a do' !ome in with fleas" But we !ould refuse to wash do's with fleas"  may ask >S to rin' some adoptale do's alon' and may also ask >risse Reynolds to e there" >risse is the newly appointed >rawford >ounty nimal >ontrol ffi!er" t would 'ive people a !han!e to meet her in person" f you would e willin' to help with this y runnin' the food stand and@or doin' the do' wash% please let me know as soon as possile"
*eer Tasting 0
t the pril meetin'% we had talked aout doin' a eer or wine tastin' event as a fund raiser this summer" s  said efore% we do not have any events for this summer" 9undraisers are an e!ellent way to meet people and now that we have land as well as an ar!hite!t hired for the net phase feasiility assessment5% we should e out
with the puli! to show our plans" Brenda offered to ask )he Barn if they would !onsider doin' a Beer )astin'" #e thou'ht with all of the !ampers it would e an e!ellent lo!ation" Staff at )he Barn told Brenda that it is too usy this time of year to have a Beer or #ine )astin'" ther possiilities are ein' !onsidered"
"ids 1 Canine Summer Cam%
will e held on Monday% )uesday & #ednesday% July 14 ; 1* at ?offman ?all% from *-:/,0" ro'ram topi!s will in!lude/ >ookin' for Gour =o'% meet the )herapy =o's% =o''ie rts and >rafts% Safety round =o's% =is!over & dentify =ifferent Breeds and Brin' Gour =o' to >amp #ednesday only and adults need to e present5"  am e!ited aout this and hope we will have a 'ood turnout" >lass si<e is limited to 10" f anyone would like to help with this%  would appre!iate it" r if any of you with )herapy =o's would like to !ome for the kids to meet your do's that would also e appre!iated" f you know of some fun and simple do' !rafts or would like to help with the !raft or !ookin' part of the pro'ram% please know that  won$t turn you down" Re'istration fee is 620" Mike H" will take !are of re'istration" RBS will make 617 of ea!h re'istration fee" )he remainin' 67 will 'o to d> ark and Re!"
)oster Dogs and Prisoners 0
 had heard throu'h 8atie M!Dovern that someone from >S was tryin' to start a foster do' pro'ram with inmates at the d> >orre!tional 9a!ility" 8atie did not know the person$s name ut she said it was the person who was  3ust appointed as the >rawford >ounty nimal >ontrol ffi!er" Just a few days after talkin' to 8atie% there was a press release aout >risse Reynolds ein' hired as the nimal >ontrol ffi!er" n Sunday  emailed >risse to !on'ratulate her on the new and mu!h needed position"  also asked her aout the pro'ram for foster do's and inmates" She said she has started to work on this and that if it !omes to e% a trainer will e needed" )his is somethin' that has always een in the a!k of my mind and also near and dear to my heart" So  told >risse that  would love to help train the inmates to train the do's to make them more adoptale" >risse and  hope to meet this week if we !an 'et our s!hedules to ali'n"
+nother 2ay to Hel% R+*+S 0
Rivers & Bluffs nimal Shelter has re!ently een a!!epted and enrolled as a parti!ipatin' or'ani<ation in )hrivent >hoi!e" )hrivent >hoi!e is a !haritale 'rant pro'ram that allows eli'ile memers to re!ommend where )hrivent 9inan!ial distriutes part of its !haritale outrea!h 'rant funds ea!h year" RBS will e listed in the sear!hale online !atalo' pro'ram" #hen eli'ile )hrivent 9inan!ial memers dire!t >hoi!e =ollars to RBS in a parti!ular month% )hrivent 9inan!ial reviews the re!ommendation and makes an ele!troni! !ontriution y the 10
of the followin' month" )hese funds may e used to !arryout edu!ational or !haritale  purposes of RBS" f you have any Auestions aout )hrivent >hoi!e% please !all the Memer >onne!tion >enter at 1-+00-+4:-4+,* and say )hrivent >hoi!e at the prompt or email mail.thrivent"!om" 9or more information aout the >hoi!e =ollars plan% please 'o to/ www"thrivent"!om@thrivent!hoi!e and !li!k on >hoi!e =ollars" f you are not re'istered% there are dire!tions to do so on the first pa'e" " 9or more info on this  pro'ram% please feel free to !onta!t me y replyin' to this email or y phone at ,2*-214" )hrivent is a national finan!ial or'ani<ation" )hanks to Bar Ban'ert for information on this pro'ram"
Merilee Pleggen$uhle
has de!ided to step down as se!retary" Merilee is usy with 3os and family and feels that she !annot do 3usti!e to the offi!e of se!retary" Julie was nominated at the last meetin' to e se!retary" f there is anyone else who would like to

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