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Batch Converting Multiple 'Type 1' Fonts For Use in Windows 2000 and XP

Batch Converting Multiple 'Type 1' Fonts For Use in Windows 2000 and XP

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Published by malagirlfriend

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Published by: malagirlfriend on Mar 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Batch Converting M ultiple \u2018Type 1\u2019 fonts
for use in Win2000 and WinXp using
FontLab 4
I\u2019ve purposefully made this little tutorial simplistic so that it
wi l l , hopeful l y, be underst andabl e by a l arge audi ence,\u2026 so
j ust bear wit h me,\u2026 or\u2026 go away,\u2026 cause I don\u2019t want you
here anyway\u2026 LO L\u2026
An important note before we start. This process is to
correct T ype 1 f ont (s) t hat A dobe T ype M anager (A T M )
reveals t o be invalid. W in 2000 and W inXP are more st rict in
t hei r handl i ng of f ont s and occat i onal l y some ol der f ont s do

not meet t hi s hi gher st andard. T hi s process wi l l bri ng t hem
upt odat e. Y ou shoul d onl y t ry t o convert f ont (s) you know t o
be i nval i d. T hi s met hod i s not 100% effect i ve. T he font (s) may
st i l l be i nval i d aft er conversi on, i n whi ch case you may have t o

t ake ot her act i on over and above t he scope of t hi s document .

But t hi s Bat ch C onversi on M et hod does aut omat e t he
process, and most T ype 1 f ont s are rendered usabl e by t he t wo
W i ndows O perat i ng Syst ems not ed above. O ne l ast i t em,

T rue T ype font s do not fal l under t hi s cat egory, so shoul d not
be consi dered part of t hi s di scussi on.
A nd now on t o t he show\u2026

T he f i rst st ep i s t o open Font L ab 4. T here i s no need t o open any f ont s,\u2026 j ust t he program i t sel f bei ng open i s enough. N ow cl i ck \u2018Tool s\u2019\u2018Transform R ange\u2019, or just hit C t rl+ Shift + T.

N ext click t he \u2018drop down\u2019 but t on (lit t le arrow) and click on \u2018Font s in
t he Font List \u2019 (fat arrow). T hen click t he but t on wit h t he \u20183 dot s\u2019 at
t he t op right (long arrow).

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