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MB0031 Management Information System

MB0031 Management Information System

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Published by Saurabh MIshra12

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Published by: Saurabh MIshra12 on Nov 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject code: MB0031(3 credits)Set 1Marks 60SUBJECT NAME: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS
 Answer the following questions. Each Question carries 10 marks
1. Define MIS? What are the objectives and characteristics of MIS ?2. Explain strategic MIS categories in detail. Give illustrations for each category.3. Write a detailed note on the planning and development of Management InformationSystems.4. Explain in detail the necessity and importance of Systems Design in MIS.5. Explain in detail about e-business, e-commerce and e-collaboration. Give suitableexamples.6. What is an internet? Explain the differences between internet, intranet and extranet.
Subject code: MB0031(3 credits)Set 2Marks 60SUBJECT NAME: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS
 Answer the following questions:
What are limitations of MIS? What are the factors which lead to the success and failureof MIS in an organization? (10)
What is Business Process Re-engineering. Explain in detail the focus of BPR on thecurrent issues in Business. (10)
Explain the various role of a Systems Analyst. What is meant by Feasibility of systems ?What are the various types of Feasibility study? (10)
Explain the significance of DSS. What are the components of DSS and explain DSSmodel?(10)
Read the following case and answer the question (20)You have 10 messages on voice mail, six faxes in your in-basket, three people standingoutside of your office waiting either for you to get off of the phone or finish speaking withthe guy sitting in your office (whichever comes first). Your computer just beeped toinform you, again, that an e-mail message has just been added to your stockpile ofunread messages gathering electronic dust. You make a mental note to change thenotification sound to an evil laugh. Your reading pile is teetering, threatening to put out ofmisery the plant you haven't watered in three weeks. You wonder who the strangepeople are in the picture on your desk. ... Oh yeah, it's your spouse and kids.Your boss strides into your office, throws a letter under your nose, and says, "Read this.We just got a project that requires us to `collaborate over the Internet'-whatever thatmeans-and since you're the computer guru around here, you have to get a handle on itand teach us all what to do by next Thursday." As he leaves, you make a few e-comments about what he can e-do with his e-letter. Welcome to e-hell. Mostprofessionals know by now that eventually they will have to deal with e-business. It's tooearly to tell if e-collaboration will resolve the communications overload engineers arefacing today or just clutter the available bandwidth even more. Look around you. DidPCs lead to a paperless office? Waiting for the e-collaboration to stabilize or shake out,however, might be counterproductive. You might find yourself in a situation like the onedescribed above where you'll have to "e-collaborate" in a pinch. If this happens, here area few survival tips: read about e-collaboration to get a general impression of what it isand how it works and then visit some Websites where some of the more popularproducts exist and try them out. Visit the HPAC Engineering Interactive Website at

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