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Global Market for Women’s Health Therapeutics Expected to Reach $22.5 Billion in 2018

Global Market for Women’s Health Therapeutics Expected to Reach $22.5 Billion in 2018

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Published by BCC Research

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Published by: BCC Research on May 29, 2014
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Global Market for Women’s Health Therapeutics Expected to Reach $22. !illion in 2"#% &ostmenopausal 'steoporosis (laims )* Market +hare
Wellesley, Mass., May 27, 2014 – BCC Research (www.bccresearch.com) reveals in is new re!or, "hera!e#ics $or Women%s &ealh' "echnoloies an *lobal Mar+es, he lobal mar+e $or womens healh hera!e#ics is e-!ece o row o 22./ billion by 201, wih a $iveyear com!o#n ann#al rowh rae (C*R) o$ 3./. "he !osmeno!a#sal oseo!orosis hera!e#ics semen leas he lobal mar+e, claimin /3 mar+e share.Womens healh iss#es have aine sini$ican mar+e aenion recenly as a res#l o$ isease !aern an reamen i$$erences beween men an women. "he 5.6. semen, by $ar he lares an $asesrowin reional mar+e, is e-!ece o reach 13./ billion by 201, reiserin a C*R o$ 4.7."he #ro!ean an 8a!anese mar+es are !ro9ece o a!!roach 7./ billion an nearly 1.4 billion, res!ecively, by 201, a C*Rs o$ 1.7 an 1..C#rrenly, !osmeno!a#sal oseo!orosis ominaes he lobal mar+e $or womens healh hera!e#ics an echnoloies, $ollowe by meno!a#se, enomeriosis, an !olycysic ovary synrome, which claim 30, 14, an 4 o$ he oal mar+e, res!ecively.:;aen e-!iry is one o$ he +ey challenes $or he rowh o$ his mar+e an has res#le in a slowown in recen $ew years #e o !aen e-!iries o$ bloc+b#sers s#ch as visa, he ;remarin $amily, conel, an oher r#s,< says BCC Research bioechnoloy analys =r. Ri# "ha+#r =ani. :&owever, he la#nch o$ novel hera!ies (e.., elaoli-, oanacaib, >emira, amon ohers) in he laesae !i!eline has he sron !oenial o rive he mar+e #rin he $orecas !erio.<
THER,&E-T(+ /'R W'ME01+ HE,TH3 TE(H0''GE+ ,04 G'!, M,R5ET+
 !rovies an overview o$ he lobal mar+e $or womens healh hera!e#ics. ? incl#es analyses o$ lobal mar+e rens, wih aa $rom 2012 an 2013, an !ro9ecions o$ C*Rs hro#h 201.iors an re!orers who wish o s!ea+ wih he analys, sho#l conac 6even C#mmin a seven.c#mmin@bccresearch.com.
,bout !(( Research
BCC Research !#blishes mar+e research re!ors ha ma+e oraniAaions worlwie more !ro$iable wih inellience ha rives smar b#siness ecisions. "hese re!ors cover oay%s ma9or in#srial an echnoloy secors, incl#in emerin mar+es. >or more han 40 years we%ve hel!e c#somers ieni$y new mar+e o!!or#niies wih acc#rae an reliable aa an insih, incl#in mar+e siAin, $orecasin, in#sry overviews, an ieni$icaion o$ sini$ican rens an +ey com!eiors. We !arner wih analyss who are e-!ers in s!eci$ic areas o$ in#sry an echnoloy, !roviin #nbiase meas#remens an assessmens o$ lobal mar+es. #r cliens incl#e he o! com!anies in in#sries aro#n he worl as well as #niversiies, b#siness schools, sar#!s, cons#lin $irms an invesmen com!anies. BCC Research is a #ni o$ li Research C. Disi o#r websie a www.bccresearch.com. Conac #s' (E1) 714F7301 (5.6. asern ime), or email in$ormaion@bccresearch.com.

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