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Soal Siswa Berprestasi 2008

Soal Siswa Berprestasi 2008



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Published by buddy kusnadi

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Published by: buddy kusnadi on Nov 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English testThe Third gradeSMP NEGERI 1 SUBANG
Read the Announcement below carefullyATTENTION !!!
CALLING ALL STUDENTS OF SPENSASHOW OFF YOUR TALENTSSING, DANCE, BE FUNNY PLAY MUSIC OR PERFORM MAGICDo it with 2,3 or four others.No age limitTO ENTER1.Pick up a form from OSIS counte2.Complete the form3.Drop the completed form in the box labeled TALENT SEARCH at OSIS room4.Box will be removed a fifth day after the date given bellow.IMPORTANTFILL IN THE FORM ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE RULES GIVEN AT THE BACK !24 July 2008Osis spensa1.Where would this announcement be put up ?a. in all school b. in Spensa ‘s school c. in all radio l d. at the shopping center 2. No age limit what does it mean ?a.aged man is not allowedb.those who are under age forbiddenc.age won’t be consideredd.Only those who are over sixteen years of age take part.3.The announcement is about ?a. a talent show b. Students member c. entering a contest d. OSIS member 4. How many students maximum can take part in this contest ?a. 1 student b. 2 student c. 3 students d. 4 students5.When will the box be removed ?a. 10 July 2008 b. July 25, 2008 c. 24 July 2008 d. 5 days6.Where can they find the rules of contest?a. at the OSIS b. committee c. in box d. at the form7.The announcement above is about.a. procedure text b. recount text c. report text d. anecdote8.Rasyid … study at Pelita Harapan High School Senior after he graduates from SMPN 1a. will b. is going to c. shall d. are going to9.the phone is ringing, I … get it.a. am going to b. is going to c. will d. shall10.He didn’t … to school because of sicka. goes b. go c. went d. will go 
Read the text carefully! ( For number 32-33 )
There was a gentleman who had beautiful twins. Their names were Penelope and Anastasia. Eventhough they were identical twins, their behavior was far different. Penelope was the lazy one. Shespent most of the day sleeping. Anastasia was the diligent one. She helped her father do householdchores since their mother had passed away a few years ago. Anastasia would wake up early in themorning, make her bed, and start to cook for the family.11.Anastasia was the diligent one. The synonym of “diligent” is ….A. Serious B. Hard worker C. Tidy D Smart12.What is the synonym of “passed away”A. Dead B. Left C. Sick D. Gone
13. They are several kinds of recount text. exceptA. Adventure B. History C. Personal letter D. Dairy14. … “ How to study effectively “ can be the title of …A. Narrative B. Descriptive C. Recount D. Procedure15.What tenses are mostly used in the descriptive text ?A. Simple present C. Simple pastB. Present continuous D. Past continuous16.My Father Usually … a cup of coffee before he goes to his officea. drinks b. drink c. is drinking d. drank17.My teacher … his lesson clearly every time.a. explained b. explains c. will explain d. is explaining18.Listen !, Siti … “Terlena “ song.a. sings b. is singing c. will sing d. sang19.If I have a lot of money, I … buy new cameraa. bought b. buy c. will buy d. am buying20.“ Don’t forget to study hard “ …. My Grandma.a. says b. said c. will say d. sayingEssay.1.
Change this sentence
( + ), ( - ) and ( ? )
My Sister always cooks fried rice every sunday 
2.Make an Announcement about
a.English test / next weekb.Study tour to “Yogya”/ next holiday
Good luck !Paddle your own cannoe
.The following words are closely related to newspaper. Use them to fill in the blanks in the text!
Recentpress subscriberegionalJournalistseditpublish newspapeManagerarticles editorsI…….(9)to ‘post Anda’ for two reasons, firstly, it is a morning …..(10) so I can get the most……(11) newsearly secondly both its….(12) and staff are very professional. The ….(13) are very selective. They workvery carefully and only ….(14) very good …(15) to…(16) in their efforts to get actual news the…(17)always do their best so this paper is never late to report the international….(18),or local news. All of themare members of the national…(19) association called IJA
Read the word written in bold in the sentences below. Then choose the correct alternative of its classification ( part of speech )
20. Delangu is famous
its local variety of rice, called
a. verb b. adverb c. Conjunction d. Preposition21. I shouted
like crazy.” Hurrah! hurrah ! a. verb b. adverb c. Conjunction d. Preposition
Read the text carefully .INFLUENZA
When people have a cold, a fever or a Flu, they usually go to the doctor for help, or they get some medicine from the drugstore. But many people usehome remedies for common illnesses.Have you ever suffered from influenza or the flu? The flu is a contagiousillness that is caused by viruses, and it may sometimes even lead to death.The flu usually starts suddenly and may include these symptoms: fever,(usually high), headache, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, andmuscle aches; diarrhea and vomiting can also occur.There are things you can do to prevent the flu. First, cover your mouth andnose with a tissue every time you sneeze. Do not forget to throw the tissueaway after you use it. Second, frequently wash your hands with soap,especially after you cough or sneeze. Third, try not to touch your nose, eyesor mouth. Germs are usually spread this way. Forth, stay away from peopleif possible. When you get the flu, stay at home. Do not go to schoolbecause other people can get sick, too.What should you do if you have the flu? Eat chicken soup! Chicken soup has been proven to relieve some of the symptoms related with the flu. For a sore throat, drink either hot fluids or try cool stuff, like pop sickles or ice cream. Finally get some rest. Wait a day after your temperature is normal before going back to school.In English speaking countries, people often get a flu shot before the flu seasons begins. The flu shothelps them be immune to the viruses that cause the flu
21.The text above is about ….A. Narrative text B. Recount text C. Procedure text D. Descriptive text22.Why do we have to stay away from people when we have the fluA. because we have to stay in bedB. because we are tiredC. because people make us sickD. because we don’t want to spread the sickness to others23.what does the synonym for “prevent” see paragraph 2A. Protect B. .Neglect C. Avoid D. Stop24.why should we eat chicken soup when we have a coldA. Because it contains healthy substance

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