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1- Instructions - Enforcement Process[1]Oid

1- Instructions - Enforcement Process[1]Oid



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OID redemption process
OID redemption process

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Published by: chickenlickenhennypenny on Nov 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Items that you will need to accomplish this process!
Certified Mail receipts
green cards
from your local Post Office… I would get a hand full asthey are free for your use. They are usually in the lobby section, if not, ask your post worker forsome. Also, I usually send the primary respondent’s mail via
Registered Mail
; if you can getthese receipts from your post office without hassle then use these for the Inspector General andIRS Commissioner. If you can’t get them, don’t panic, use the certified mail process.
Large envelopes
: I would get size 10” x 12” for packaging your documents to respondents.
Bond Watermark Paper
you will need this paper for two documents; the Standard Form 28 andthe Optional Form 91. Instructions below.
 Blue Pen
all documents are to be signed in blue ink with your full Christian Name.
 Red Ink pad
you need to purchase a red ink pad for sealing your documents with thumb print.This is your seal! This will be done on several of the documents as listed below.
 Red Copy Stamp:
you need to purchase a red copy stamp for all copied documents goingthrough the process.
 Birth Certificate:
you will need to dig out your birth certificate as you will need your filenumber for the Optional Form 91.
Social Security Card: 
you will need your social security card available; you will use the frontnumber as well as the bond number on the back of it. If your card does not have the bond numberon the back, don’t panic; just use the social security number! However, I would order anothercard for future use as this number is important and will be used on all stamps. It shows therespondent the Federal Reserve bank where your trust is processed through.
Based on the letters and/or Notices that you receive from your IRS agent, you can modify one of three enforcement letters according to your situation.
Now, here are the instructions! Read them completely before starting your document process.
If you receive a letter
3175 or 3176
, you can use the 3176 document and change out the letternumber to 3175 if that’s what you received and modify the letter according to you situation. Itis plural format so if you are single you will have to adjust accordingly. After you havecompleted your modification, it is always good to have someone else to read over it for errorsbefore sealing final draft.b.
If you have received
multiple IRS letters and notices
, then use the multiple documentformat; adjust to your situation.c.
If the IRS has unlawfully
changed your tax return
, you can use the CP22 responsedocument and adjust to your situation.Each one of the above referenced documents will be accompanied by multiple attachment documents aslisted below. All of these documents tied together will start an enforcement process with the IRS to eitherpay up or be faced with class action lawsuits all over this nation. It’s high time that the people stand upfor what rightfully belongs to them. If you individually and all jointly follow through this Administrative
process, it will put each of us in position to file a class action lawsuit in your specific State Court. It willtake leaders who are willing to step up for your State and contact those who you know that are beingunlawfully abused by the IRS concerning the OID refund process. This process will be the first steps inbuilding your record for a Verified Complaint2.
You will need to place a copy of the tax return in question with you letter that the IRS says is“frivolous” or may have changed. You will need to get a copy stamp, preferable red and stampeach page at the bottom right.in the event they do not process your legitimate refunds orif you are being harassed for receiving a refund. After the Verified Complaint will come the lawsuitwhich could easily add up in the millions for you.3.
If you checked your refund status on the IRS website when it was posted, use these as
 for proof that they received and recognized a refund. If you did not print down these, don’t worryabout it. Proceed forward!4.
You will make copies of the IRS letters that have been mailed to you. Each letter will be stampedwith one of the stamps that have been supplied in this packet. Look inside the stamp folder.NOTE: These stamps have been created in Microsoft Publisher so if you don’t have this you willnot be able to modify these stamps. However, I have supplied you PDF files for printing down onyour documents. You will need 2009 adobe reader to open them. Here is a download if you donot have the latest. http://get.adobe.com/reader/   a.
If you have received a 3175 or 3176b.
letter use the stamp that says “REFUSE FOR CAUSE”IRS “Frivolous” Claim is Disputed! Demand for Verified Evidence of Lawful FederalAssessment Etc…If you have received a CP24c.
which indicates that you are to receive a refund, use the stampthat says, ACCEPTED FOR VALUE AND RETURNED FOR VALUE FORSETTLEMENT OF REFUND AND CLOSURE.If you received a CP24 and then later receive a CP22Ad.
showing they have changed yourreturn, use the REFUSE FOR CAUSE – CHANGE IS INCORRECT & UNAUTHORIZED.If you have received a Notice of Levy or Liene.
You can modify the stamps if you have 2003 Publisher or later.use the CEASE & DESIST stamp. It will stopthem with Title 15. However, if you have a levy or lien that was already in place before doingthe OID, they you will need to use the “ACCEPTED FOR VALUE”5.
You will submit a
Standard Form 28
and an
Optional Form 91
with your documents. Thesedocuments by themselves have the power to rid this problem; however, we want to make sure thatall bases are covered so send everything that is listed herein these instructions. As stated above,you will need to purchase 32 lb bond watermark paper for these two documents.- This is a must… see attached PDF file for type of paper.a.
The Standard Form 28 and Optional Form 91 for the most part are set up with properinformation.
Form 28
: You will change out the State, County, box 1, put your name in allcaps just like the form is set up.
if you are filling out any of these documents and yourname is capitalized, replace information exactly the same. It is done that way for a purpose.Box 2… change out your birth certificate number. Box 3, stays the same. Box 4 is whateverIRS Service Center you are receiving your letters from. If you have received from differentlocations, pick the one that is holding your refund. Box 5: do not change… Box 6: do notchange… Box 7a: list your returns that you have refund or that is in dispute. The ones that
will be placed in the packet. List your letter that you have Accept For Value, this will directthem to release this property. Definitely list Optional Form 91. Box 7b: nothing Box 8: sameas in box 7a. Box 9: do not change. Box 10: is your full Christian name signature, as statedabove, always sign all documents with blue pen. I always place my thumb print after signing;Thumb print in red. Notary to fill out Box 12 a thru e.b.
Optional Form 91
: Box 1: your full name in all caps, BC number, 3
After Whereas I, this is your real upper lower case name…box, social securitynumber and account number is social security number. On deposit at IRS office locationholding your refund and at their address… I have provided in this packet IRS Service Centeraddresses…d.
After Therefore, this information is the same as placed on Form 28 box 7a.e.
Name of financial institution, IRS name and location.f.
You sign your full Christian name in blue next to the signature and put your thumb print asyour seal… in red!g.
The Notary will date it and place their information and stamp it.PRINT DOWN ORIGINAL FOR EACH PACKET – EACH TO BE SIGNED AND NOTARIZED – youneed to make copies of these.6.
The– this document will need to be modified according toyour information. You will sign in your full Christian name and seal with your thumb print in red.Let the Notary stamp it by your name as well, if it is not on the same page where the notary signs.
.Throw away the instruction page… We are using it a little differently. Start with page that saysPage 1 of 9. Fill out section 1 & 2. Page 2 of 9, Citizenship, check box 2 & 3. On Domicile;check box 2 and spell your State, upper and lower case… DO NOT ABBREVIATE! --- Sign inbox 22… full Christian name and if you wife is incorporated in documents, she signs as well. Theremaining of the document the IRS must fill out.
The– VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT… putyour full Christian name sign in front of a Notary. Make sure that you list all documents that arein the packet. This document can be Notarized one time and make color copies for everyoneexcept the Inspector, he gets the original.
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) document
. IRS DISCLOSURE OFFICES -http://www.irs.gov/foia/article/0,,id=120681,00.html ---This document process will be importantstep in building your case that no federal assessment document was signed in determining yourtax return to be “frivolous”. This FOIA document will actually hang the IRS if they do not makepayment and you decide to proceed forward to join a class action lawsuit. Each individual needsto send this document as it will become a part of your evidence file. See below IRS DisclosureOffices and addresses for your convenience.

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