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Issue 24 November 2009

Issue 24 November 2009

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Published by Grant Mullen

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Published by: Grant Mullen on Nov 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Information Technology Solutions
A gut feeling addedto pure logic is morepowerful than logicused all on its own.
There was a man named Jerry whomanaged a successful restaurant inthe United States. He was ALWAYSin a good mood. When asked howhe was, he would answer “if I wasany better, I’d be twins” Many of the waiters at the restaurant wouldquit their jobs to follow him aroundthe country as he moved from placeto place, such was his infectiousattitude and personality. Why didthey follow Jerry? Well you see,Jerry was a natural motivator.When he was questioned about this, he answered well I have twochoices, I can get up in the morningand be in a bad mood or I can get up and be in a good mood. I chooseto be in a good mood. Each timesomething happens I can choose tobe the victim of it or I can choose tolearn from it. I choose to learnfrom it. Jerry would say that everything was about choices. Youchoose whether to be happy or sad,you choose how someone willaffect you and you choose what kind of mood you will be in duringyour day. If someone comes to youcomplaining, you could choose toaccept their complaining and goalong with them or you couldchoose to point out the positivethings in life and let them know.There is choice in everything we doA few years later, Jerry made amistake that no store managershould make, he left the back doorof the restaurant unlocked whilst cashing up. Two men entered thestore and in the struggle andconfusion, Jerry was shot twice inthe chest. Luckily Jerry was foundquickly and rushed to hospitalwhere his life was saved after 18hours on the operating table.When I caught up with him I askedhow he was. “If I was any better, I’dbe twins” he answered, “wanna seemy scars?” I asked him what went through his mind as he was beingrobbed and he said “I should havelocked the back door” He told howwhen he got to the hospital thenurses asked him if he was allergicto anything and he simply replied“bullets” Jerry noticed how thenurses looked at him and the look on their face was “he is a deadman” Jerry spoke to the very calmlyand said “operate on me now as Iam... ALIVE” Treat me as a man fullof life, not a man on his way todeath” And so they did. The onlything that no one can take awayfrom you, no matter how grave thesituation is your attitude. You canchoose to live or you can choose todie and you do not need to be shot twice in the chest to know it is timeto choose.
Two Choices

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