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The Name Question

The Name Question

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Published by glennpease

But if a man suffer as a Christian let him not he asham-
ed; hut let Mm glorify God in this name. R. V. I Peter 4.16 .

But if a man suffer as a Christian let him not he asham-
ed; hut let Mm glorify God in this name. R. V. I Peter 4.16 .

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Published by: glennpease on May 29, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE AME QUESTIO BY J. WILL WALTERS, But if a man suffer as a Christian let him not he asham- ed; hut let Mm glorify God in this name. R. V. I Peter 4.16 . This subject should require no introduc- tion or apology. Much has been written and said concerning the name. Some good people profess to believe "there is nothing in a name," while others equally good believe "there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved." Acts 4:12. We who believe in gospel simplicity and order contend earnestly for the name as well as for other gospel truths. Let us first consider the Importance of Our Theme. Its importance is apparent to all, even to those who have taken upon themselves the name of Christ. If it is impossible to glorify or dishonor God in wearing a name, certainly every child of God should be careful to wear only such name as will glorify Him. The children of this world have knowledge of the import of human names, and many in- deed have been the controversies over some of the least important of them. Men are dis- tinguished from each other by national names, 266 DOCTRIE AD LIFE by race names, by party names, by family names and by individual names. The names American, Anglo-Saxon, Republican and Dem- ocrat have become historical and are exalted
and glorified by many. Some names are freighted with meaning while others are almost meaningless. Occasionally we find a well meaning individual wearing a very mean name. While on the other hand we find a very evil person wearing the name of Mr. Good. In the world we expect to find confusion of names and confusion of tongues — but in the kingdom of Christ we at least hope to find things de- cently and orderly done. But it is not always so. This very moment the writer received a communication from the Board of Church Ex- tension, addressed to the "Pastor or Elders of the Christian Church, or Disciples of Christ at Bedford, Iowa." ow I believe that it is of necessity that the board thus addresses the churches. Ought we not therefore to enquire into the cause and remove the necessity? In reading over the programme of the a- tional Christian Endeavor Convention at ashville, Tenn., I saw "Disciples' Church" applied to that large body of Christians which has ever contended that we should call "Bible things by Bible names.'' Again I saw "Christian Church" applied to some smaller religious bod}-. This we concede to be the right of every Christian organization to call themselves Christian, and we claim that right BY IOWA WRITERS. 267 ourselves. And I believe brethreo, that we should contend more earnestly for our rio-hts, which have been divinely given to us. I de- sire to be known only as a Christian — I desire to exalt that name above every name by living the life of a Christian. There is one organi-
zation which I love more than all others and which elaims my affections, my time and my talents, and that institution is the Church of Christ or Christian Church. In the language of Timothy D wight: "I love thy Kingdom Lord — The house of thine abode The Church our blest Redeemer saved — with His own precious blood. For her my tears shall fall. For her my prayers ascend. To her my cares and toils be given — till toils and cares shall end." For three quarters of a century have we contended against sectarian shibboleths and the "language of Ashdod." We believe in speaking words which become sound doctrine. We therefore discard all human appellations either for the church or the individual. We are seeking to glorify god in the name as well as in life, and believe that in "this name Christian" we can glorify God, and exalt the name of Him who died for us. While in wear- ing unscriptual titles we dishonor God, dis- grace our King, and cause confusion and divi- sion among the children of God. "This name" Christian is applicable to both the church and individual. 268 DOCTRIE AD LIFE Let us consider the importance of the name as

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