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Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

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Published by kristmelissa

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Published by: kristmelissa on Nov 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Citing examples where possible, explain your understanding of personality. Whatare the determinants of personality and how could knowledge of personality affectthe role of a manager?Introduction
Personality appear from a word personal which means individual, so personalityis a set of distinctive individual characteristic, motives, emotions, values, attitudes, andcompetencies in a person. Our society is full of different unique characteristic, and each person has his individual differences. Even twins, also have different personality. If each person has his own unique, with more than billion people in the world exist, can youimagine how fantastic human personality is?
Determinants of personality
There are many factors why there so many kinds of personality, but in my opinionthe main determinants of personality are Heredity, Environment, and Situation. First of all, Heredity is physical characteristics, gender, temperament, and biological rhythmswhich are influence by parents. Next, Environment is place and condition where weraised or growth. Human is a social creature, so it is obvious that environment forces also became one of the crucial factors influencing a personality. Finally, Environment isincluding culture, religious, norms in the family, groups, friends, social groups, andexperiences in society. For example if a boy grown up in a broken family, his view aboutfamily might be bad and it will influence his family in the future or become afraid of marriage. Because he learns for what the environment teach. Then, situation also make
 person changing their behaviour according to the situation they in. Various situations candemand different response and aspects of one’s personality. Example: A gangster is afierce person, but when he decided to get married with a woman in a good family. Heintends to be more polite in order to create a good image.
Knowledge of personality affects the role of manager
Knowledge of personality is very useful as a role of a manager. As we know,manager’s job is to managing and directing people effectively in the organization so thatthey can work maximum with excellent result. Each person has their own interest, values, perception, thoughts, and emotion which affect the way they pursue goals. So in order tomotivate them effectively to do the work persistence and seriously, first of all, a manager should recognize all their interest, values, perception, thoughts, and emotions byunderstanding each type of person personality. By understanding personality, a manager should know what to do and not to do in managing complexity of people in theorganization. The way of manager treating employees according to their emotionalreactions will make the work of manager would be much easier, more organize,controlled, and excellent.Other importance of personality is help manager themselves to be a role model of the organization in order to get respect and trust between employees. It also helpsmanager to lead, communicate, handling, and motivate employees achieving the goal perfectly.
Conclusion and Examples
A manager would be emotionally intelligence in understanding different kinds of situations and circumstances and be able to make effective decisions as to who should dowhat task so they can work more productively and resolve conflicts in the organization.For examples: If a person is good at presentation and friendly to everyone, his work would be a salesman who needs an attractive personality to sell things; comparable if a person is perfectionist, his perfect job would be accounting, because he can work tidy andaccurately; but if a person is a dominant, he will be great in challenging type of work such as team leader, he will be able to lead his team excellently achieve the goal; then if a person is compromise and peace maker, it will be perfect to put him as a customer service, because of his patient in facing many kinds of clients. All of this knowledge can bring an organization success dramatically because of the psychological qualities, greatteamwork and leadership of the manager. 

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