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One Hot Mess (Revision 3)

One Hot Mess (Revision 3)

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Published by mccheryl

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Published by: mccheryl on Nov 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This book is dedicated to my 88 year old Grand Mother, "Sylvia Johnson," who weaffectionately call, "Big Momma." She was one of fourteen kids. As a single parent,she raised eight kids of her own in a two bedroom house. She worked as anemployee in a basket manufacturing plant for over 50 years and eventually becamea trusted supervisor until she retired. All of which was done without a formaleducation, which is proof "Much can be done with less." She is loved, admired andhas touched more lives than she'll ever know. To us she is a legend, who also leaves alegacy of perseverance and determination; a prime example of the "Strong Black Woman."She was the first to advise me, never accept any "Wooden nickels" and the last totell me, "Everything is going to be alright"; just place your faith in God. Which isexactly what I've done, placed my God given talent of writing in his hands. Thisbody of work is his, I take no credit for it, but I consider myself privileged to havebeen chosen for this assignment.To my Mother, whom I love and respect dearly, I am indebted to you for life;I realized without your wisdom and guidance, I surely would have been lost. To myimmediate family and closest friends, I say thank you for your encouragement andpatience. To my two sons, I hope and pray when you're old enough to understandthis material; it will guide you in your quest to finding "Unconditional love" and thewoman of your dreams. Lastly, to all those people who are too many to mention,who helped me in anyway complete this project, I am forever grateful and mindfulthat this book could not have happened without your input and that I never couldbe what I am today...."A Published Author!""To God be the Glory...All praises due to Allah"
A close friend told me, "Life is what you make it," and this to also applies torelationships as well.
I am a firm believer that you will get out of your relationship, whatyou put into it.
"If your relationship isn't first, then what is?"
I came to the conclusionthat family is always first, and family isn't always your blood relative. That being said,this book is a guide for all those sisters who crave fulfilling long-lasting relationshipswith unconditional love.
Believe it or not, many men desire to be in successful relationships and marriages aswell.
If your man hasn't placed a ring on your finger, there's a reason why. If you'remarried and he's not paying you much attention these days, you could benefit from thismaterial as well.
So what is the problem?
It very well could be his trifling ways, but I'mcertain there is something you're doing wrong, either intentionally or unintentionally, thatcould have been contributing to this delay.
 This book will serve as a road map into the thinking process of the many differentmen which I have consulted over the years, such as; doctors, lawyer, athletes,entertainers, pimps, players, boyfriends and husbands.
It should give you the neededinsight and solutions on how to deal with the complicated relationship problems that existin our community everyday. After the completion of this book, you will have had anopportunity to explore the many different perspectives of most men; thereby increasingyour general knowledge on how men think and operate everyday.
Quality relationships are already hard enough to maintain given, the currentdivorce rate.
Hopefully, this book will save you the unnecessary time and energyneeded in a bitter breakup or divorce.
It should challenge you to examine yourself first and make any necessary changes to improve the quality of your relationship. Finally,after you have completed this book, your mistakes should be fewer and the strength of your relationships, if any, much stronger.
In the beginning of any relationship, each person has to decide, if they plan to livein abundance or scarcity.
One or the other depends solely on the decisions we makewhen choosing a mate. We either succeed or fail based upon those decisions. So it is myhope that your relationships will be prosperous and I'm certain they can be, if given thecorrect amount of time and effort. A proper assessment of your potential mate andevaluation of yourself is really the key to a great relationship.
If made correctly, I'mcertain your relationship and life will be going to the next level.Respect, communication, trust and compatibility are the major forces that shouldn'tbe over looked, in any decision making process.
If for any reason you are having any problems in these areas, you may need to reconsider your mate or take another look atyourself. Life and relationships are what you make them so your options are simple, takeyour time and choose wisely.

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