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LizMcClainSMARTT Picewise Functions

LizMcClainSMARTT Picewise Functions

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Published by nmawbrown

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Published by: nmawbrown on Nov 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Piecewise Functions/Compound Functions
Part 1: Functions with restricted domains
Review characteristics of a function:For each input there is one corresponding outputDomain: all possible inputsRange: all possible outputs1)Have students make a table and graph the function
 x x  f  
. 2)Discussion of just “part” of the graph. On overhead, erase part of 
graph.Discuss with students: “How could we define the domain?” “ How do you think we couldwrite the rule to this function?”3)Repeat. Take the complete graph and again erase a different part of the graph. How could wedefine the domain? How do you think we could write the rule to this function?1
4)Discuss restricted domains.5)Have students erase a piece of their graph.Ex)6)Students write their function with this restricted domain.7)With a neighbor, have students check each other’s work.2
Part 2: Piecewise Function / Compound Function Activity
Materials: Students will need transparency paper and marker Set-up: Divide the classroom.Half of the students graph the linear function (A)
x x x  f  
,Half of the students graph the quadratic function (B)
x x x  f  
1)Students make a table and graph the function on their paper.A) B)2)Students copy their graph onto a transparency.3)Students pair up with students from the other group and check each other’s work.4)Students transpose their graphs together, by laying their transparencies onto one another’s,and answer the following questions.a.Together, do these graphs describe a function? (Explain) b.How could you describe the new function rule?5)A few groups share with the class. Class agrees that the “new function” is a function?6)Discuss Compound Functions/ Piece-wise Functions7)Students evaluate the piecewise function and discuss not only evaluating the function by thegraph, but also from the algebraic function rule. 
 ___ )7( ___,)2( ___,)0( ___,)3(
f    f    f    f  
8)Real world situations that require piecewise/compound functions.Students’ ideas?
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