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The Danish Cartons and how we can response

The Danish Cartons and how we can response

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Published by MuSLiMana

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Published by: MuSLiMana on Mar 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Danish Cartons and how we can responseBy Hesham TolbaSeventeen Danish newspaper again republished their cartoons that reflect theirblack hearts that ferment dirt , they draw the greatest chosen prophet as a manwith a turban over which fixed a bomb .Here I pose a question to those who make these evil drawings ;Do you know whom you are talking about ?You are talking about a prophet whom about a milliard and a half believe in justin this generation …..You are talking about a prophet , by the grace of God , who laid the foundation ofa civilization that you predicated yours on ….these are not our words , yourscientists' writings speak volume about this .Major Arthur Glyn Leonard said: " Do not we, who now consider ourselves on thetopmost pinnacle ever reached by culture and civilization, recognize that, had itnot been for the high culture, the civilization and intellectual, as the socialsplendors of the Arabs and soundness of their system, Europe would to this dayhave remained sunk in the darkness of ignorance?What is the hapless raison d'être behind such prejudice ?The basic reason here is not only provoking and scoffing at Moslems ….yes , thereis what can be cultural snobbishness in the writhings of the dying-hard westernwriters , Rasmosn says defying the Moslem and insisting not to apologize that wedon't know how to make free media ( free media from moral restriction buthandcuffed with devils)The general secretary of the international press says : It is just a part of theprice that Moslem should be shocked if they want to learn .The Italian libro says : It is shame …Europe is prostrating before Islam"The minister of foreign affairs of Holland says " Europe sanctifies free opinionas did the Moslem with their prophet "Rasmonos says to the secretary general of the Islamic conference , when heprotested ," they did nothing that they feel ashamed of. "Ok ..but why this now , who will reap the bitter fruit ?"A clandestine hand moves these statues " says the Danish bishop , in fact Europehad and still has a problem and so does Us , now facing a problem , Us now isfacing isolation and loneness in its so-called war against terrorism ,especiallyafter France and Germany refused to take part in the war against Iraq.Europe is suffering from a demographic problem as their total number is inconstant decrease while the Moslems fertility increases , in addition to this theMoslem emigrants towards Europe are increasing , add to this the increasingnumber of those who embrace Islam in Europe .
It is now calculated that , if this rate goes on , most of the inhabitants ofHolland will have been Moslem by 2030 and in 2050 the Moslems will constitute halfof Russia . Bernard Lousi scoffs at the Europeans saying " your unions will beIslamic union by 2057 "I have good reasons to say that it is the American right wing that stands behindthis machination to involve Europe in what so ever called " the war againstterrorism though Islam harboured in their heart. It is an attempt to evade anytroubles with countries such as Germany and France and this analysis is based ongood evidence .Us and its ally England were the first to condemn these cartons so quickly andeven no American newspaper followed the example of the Danish newspapers when theyrepublished these cartons and even there was a sort of crackdown to scotch anyattempts like this , the resignation of editor-in –chief of New York press is acase in point , the owners of the newspaper pressed hard on him not to publishthese cartons , Washington Times published an empty frame to condemn the Americanindifference concerning this point and this is another evidence that signifies tothe clampdown of America to circumvent any attempt to publish these cartons.The English press said that Fleming Rose , the first person to be held accountablefor this cartoon and the editor of the cultural affairs in the Danish newspaperthat published the cartons , is an intimate close friend to Daniel Paypes , thehard-line American rightist and moreover he visited him before publishing thesecartons .So this could be stage-managed to wake up the silent fear apropos the wide spreadof Islam in Europe and to provoke the Moslems , a plan , they thought , thatmight cause some terror acts like that which happened in London and Madrid ,thusjoining Europe with America in its war against terror and when this failed theylet the abusive pictures from Abo Gareeb detainee camp in Iraq came to surface.Moreover , the so-called Fleming Rose is an Ukrainian Jew ,who has close relationwith the Israeli Mossad ( the heavy hand of Israel , James Petras )Vector Osronsky , the Mossad agent , says that three persons from the DanishIntelligence left for Israel to attend courses prepared by the Mossad ( the storyof the Israeli Mossad , translated by Khalid shkeer and Abd Albary shakeer ) , somany reports converge on the fact that Denmark is a hotbed for Mossad .So it is not strange that a Dutch politician , who intends to make a film imagingthe Holy Quran as being torn has a good relation with the Mossad .In fact this Zionistic American policy is not birthed only these days, Ramsfeild ,the American former war minister , has founded what is called Proactive PreEmptive operation (quoted from Flynt leveret , the information analyst in the CIAin an article entitled the industry of changing regimes by Maha Abd Al-Fatah ,Akhbar Alyoum , 17.12.2005)So the dirty business is clear and divulged now , the main aim is to provoke armedgroups of islamists to commit any terror riots in certain cities , which , intheir turn , they will use in distorting the image of Islam in the west and tolimit its spread of Islam and in the same time , foster the Islamphobia in thewest , thus giving the conservatives the chance to implement their agenda .Thedirty business is going on mercilessly and spawned a plethora of formal statements, the last of which was that of the defence minister of Britain in which he says:" The Moslems extremetists are preparing , and they are able , to eliminateIsrael and make and that Mega deaths among the Jews and the non Moslems will be
the certain aftermath ."Who stands behind this?Those officials in our countries who are the basic reasons for our scientificbackwardness .The fifth column that includes media men who , by their writings , plant fear anddefeatism in our hearts ; if it hadn't been for those people , our enemies wouldhave thought over what they have done several times , It was for this reason thatRamsfield assigned for them who could teach them how to master media misleading.Some high religion officials who , when such abuses were issued in the west , saidthat these west countries had the right to do whatever they like and this incitedthem to repeat these again .Some Islamic groups in whose bodies strange cells were planted or ratherpenetrated , those groups , if they had known that they were and still are moved, as if by remote control in the hands which are from among us , such crises wouldnot have happened to us .What should be done to wrench ourselves from the impass ?(1) on the part of people , we should boycott using the Danish goods , we shouldmake peaceful demonstration and while doing this , no building to be burnt , noflags to be burnt as some of the extremists among the rightists tried to burn theHoly Quran in retaliation of burning their flags the first time these kind ofdemonstrations took place , this opinion could be an analogy of the Quranic verse"Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah lest they wrongfully revileAllah through ignorance. Thus unto every nation have We made their deed seem fair.Then unto their Lord is their return, and He will tell them what they used to do.") 6:108)(2) on the Juristic axis: Our international law scientists can make the utmost useof such legislations in the west that are used in punishing the criminals ; Gaysoolaw in France ,for example , is an international legislation through which RogaeGaroudi , the French philosopher , was punished as this law is against anti-Semitism , racialism and antagonizing the foreigners , likewise , there are somearticles in the Danish law that ban blasphemy , there are articles againstracialism and also there is a law against slander (as told the German ambassadorin Cairo )(3) The scientific axis : This can be done through constituting an agency to standalert vis-à-visany abuses against Islam as replying late will be fruitless .(4) Constituting a large center for translating the Islamic studies into Englishand sending them to the Islamic centers and fostering the mutual cooperationbetween these centers and the cultural counselors should be involved in thisregard , also a new post of religion counselor should be made in the Islamicembassies .(3) co-operating with the western cultural centers in the Islamic countries .(4) Making Islamic forums and symposiums to discuss matters regarding Islam ,famous thinkers who embraced Islam should be invited to give lectures in theseforums , forums to discuss all the different sides of the Islamic civilizationshould be made , the head of Dimension Organization , a Danish organizations ,

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