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Lesson Plan 5

Lesson Plan 5

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Published by: royeni-kurniawati-8934 on Nov 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject: Science.Grade / Terms: VII / 2
semester.Time: 4 X 40 minutes.
Standard Competence:
Understanding Characteristic of Acid, Base, and Salt
Basic Competence:
5.1 To classify the properties of acid, base and salt using the appropriate tools and indicators.
Indicators to achieve competence:
1.To identify the properties of acid, alkali, and salt using a suitable indicator.2.To classify materials in surrounding environment based on the concepts of acid, alkaliand salt using simple tools in determining the degree of acidity and alkalinity.3.To use simple tools in determining the degree of acidity and alkalinity
A.Learning Goal.
Students are able to:1.Differentiate the definitions of acid, base, and salt chemically.2.Determine characteristic of acid, base, and salt matters.3.Classify acid, base, and salt matters.4.Use simple tools in determining the degree of acidity and alkalinity.5.Summarize and present experiment result.
B.Material subjects: Acid, base, and salt.C.Learning method:
1.Learning model:a.Cooperative learning. b.Direct instruction.2.Method:a.Observation. b.Discussion.
1.First lesson.
a.Preface activity.
Have you ever spread soup solution to your skin?
What have you felt?
Experiment prerequisite:
Be careful in mixing two different solutions.
Be careful in pouring acid solution.
 b.Main activity.
Teacher guides students to make groups.
Teacher and students discus about acid, base, and salt andthen determine their characteristics.
Teacher prepares acid, base, and salt solution. Studentsobserve and classify them.
Students discus and communicate in groups.c.Closing activity.
Teacher and students make summary.
Teacher gives spoken test about acid, base and salt.
2.Second lesson.
a.Preface activity.
Have you ever dissolved hibiscus flower and then drop some acidsolutions? What’s happen after that?
Prerequisite knowledge:
Mention characteristic of acid, base, and salt!
Prerequisite experiment.
Teacher gives information to students in order to be careful in usingsulfite acid. b.Main activity.
Teacher gives instruction to students to do experiment ingroups.
Students do experiment using litmus papers or pH sticksto determine the characteristics of acid, base, and salt.
Students discuss to summarize the experiment result.
Students present the discussion result classically.c.Closing activity.
Teacher and students discus to make activity summary.
Teacher gives assignment to find material around house.And then categorize them into acid, alkali, or saltmaterials.
.1.Student's book.2.Student’s worksheet.3.Environmental surroundings.4.Measurement instruments.
.1.Evaluation technique.a.Written test. b.Performance test.2.Evaluation instruments.a.Multiple choices.
 b.Identification test.c.Procedural checklist test.3.Samples of instruments.a.Essay test.The base characteristics are ….Key:-Contains OH.-Bitter.-If applied to skin to skin become is slippery. b.Identification test.Categorize available materials that have characteristics of acid, base and salt.Prepared materials are vinegar, soap solution, salt solution, sugar solution, salt, andChlorite acid.Key:-Acid: vinegar, Chlorite acid.-Alkali: soap solution.-Salt: salt solution, NaCl.c.Samples of procedural checklist test.Determine the acidity degree of a substance using available tools. No.AspectsScore1.Accuracy in using PH stick.22.Do activity by using save procedure.23.Get data from activity.24.Make summary.2Total score8

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