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FTB Fee Order

FTB Fee Order

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Published by jeff_roberts881

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Published by: jeff_roberts881 on Jun 02, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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!"#$%& ($)$%( &#($*#+$ +,!*$ (,!$-%*" &#($*#+$ ,. "%/ 0,*1 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222 34567 896: $6;<7=>=?@A 33+A B>C97D9EEA 2F2 .97GD<6H6IDJ;=5A #7;JA &6E67GC7DJ 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222 )BB%*)"+%( .=K D<6 L>C97D9EEM &C59C7 /CII6KHC46K )6D=7 3C: BCKD76KIA 33B NON +67D6KL=97D &K9F6A (49D6 NOP Q9GG>6D=:7A +$ ORSPT .=K D<6 G6E67GC7DM U=I6L< 36F67D<C> 36F67D<C> 3C:A 33B ROO /6ID VK=CG:C@A (49D6 TOO (C7 &96?=A +) WXNON Y M M M M M M M M M M M Y NZ +#8J ZPWW [&3+\ ,B#"#," ] ,*&%* &%"#(% +,$%A &9IDK9;D U4G?6M .97GD<6H6IDJ;=5A #7;J
for award of attorneys’
E66I C7G =D<6K 6^L67I6I EK=5 34567 896: $6;<7=>=?@A 33+
(“Lumen View”)
A =7 D<6 ?K=47G D<CD D<9I ;CI6 9I 6^;6LD9=7C> 47G6K ZP !J(J+J _ X`P
(“Section 285”)
J $<9I 9I C LK=D=D@L9;C>
exceptional case. FTB’s motion is granted.
!"#$ &'&()*+),(-..)/0! /1*23$45 6( 789$: ,-;(,;&< =">$ & 1? &@
 X V)+1a*,!"& .$V 9I C ;=KL=KCD9=7 D<CD =L6KCD6I C :6HI9D6 :<9;< 5CD;<6I 4I6KI :9D< ?==GI =K I6KF9;6I C;;=KG97? D= ;K9D6K9C D<CD D<6 4I6KI 67D6KA CD D956I 4I97?
rietary “AssistMe”
LK=?KC5J 34567 9I C LCD67D <=>G97?
"=7 BKC;D9;97? %7D9D@
 D<CD C;b49K6I LCD67DI C7G 97ID9?CD6I LCD67D 97EK97?6567D >C:I49DIJ 34567 CLL6CKI D= H6 C I<6>> ;=5LC7@ D<CD 9I =76 =E C 745H6K =E K6>CD6G ;=5LC796I 97F=>F6G 97 >9D9?CD97? LCD67D 97EK97?6567D I49DIJ $<9I 5=D9=7 CK9I6I =4D =E C >C:I49D HK=4?<D H@ 34567 C?C97ID .$V C>>6?97? 97EK97?6567D =E !79D6G (DCD6I BCD67D "=J
8,069,073 (“′073
The ‘073 Patent
Lumen became the exclusive licensee of ‘073 Patent on March
NA XONXA :<9;< :CI CLLK=^95CD6>@ C :66c CED6K 34567 :CI E=K56GJ
The ‘073 Patent was issued on November 29, 2011, and is entitled a “System and Method For Facilitat
97? V9>CD6KC> )7G Q4>D9>CD6KC> &6;9I9=72
$<6 I97?>6
independent claim of the ′073
BCD67D IDCD6I 97 E4>>M /6 ;>C95M ) ;=5L4D6K295L>6567D6G 56D<=G E=K EC;9>9DCD97? 6FC>4CD9=7A 97 ;=776;D9=7 :9D< D<6 LK=;4K6567D =K G6>9F6K@ =E LK=G4;DI =K I6KF9;6IA 97 C ;=7D6^D =E CD >6CID =76 =E [9\ C E97C7;9C> DKC7IC;D9=7 C7G [99\ =L6KCD9=7 =E C7 67D6KLK9I6A I4;< ;=7D6^D 97F=>F97? C E9KID ;>CII =E LCKD96I 97 C E9KID K=>6 C7G C I6;=7G ;>CII =E ;=47D6KLCKD96I 97 C I6;=7G K=>6A D<6 56D<=G ;=5LK9I97?M
!"#$ &'&()*+),(-..)/0! /1*23$45 6( 789$: ,-;(,;&< =">$ A 1? &@
 Z #7 C E9KID ;=5L4D6K LK=;6IIA K6DK96F97? E9KID LK6E6K67;6 GCDC EK=5 C E9KID G9?9DC> ID=KC?6 56G945A D<6 E9KID LK6E6K67;6 GCDC 97;>4G97? CDDK9H4D6 >6F6>I G6K9F6G EK=5 ;<=9;6I 5CG6 H@ CD >6CID =76 =E D<6 LCKD96I 97 D<6 E9KID ;>CIId #7 C I6;=7G ;=5L4D6K LK=;6IIA K6DK96F97? I6;=7G LK6E6K67;6 GCDC EK=5 C I6;=7G G9?9DC> ID=KC?6 56G945A D<6 I6;=7G LK6E6K67;6 GCDC 97;>4G97? CDDK9H4D6 >6F6>I G6K9F6G EK=5 ;<=9;6I 5CG6 H@ CD >6CID =76 =E D<6 ;=47D6KLCKD96I 97 D<6 I6;=7G ;>CIId #7 C D<9KG ;=5L4D6K LK=;6IIA E=K C I6>6;D6G LCKD@A L6KE=K597? 54>D9>CD6KC> C7C>@I6I =E D<6 I6>6;D6G LCKD@eI LK6E6K67;6 GCDC C7G D<6 LK6E6K67;6 GCDC =E 6C;< =E D<6 ;=47D6KLCKD96IA C7G ;=5L4D97? C ;>=I676II2=E2E9D FC>46 HCI6G D<6K6=7d C7G #7 C E=4KD< ;=5L4D6K LK=;6IIA 4I97? D<6 ;=5L4D6G ;>=I676II2=E2E9D FC>46I D= G6K9F6 C7G LK=F9G6 C >9ID 5CD;<97? D<6 I6>6;D6G LCKD@ C7G CD >6CID =76 =E D<6 ;=47D6KLCKD96IJ
The “summary of the invention” provision of the ‘073 P
CD67D 6>CH=KCD6I D<CDM $<6 56D<=G 97F=>F6I I4LL>@97? D= CD >6CID =76 =E D<6 LCKD96I C I6K96I =E E=K;6G ;<=9;6 b46ID9=7I I= CI D= 6>9;9D LCKD@ K6IL=7I6Id I4LL>@97? D= CD >6CID =76 =E D<6 ;=47D6KLCKD96I C I6K96I =E E=K;6G ;<=9;6 b46ID9=7I I= CI D= 6>9;9D ;=47D6KLCKD@ K6IL=7I6Id C7G G6>9F6K97? C >9ID 5CD;<97? D<6 CD >6CID =76 LCKD@ C7G D<6 CD >6CID =76 ;=47D6KLCKD@ C;;=KG97? D= C7C>@I9I =E LK6E6K67;6 LK=E9>6I G6D6K5976G 4I97? ;=7f=97D C7C>@I9I =E D<6 LCKD@ K6IL=7I6I C7G D<6 ;=47D6KLCKD@ K6IL=7I6IJ #7 C>D6K7CD9F6 65H=G9567DI D<6 >9ID 5C@ H6 KC7c6G C;;=KG97? D= ;>=I676II =E E9DJ #7 I45A D<6 L4KL=KD6G 97F67D9=7 G9I
closed by the ‘073
BCD67D 9I C 56D<=G =E 5CD;<5Cc97? :<6K6H@ =76 =K 5=K6 LCKD96I =7 6C;< I9G6 97L4D CDDK9H4D6 LK6E6K67;6I C7G 97D67I9D@ =E LK6E6K67;6 GCDC C7G D<67 C ;=5L4D6K 5CD;<6I D<6 LCKD96I =7 6C;<
!"#$ &'&()*+),(-..)/0! /1*23$45 6( 789$: ,-;(,;&< =">$ ( 1? &@

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