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Advantage and Disadvantage of Cell Phone

Advantage and Disadvantage of Cell Phone



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Published by Rashiduzzaman
Talks about Pros and Cons of Mobile Phone Usage.
Talks about Pros and Cons of Mobile Phone Usage.

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Published by: Rashiduzzaman on Mar 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cell PhoneAdvantage and Disadvantage of Cell Phone[Name of the writer][Name of the institution]
Cell PhoneAdvantage and Disadvantage of Cell PhonesThe Сеll-рhоne is а latest invention of the 21
century. Itis still а new device in many countries. People do not leavetheir homes without their Сеll-рhоnes. For many people, it's аconvenient way to communicate. Many parents provide theirchildren with Сеll-рhоnes for safety reasons. Сеll-рhоnes havesome disadvantages as well. Cellular phones have impactedsociety. They have left an ever-lasting impression on ourculture. In this paper the Advantage and Disadvantage of Сеll-рhоnes have been discussed.AdvantagesСеll-рhоnes have three principal advantages. Сеll-рhоneshave made communication easier. In addition, Сеll-рhоnes providetheir users with extra devices in addition to telephone. Atlast, Сеll-рhоnes can provide safety for their users.Сеll-рhоnes have become accepted in the last fifteen yearsbecause they have made communication easier. People can calleach other no matter where they are. Fifteen years ago, therewas no way to call someone who had no access to а conventionaltelephone. Additionally, the technology which is provided withСеll-рhоnes has made life easier. Сеll-рhоnes are not onlytelephones; they can also include calendars, cameras, alarm
Cell Phoneclocks, and other devices to make life easier. The latest Сеll-рhоnes can even be used as а pocket computer.Last but not least, many parents provide their childrenwith Сеll-рhоnes for safety reasons. The speed dial up option inСеll-рhоnes lets people make contact with emergency numbers bypressing one button. For many parents, а Сеll-рhоne is аconvenient way to get in touch with their children.DisadvantagesThe use of Сеll-рhоnes has been proven to be а bigdistraction. There are car accidents occurring everywhere due tothe lack of attentiveness of drivers. Parents now think thatit's better to buy Сеll-рhоnes for their new teen drivers foremergencies, but do you really think that they are used forthose only? And since Сеll-рhоnes are so fabulous, then why doyou always get а busy, roaming signal and cause you to keepredialing а number till you finally get through to that person?After all that trouble you are normally bothered and frustrated.Things like these can created accidents and even death.The possibility of brain tumors is also increasing with theuse of cellular phones. Radiation is enormously hazardous toСеll-рhоne users.
The more cell phone uses, the greater chancesbecome for brain cancer. When Сеll-рhоnes first came out, peoplepurchased them in case of emergencies. Now, people bring their

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