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Frequently Asked Questions About the a+ Exams and Certification

Frequently Asked Questions About the a+ Exams and Certification



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Published by Bobby
These are frequently asked questions about the A+ certifications. The other document uploaded scribd had problems with it opening.
These are frequently asked questions about the A+ certifications. The other document uploaded scribd had problems with it opening.

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Published by: Bobby on Mar 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT A+The following are frequently asked questions about the A+ exams.1. How many questions are on the A+ exams?The Essentials (601) exam consists of 100 questions.The Technician (602) exam consists of 90 questions.The Remote Support Technician (603) consists of 90 questions.The Depot Technician (604) consists of 90 questions.2. How long are the exams?You have a 90 minute time limit to complete each exam.3. What are the minimum scores for pass for each exam?Essentials (601) minimum pass score is 675.Technician (602) minimum pass score is 700.Remote Support Technician (603) minimum pass score is 700.Depot Technician (604) minimum pass score is 700.4. What format are the exams taken in?The Comptia exams are linear format, computer based exams.5. How do I schedule the exams?There are two companies that deal with scheduling for the examsPrometric (1-800-776-4276) and Vue (1-877-551-7587) you must call oneof the two companies to find a testing center near you and scheduleyour exams.Payment will be taken at the time you schedule yourexams either by credit card, debit card, etc.If for some reason you have to reschedule your exams, you mustdo it no later than 24 hours before you are scheduled to take theexams or you risk forfeit of your payment.Comptia customer service number is (1-630-678-8300) if you haveindepth questions or need assistance.6. How long does it take to receive my certifications from Comptia?On average it take between 4-6 weeks to receive your certs. via mail.7. Should I do self study or take a class to prepare for the exams?This is an individual choice. You can study and pass the examswithout attending a formal class if you have the motivation, dedication,and good study habbits. Some people learn better in a structured classbut it is not required.A structured class can give you hands on experience if you do not haveany or very little. If you have the time and fincacial means to attend acollege, it is always a good investment towards your future.8. What kind of job will I be able to get once I have obtained my certs?The A+ certs. prepare you for an entry level postition in the IT field.Many employers are requiring their employees to be certified beforehiring or requiring them to obtain their certs to maintain employement.If you already have your certifications, you will have the advantageover someone that does not applying for the same position.9. What is the cost of the exams?The A+ exams cost $163.00 per exam.10. How much will the exams cost if I obtain a voucher?
Prices of vouchers varies depending on where you obtain your voucher.If obtained through Prometric or Vue you the exams will cost you around$128.00 but this price could vary at times. You should shop around tofind the best price possible.11. How long are the certification good for?The certification are good for life. You will not have to renew them onceyou have completed the certifications.12. What are the requirements to complete certification?You must take the Essentials exam, then you can choose either the 602,603, or 604 as your elective exam. You must pass both the Essentials andthe elective exam you chose in order to complete the certification.13. What book or study guide is the best?It does not really matter which book you use as long as it covers theexam objectives for the specific exam you are going to take. The bookor study guide must be up to date and should be the latest versionpublished.You should always choose a study resource that is easy for you tounderstand, has good illustrations, is concise and well written, andone that you feel comfortable with.14. How long should I study before taking the exams?This is another individual deceision. Everyone studies and learns atdifferent rates. On average you should spend about 3 months preparingfor your exams, but you can take as little or as much time as youneed to prepare. Remember it is not a race.15. How hard are the exams?Again this is an individual deceision. It depends on how well preparedyou are and it helps to have real world experience. Some people thinksome of the exams are easier than others.16. Is the 601 and 602 similiar?The exams are similiar in knowledge base, but the 602 has somedifferences. Every exam is different because comptia has thousands ofquestions to pull from, so no two exams will ever be exactly alike.Knowing the content of the exam objectives is where you will see thedifference between the two exams.17. How long between exams do I have to take each exam?There is no time period between the exams. You can take the Essentialsone month then take your elective exam 3-6-9 months later. The only timeyou would have to complete the certification in a time period is if comptiarevises their exams, so if you do not want to have to start all over you mustcomplete them before the revision takes effect.Comptia on average revises their exams about every 2-3 years.18. Are there any vista operating system questions on the exams?At this specific time there are no vista questions on the exams. You willprobably not see any until the next revision.19. Can I take my two exams on the same day?Yes you can schedule both your exams on the same day, but you needto make sure you are fully prepared. It is sometimes better to take oneexam then the other a few days later.
20. If I take the exam and fail do I have to pay for the retake?Yes, everytime you take the exams you will have to pay the same priceas you did the first time.21. What is the difference between the 2006, 2007, and 2008 version?There is not difference between them, they all are the 2006 standardof the exams. Some people just put the year down they took the exam,they all are still considered the 2006 standard version.22. What certifications should I work towards after A+?Most people start working on Networking + and Security + usually inthat order. It really depends on where you want your career to progressbut Net+ and Sec+ can be used as electives on the Microsoft certs.23. Is the Comptia certifications recognized world wide?For the most part Comptia certifications are recognized world wide.24. Will being A+ certified help in starting my own business?In a sense yes it will help if you start your own business because itwill demonstrate to your customers that you have the skills andtechnical knowledge to be proficient in your job, therefore gainingyour customers trust.25. Is it worth getting certified?With out a doubt the answer is yes. It helps show your proficient andknowledgable and employers are requiring employees to be certifiednow.26. Can I pass the exams without practical experience?Yes, you can still pass the exams without having no or little handson experience. It would be extremely helpful if you did have somehands on experience though.27. What are the differences between the certification?Essential prepares you to have a general knowledge base.(602) Technician prepares you to work on systems, deal with customers,troubleshoot, etc.(603) Remote Support Assistant prepares you to deliver technicalsupport to customers via online and phone.(604) Depot Technician prepares you for indepth hardware support moreso than dealing with operating systems, but you must still know technicalinformation about operating systems.28. Do I really need to know all the information coverd in the objectives?Yes, the objectives covers the areas that a technician must be proficientin, in order to pass the exams and deliver real world technical support.29. How much will I be making when I obtain my A+ certs?That really depends on the area you live in. Every place offers differentsalaries and such for different jobs. You will have to do someresearch in your local area to find what jobs are available and whatthese jobs rate of pay are.30. Where can I find good practice exams for A+?ProProf has the quizschool feature that offers a variety of practiceexams to help in your A+ preparation.31. What are braindumps?

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