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Nursing Practice 1 (Dec 2006)

Nursing Practice 1 (Dec 2006)

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Published by ɹǝʍdןnos
Nursing Practice 1 (Dec 2006)
Nursing Practice 1 (Dec 2006)

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Published by: ɹǝʍdןnos on Nov 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seat No.____ 
Choose the letter of the BEST answer by shading the corresponding letter of your choice on theanswer sheet  provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURE! 
Situation 1:
Mr. Martin, 71 years old was suddenly rushed to the hospital because of severechest pain. On admission,he was diagnosed to have acute myocardial infarction and was placed in the ICU.1. While in the ICU, he executes the document tat list the medical treatment he chooses to refusein case his conditionbecomes severe to a point that he will be unable to make decisions for himself. This document is:
A. living will
C. last will and testamentB. informed consent D. power of attorney2. After one day, the patient’s condition worsened and feeling hopeless. He requested the nurseto remove the oxygen. The nurse should:A. follow the patient because it is his right to die gracefullyB. follow the patient as it is his right to determine the medical regimen he needs
C. refuse the patient and encourage him to verbalize hid feelings
D. refuse the patient since euthanasia is not accepted in the Philippines3. Euthanasia is an ethical dilemma which confronts nurses in the ICU because:A. the choices involved do not appear to be clearly right or wrong
B. a clients legal right co-exist with the nurse’s professional obligation
C. decisions has to be made based on societal norms.D. decisions has to be mad quickly, often under stressful conditions4. A nurse who supports a patient and family’s need to make decisions that is right for them ispracticing which of thefollowing ethical principles?
A. Autonomy
B. confidentiality C. privacy d. truthfulness5. Mr. Martin felt better after 5 days but recognizing the severity of his illness, he executes adocument authorizing thewife to transact any form of business in his behalf in addition to all decisions relative to hisconfinement his document isreferred to as:
A. power f attorney
C. informed consentB. living will D. medical records
Situation 2:
Miss Castro was recently appointed chief nurse of a 50-bed government hospital inValenzuela. On her firstday of duty, she tried to remember the elements of administration she learned from her basicnursing education.6. One of the first things Ms. Castro did was to engage her until in objective writing, formulatinggoals and philosophy of nursing service. Which activities are MOST appropriately described to which elements of administration?
A. planning
B. controlling C. directing d. organizing7. In recognizing the Department of Nursing, she comes up with the organizational structuredefining the role andfunction of the different nursing positions and line-up the position with qualified people. This isincluded in which elementof administration:A. monitoring B. evaluation
C. organizing
d. planning
8. After one month, she and her management committee assess the regulatory measures takenand correct whateverdiscrepancies are found. This is part of which element of administration:A. monitoring B. organizing
C. evaluation
d. planning9. Revaluation and administrative process is BEST described as:
A. a continuing process of seeing that performance meets goals and targets
B. obtaining commitment of members to do betterC. informing personnel how well and how much improvement has been madeD. follow-up of activities that have been studied10. In all of the various administrative functions, which of the following management skill isdemanded efficiently andeffectively of Ms. Castro?1. Decision making skills 2. Forecasting skills3. Auditing skills 4. Communications skillsA. 2 & 3
B. 1 & 4
C. 1 & 2 D. 2 & 4
Situation 3:
Meldy. 40 years old. is waiting for her doctor’s appointment at the clinic where youwork.11. You are to interview her as an initial nursing action so that you can.A. Document important data in her client records for health team to read.
B. Gather data about her lifestyle, health needs
lifestyle, health needs and problemsto developplan of care
C. provide solutions to her immediate health concernD. identify the most appropriate nurse diagnosis for her heath problem12. During the interview, Meldy experiences a sharp abdominal pain on the right side of herabdomen. She further tellsyou that an hour ago, she ate fatty food and this had happened many times before. You willrecord this as:A. Client complains of intermittent abdominal pain an hour alter eating fatty foodsB. After eating fatty food the client experienced severe abdominal painC. Client claims to have sharp abdominal pains after eating fatty food unrelieved by painmedication
D. Client reported sharp abdominal pain on the right upper quadrant of abdomen anhour afteringestion of fatty foods.
13. Meldy tells you that she has been on a high protein / high fat / low carbohydrate diet order tolose weight and thatshe has successfully lost 8 lbs during the past two weeks. In planning a healthy balanced diet forher, you will:
A. Encourage her to eat well-balanced diet with a variety of food from the major foodgroups andtake plenty of fluids.
B. Ask her to shift to a macrobiotic diet rich in complex carbohydrates.C. Encourage her to cleanse her body toxins by changing a vegetarian diet with regular exercise.D. Encourage her to eat a high carbohydrate, low protein diet and low fat diet.14. You learn that Meldy drinks 5-8 cups o coffee a day plus cola drinks. Because she is in herpre-menopausal years, thenurse instructs her to decrease consumption of coffee and cola preparation because:
A. these products increase calcium loss from the bones
B. These products have stimulant effect n the bodyC. these products encourage increase in sugar consumptionD. these products are addicting15. Health education plan for Meldy stresses prevention of NCD or Non-communicable diseasesthat are influenced bylifestyle. These include the following EXCEPT:A. Cancer
C. Osteoporosis D. Cardiovascular diseases
Situation 4:
Changes in technology, the nation’s economy and the increasing number of population have brought aboutchanges in the Health Care System.16. At present, government hospitals are expected to offer comprehensive health services toinclude illness preventionand health promotion. In which of the following unit of services are these services integrated?
A. Wellness center
C. Rehabilitation CenterC. Intensive Care unit D. newborn screening unit17. Which of the following is the MOST recent government initiative to help subsidize the cost of health services for boththe employed and the unemployed?
A. National Health Insurance Act
C. Medicare ActB. Worker’s Compensation Act D. Magna Carta for Public Health Workers18. The top ten morbidity cases in the Phil. Include TB, diarrhea among children to name a few.Many of these conditionsare preventable and have implications are preventable and have implications in the developmentof which nursingcompetencies?A. Execution of nsg. procedure and techniqueB. Therapeutic use of self C. Administration of treatment and medication
D. Health education
19. The cost of hospitalization is getting more expensive and unaffordable to many of our people. These facts will MOSTLIKELY bring about development in which of the following?A. acute services C. home care services
B. managed care services
D. advance practice nursing20. Which of the following latest trend has expanded health services based on prepaid fees withemphasis on healthpromotion and illness prevention?A. Government Insurance Plan
C. Health Maintenance Organization
B. Preferred Provider Organization D. Private Insurance Plan
Situation 5:
It is Safety Awareness Week in the Community and the nurse checks on thepresence of hazards at home. The nurse plan is to have the residents themselves identify the physical hazards in their ownhomes.21. Which of the following is NOT a physical hazard in the home?A. unstable and slippery stairway
B. large windows that allow good ventilation
C. obstacle people cam trip over like door mats, rugs, electric cordsD. inadequate lighting in and out of the house22. Risk factors exist for each of the different developmental levels. From infancy to preschoolage, the most commoncause of death is injury rather than disease. To protect children from harm, that parents shouldbe aware that MOSTinjuries for this age group are due to:
A. Accidents at home caused by the swallowed poisonous materials, small objects,exploringelectrical sockets
B. Accidents from self inflicted woundsC. accidents from sports related activities at school or the neighborhoodD. accidents in the Playground Park, school and presence of strangers who may abduct of molestthe child.23. To promote safety at home, the nurse identifies ways and means of “child proofing” thehouse. Which of the followingis NOT safe?A. apply child proof caps and medicine bottles and chemicals

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