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Published by milnews.ca
Latest monitored English-language statements of alleged Taliban attacks in ISAF Regional Command-South, as of 192350UTC Nov 09.
Latest monitored English-language statements of alleged Taliban attacks in ISAF Regional Command-South, as of 192350UTC Nov 09.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: milnews.ca on Nov 20, 2009
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Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight
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 NOTE: This material is from web pages and forums carrying statements attributed to the Taliban, Talibanspokespersons or supporters of the Taliban, or analysis thereof. Posting of this material neither confirms nor endorsesany of its content – it is shared for information only. When material translated into English is not available, GoogleTranslate is used to translate the original – this is only a machine translation, NOT an official one.
Panjwayj explosion destroyed a tank of the Canadian Forces
(Original in Arabic) –Google English translationPDF of Arabic and Google English versions at non-terrorist site
Continental / Yousuf AhmadiAccording to the news Linker: a tank collided with the Canadian Forces occupied an improvisedexplosive device at about the third hour of noon yesterday (2009-11-18). Killing all the soldiers whowere on board were killed. Mujahideen from the region said the enemy suffered such a loss when theywere on a mission patrol near the Mount “Khyeeri” Panjwayj Department of Kandahar province.Witnesses say parents: After the explosions the dead soldiers were transferred by helicopter to theirposition, either the wreckage of the tank remained until the end of the day at the scene. In anotherseparate report at about one little from yesterday afternoon also Mujahideen attacked a vehicle of theAfghan soldiers in the “Zonde Hderh” Arghandab Directorate of the mandate itself, which killed onesoldier and wounding two others were by severe.Mujahideen commander were killed and three soldiers in the Buldak
(Original in Arabic) –Google English translationContinental / Yousuf AhmadiMujahideen of Islamic Emirate killed a local commander named / Najib, and three soldiers of his guards in anarea for “Hiroobo” Buldak Province, State of Kandahar. According to information received: the Americanenemy, etc. Sarah patrol car when I came with the Mujahideen in an ambush at the third Zariom yesterday(2009-11-18). In this armed attack destroyed the car and also full of sheep Mujahideen weapons of the deadand their equipment security. And thankfully there have been no casualties in the ranks of the Mujahideen.
Target tank of English forces improvised explosive device in Musa Qala
(Original in Arabic) –Google EnglishtranslationContinental / Yousuf AhmadiMujahideen of Islamic Emirate targeted at around nine in the evening yesterday (2009-11-18). Tank of English forces occupied an improvised explosive device in the village of “Nebo” near the market district of Musa Qala in Helmand, when the tank in the case of exit from their point of security. According to the newsLinker: destroyed in the blast, the tank is full, the killing Jima from the inside of the British soldiers, andmilitary helicopters arrived to evacuate the dead to their positions, notably, among the dead officer as well. Inanother separate report at about eight o’clock this morning a car crashed into a kind of hip to the puppet armyimprovised explosive device, in the Province Ikjal Gereshk the mandate itself, which was on its way towardsthe city of Kandahar, the explosion of the car and was cut by (4) soldiers were killed customers. In a similarvein, collided with an armored foreign forces in around noon of yesterday afternoon an explosive device inthe “Srkhaddoz Dorahi” province’s Nad Ali this state, killing all on board were killed.
Violent attacks on the enemy in the Directorate of Trinkot 
(Original in Arabic) –Google English translation
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Continental / Yousuf AhmadiMujahideen of Islamic Emirate attacked high-profile attacks throughout the day soldiers of the occupyingforces and the client near the city center Trinkot mandate Uruzgan. According to the report, detonated anexplosive device planted on a foot patrol of the occupiers at three o’clock this afternoon (2009-11-19) in thevillage, “Hashim Khan,” Bnaoh Darwisan near the city of Trinkot status and the mandate of Uruzgan, killingthree soldiers as occupiers and a number of others injured. Adds the report, immediately after the explosionwas an armed attack on the rest of the enemy soldiers, where losses suffered death and injury was overstatedthem. According to another report, the Mujahideen blew up two cars of the type of Army Ranger clientimprovised explosive device planted in almost five o’clock this afternoon in the “Niyazo” in the same city.Blasts resulted in the destruction of both vehicles to the enemy completely and five soldiers were killed by theinclusion of their leader.
Martyrdom attack in the Shah Joy harvested twenty-two ranking
(Original in Arabic) –Google English translationContinental / Yousuf AhmadiWe received the news from the province of Zabul, do one of the heroes of the Islamic emirate / MohammadHashim martyrdom attack in about eleven o’clock in the morning (2009-11-19). Within the Center forRomanian troops near the center of the Shah Joy district of that province. It was reported attack by thedeadly car bomb of the type Saraf Toyota within the Center for the enemy, killing (22) Romania soldiers onthe spot, and wounded a number of other serious surgeries. Have been destroyed six enemy military vehiclesfully, and damaged nearby buildings of the severity of the explosion. Witnesses say: the enemy of these lossesincurred when it entered the car Saraf Toyota cars in a convoy of the occupying forces into the station andexploded directly. In another independent news Mujahideen attacked yesterday afternoon near the village of “Rugani” Shenqui province of the same province, a police patrol on the client, resulting in the targeting of thetype of car and truck on another Ranger Bakmaev RPG and completely destroyed. According to the newsLinker: two motorcycles were also destroyed by the enemy in this attack, no precise information on thenumber of casualties in the ranks of the enemy until now.PDF version of this page also availableat non-terrorist site here.Rate ThisWritten by milnewscaEdit19 November 09 at 18:50Posted inAfghanistan, Kandahar,Taliban propaganda Tagged withAfghanistan,Arghandab,Gereshk ,Helmand,Kandahar,Musa Qala,Nad Ali,Panjwai,Shah Joy,Shenqui, Spin Boldak ,Taliban propaganda,Tirin Kowt,Tirinkot,Uruzgan,Voice of Jihad,Zabul «The Clip You’ll Never See on TV….
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