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Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

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Published by sagvekarpooja

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Published by: sagvekarpooja on Nov 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I have always possessed an innate inclination for the love of life forms. Myparents and cousins say it manifested the most during my younger years, when Iran behind dragonflies and butterflies with a yen to keep them as my pets. Mymini excursions to Sanjay Gandhi National Park that stood a few meters awayoverlooking my house, planted in me a love so deep for nature that I becamedetermined to pursue this passion as a career.I started by procuring a seat in Ramnarain Ruia College, one of the prestigiousinstitutes of India in the field of Life Sciences at Mumbai. I selected this subjectbecause it touches upon all the fundamentals of all biological sciences. As astudent of Ruia, I got entitled to unrestrained access for initiating novel groupactivities like the intercollegiate bio-festival
and honing my skills atarts, sports, personal inter-communications and curricular facets.I completed my Master’s degree from the Department of Life Sciences, SophiaCollege. This fabulous department where I aspired to get myself enrolled for the
program, and which I did on securing the 1
merit seat, has beenthe fountainhead for my love in research. The faculty of this departmentunconventionally imprinted values of integrity, humility, self-confidence andteam-spirit in my genome. I firmly believe that the pursuit for a doctoral degreeis highly suited to a person who harbors these qualities and bears a positiveinsight into research. These, I confidently add are my fortes.As I standardized protocols in the first year of my Master’s program to narrowdown on Acetylcholinesterase isoforms from adult and embryonic chick brainand skeletal muscles, I compared their patterns using gel electrophoreses and1
assayed for their enzyme activity. The excitement that triggered in my nerves asI acquired the confidence to dissect an adult chick brain in less than five minutesand run acrylamide gels to localize the enzyme isoforms was astounding.My dissertation for the year 2007-2008 titled ‘
 A study on effect of Melatonin onSodium Potassium ATPase in developing chick ocular tissue
s’, gives an accountof the project I worked on during the second year of Master’s program. Myproject aimed at human health-care benefits, the efforts for which wereappreciated and supported by the much acclaimed Lady Tata Memorial Trust’sscholarship. I received further extension for this project, during which I enjoyedsetting up bowl cultures for physiological studies on chick embryo. I also gotsavvy with cryo-sectioning with the aid of my prior experiments based onmicrotomy. Apart from the research project I carried out, I assisted the Sophia’sLife Science department in organizing an array of workshops, annual nobel-prizeorations, journal clubs and weekly student project presentations.
I feel privilegedto have attended two annual neuroscience conferences for the years 2006 and2007, organized by Indian Academy of Neurosciences. In the latter, I presentedthe paper ‘
Effect of melatonin on embryonic chick neuro-epithelium
’. A sundry of seminars delivered by the dignitaries present at the event was a spellbindingexperience per se.Although research is my prime interest and I aspired to gear up for my Ph.D, Iserendipitously found my spark in teaching, while assisting the staff atDepartment of Biology at Sophia College. Thereafter, I got an opportunity toteach neurosciences, population genetics, biostatistics and animal physiology atgraduate level at St. Xavier’s Life Science Department.2
At the same time, I got enticed to a project at National Institute for Research inReproductive Health (NIRRH), where I presently work as a junior research fellow.I became eager to explore the human endocrinological aspects at molecularlevels, where the hormone-receptor interactions exert their actions below theneuronal levels. The cynosure of this project is an FSH-receptor binding inhibitor(FRBI-8), the N-terminal amino acid sequence of which is known. I amcontributing to studies that deal with deciphering the functional significance of this peptide as a potential contraceptive on its administration with nanoparticles.I was thrilled to know that I would be working on Marmoset monkeys. I distinctlyremember my first trip to the animal house where I first saw these monkeys andwas so overwhelmed by their sight that I tried to strike a conversation withthem. My anxiety transformed into excitement as I started handling animalssuch as rats and mice as well. As I entered the nanoscience arena forimprovement of drug delivery systems, I realized the strength in the phrase‘Small is Big’.All these experiences have triggered a copious rush of adrenaline to motivateme for a doctoral program in life sciences, especially in neurosciences which hasgranted me a better understanding on complexities that make life simpler. Myunderstanding is that knowledge kept fettered to oneself on the basis of hierarchical or experimental know-how is indecorous. In order to enableproliferation of knowledge, its permeation into every human who yearns for it isabsolutely essential. A doctoral course allows teaching and to be taughtendlessly with perseverance and this gives me a prime reason to zero down todoing a Ph.D. I believe that the American outlook has the best to offer in this3

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