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November 20, 2009 issue

November 20, 2009 issue

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Published by Duke Chronicle
November 20th, 2009 issue of Duke Chronicle
November 20th, 2009 issue of Duke Chronicle

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Published by: Duke Chronicle on Nov 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Chronicle
The independenT daily aT duke universiTy
Blue Devils surviveWinthrop test inNCAAs,
Page 6
“When my daughter was taken, my eyes were opened.”
 —Uganda CPA co-Founder Angela Atyam on conflicts in Africa.
See story page 3 
Career change
Fuqua alumnu to open clothing boutique onWet Main street,
PAGe 3
by Lindsey Rupp
The chronicle
T st suff f stv vggus ad fatts as b std. Admstats ad studts vvd t sdta gu assssmt ss must fut dsuss ssus asd at t Wdsday gt mtg wt stakds, AssatDa f rsdta lf J Gzaz sadat t camus cu mtg Tusday.Gzaz sad  s t su w t s-t ss, gay tdd t taka Suday aft, w b sdud.“T gu tat’s takg ds smm tm t fgu tgs ut sm m,” sad. “i guss  f t tgs w’ d-g s st f usg t aus butt.”offas fm rsd lf ad hus-g Svs, Studt Affas, camus cu- ad t rsdta Gu Assssmt cmmtt mt Wdsday gt ut a-mst 3 a.m. ad aga Tusday aftt dsuss s ad futu as. At t Tusday gt mtg, camuscu mmbs as ad udats  v-g mmuts udg sms cta camus, substa-f vg adeast mts Wst.
 Athletics confronts budget shortfall 
simeon law/ChroniCle file photo
Ijry-lde Dke hes fr  better reslt gist Mimi th it mged lst yer,  49-31 lss t Wllce Wde Stdim.
by Harrison Comfort
The chronicle
 Wt tw gams ft  ts sas,Duk a st atta bw gbty,dg vts  ts fa tstst az ts tmdus fat.T xt st f t Bu Dvst mata ts asats msSatuday at 12 .m. agast n. 21Mam (7-3, 4-3  t Acc), a tamtat s t fastst ad mst attDuk (5-5, 3-3) w fa a ya. Ad addg  a t jus tat av ty agud t Bu Dv-s, watg t stm agast thuas w t m asy.“Bw tams av t bat gdtams t gt t tat t,” ada Davd cutff sad. “Yua susd t b a gd tam tav t wad f ayg  a bwgam.… Yu av t bat a tam kMam smw ag t way.”T mst gag stbak f cut-ff’s squad ud at quat-bak  t tam’s bwut 49-10 sst Gga T w baku Sarf t s Acl at  ttd quat.rf’s abs as std -s f t Bu Dvs, say  wt gad t t dt at s s-t. Bd s Taddus lws, w dd t at a ts wkdu t a g juy, t tam’s ttw quatbak ts a tufsma Sa Sd ad d-st fsma Ax Kg, t f 
on pAGe 8
Bowl hopes dwindlingfor shorthanded Duke
campus council
on pAGe 5
CaMpuS CounCIl
by Naureen Khan
The chronicle
Dt f Atts Kv Wt adsva t admstats addssdt Aadm cu Tusday abut t ags ad tuts fagt atts datmt.T stat tud  a um-b f ssus gadg t aggadsa f t atts gam at Duk ad aud t uty. o f tmst sgfat ags s t budgt-ay stats msd by t mdwtu, Wt sad.“it’s ay bm qut a tty m-tat fus f a tgat -gam t bm fsay ssb,” Wt sad. “W’v mad ads but t’s a t t d.”T Duk Atts budgt as gwxtay  t ast tw dads. A-dg t fda dumts submttd ma wt t equty  AttsDssu At, xss f t dat-mt ttad $9.9 m fm Juy 1995
on pAGe 4
Caroline rodriguez/the ChroniCle
Directr f athletics Kevi White discsses the dertmet’s bdget chlleges t the acdemic Ccil meetig Thrsdy. I dditi t  exese icrese frm$9.9 milli i 1995-1996 t $60.3 milli i the crret fiscl yer, athletics hs see fllig dtis d wekeig ficil srt frm the uiversity.
aCaDeMIC CounCIl
Miami, Fla. Saturday • 12 p.m. • ESPNU
london — t e u  bc   f -f c, b  ck   f v k t-y    c   - .h V ry,   - f B,   bc  eu’f f-  J. 1, f        c. K   f-fcv    c f -k, c  y cc   , V ry  v f ffc    B,  f b  B v  euq.C a,  B   eu’  c,  c  bc’  f ,  n.2 jb. h     cc  B, c  bbccfy f f p m ty B  b  . t  cc c f j  c f  f c by  f  27 eu b      B.ay  xc  c,by - - ,b  f    -y cyz qcky  ccbc  eu  j  f b c v ,  v , f  v    f  bc.hv,  cc f    k    c-—,   c f a, v — q f  eu xc  b  f   .
Of all afflictions, the worst is self-contempt.— Berthold Auerbach
U.S. performs nuclear test at a Nevada test site
KaBul — tk   f ffc   cy   ck-c ty, p h Kz  c  f  f f fc, x  by   f  fv-y , af-      cy.i   c,  af,    b - by  f c -  v,  v  f yffc cc   ffck “  c f y  v- f  .” t - cy k c   -c  c-b   vy  - c, bf  c f  f af  f -, c u.s. scy f shy C.
UCLA protests continue
los angeles — a c y f -   uvy f Cf,l a, c ty  uvy f Cf y   v  32 c -c   f.g f uC  f v c v  l a j  y   f k,    f  ccy  uCla c b.uCla ffc c Cb h,  - c, c f y. i, 40  50   c   y f    - .“w c  f bck,  ,  f v,  c   v k,  vy,”  . C c   c- b, b    .
European Union selects first president of EuropeKarzai promises changein his inaugural address
andrew higgins/the washington post
Fires tht were itetilly set t cler frests fr cltivti hve grw ctrllbly d rebecmig dgers i  regi er Tr Jy, Idesi.
by Elizabeth Spaulding
The chronicle
 A w tg butqu g  Wst Vag w ff stys ad affd-ab aa t Duam wm.T ws f Mag, Tad Sw-d, Fuqua ’03, ad s wf p-Mg Wg,  t  t st by t fst  wk  Dmb. i Juy, Wg ft st as dt f tasuy ats Duk’s Datmt f Tasuy adcas Maagmt t bg  t-ua vtu. Dst avg tda-ts abut g a busss  t u-t my, Wg sad w ft k atu tm.“W atuay tugt abut gast fa ad d bak—w f t tm-
 Come explore faith with us:
Worship and dinner 4:00pm
Bible study 7:00pm (Link Classroom #2)
  All are welcome!
 505 Alexander Ave. (Off Campus Dr.)  www.episcopalatduke.org
 Resisting Simplistic Theology 
since 1789 
 Imagine a religion...
 that welcomes your questions and makesroom for your beliefs!!!
 Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religionthat believes in the inherent worth of every person, the authority of reasonand conscience in religion, freedom of religious belief, and a faith that ismanifested in justice and love.
  Join us in your spiritual questfor truth and meaning!
 The Unitarian UniversalistFellowship @ Duke
 United Methodist Church
 In the heart of Downtown Durham Between Mangum and Roxboro Streets
 215 N. Church Street
 Sunday Early Worship: 8:45 a.m. Sunday School:9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship:11:00 a.m. Rev. Duke Lackey, Senior Pastor E-mail:church@trinitydurham.org Web Site:www.trinitydurham.org Phone:(919)683-1386
 Come as you are— leave different!
 Come Join Us For 
Weekly Gita Discussion • Diwali Puja • Shivratri Puja• Temple Trips • Hinduism 101 • Yoga • Ram Navami• Garba • Meditation • Open Discussions andSpeakers on issues that deal with campus life andHinduism and many other events!
 November Events
 1) Weekly Sunday Discussion, 12pm, Graduate Student Lounge - Gray Building(2nd floor) 2) Bhutanese Empowerment Project - tutoring every Thursday 5:30-9:30pm 3) Open Exec Meeting every Wednesday at 8:30pm in OSAF. We’re looking fornew people to brainstorm and plan new events, so stop by if you’reinterested! ALL members of the Duke community are welcome to join HSA If you have any opinions regarding the recent merger of the MCCand IHouse and want them to be represented at future meetings, please email them to ym15@duke.edu.
 Email ym15@duke.edu to RSVP for these events
  Join our Facebook Group: Hindu Students Association @ Duke University or visit our website:
for frequent updates!
 Temples in the Area we visit:
 1.) HSNC Temple
 309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560
 2.) Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple
 121 Balaji Place, Cary NC 27513
 Honor God.  Love the Community.  Live like Family.
 Sundays at 5pm Downtown Chapel Hill (919) 360-4320 www.greenleafvineyard.org 
 Sunday Mass Schedule
 11amRichard White Lecture Hall, East Campus 9pmDuke Chapel
 Daily Mass Schedule
 5:15pmGoodson Chapel, Duke Divinity School
 12 noonDuke Hospital Chapel (6th Floor)
 5:15pmDuke Chapel Crypt
 11:30am Yoh Football Center, Team Meeting Room
 5pmFuqua School of Business, Seminar B
 catholic.duke.edu (919) 684-8959 037 Duke Chapel Basement (office) &402 N. Buchanan Blvd.
Everyone Welcome!
When: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdaysfrom 8:30 - 9AMWhere: Chapel Crypt (stairs left to altar)
& d
, B
When: Monday from 7-8:30pmWhere: Multicultural Center in theBryan Center 
 The Muslim Students Association at Duke University is aplace where students can learn about and discuss theteachings of Islam. We serve to spread knowledge of Islamto non-Muslims who are interested in the religion andsponsor a wide variety of social events and educationalforums throughout the year-ranging from lectures anddiscussions to artistic demonstrations.
Muslim StudentAssociation &
Muslim Life @ Duke.
  Jumu’ah on Campus--Join us for our weekly Friday Service: 12:45 in the York Room; refreshments will be served after the service.
 11/20 Friday Meeting 6:30 at Center for Muslim Life Sisters’ Discussion Group: Thursdays at 9 in the prayer room Volunteering Opporunity: Project Downtown Durham 12/6 NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR MSA SPOKEN WORDNIGHT! Contact nsk7@duke.edu for more info Join MSA Listserv to find out more about these and otherevents in the future
 Center for Muslim Life: 406 Swift Ave.
 www.dukemsa.org ~ Duke Search: Muslim Life @ Duke
Leaders examine Africa’surgent medical needs
by Sonia Havele
The chronicle
hat, duat ad gus -statvs fm Afa vd at t D- vty S Tusday t dsuss mdaas t mvg at ad -mtg a ass t tt. Aga Atyam, -fud f t c-d pats Assat  Ugada, Mau- nafua, a advs wt t Kya M-sty f Mda Svs ad pad Taba,mtus bs ad fud f t hy Tty pa Vag  sut Suda,sad t sa xs wt v-, wa tauma, at a ad stuaty t fut duat studts ad fauty abut  Afa’s d f tata asssta.D. pt Ms, mda dt f Wak cuty huma Svs, d t a-, w was -ssd by t Dvty S, t Fuqua S f Busss adt Gba hat isttut. T dsus-s vd a bad ag f ts fmat a fm t t  f gusmsts  uts stuggg wt t- ad gus v“ea [statv] sk t t sys-tms f tkg f dvdua at adgba at sttuts,” Ms sad. “i w’ s a fft at t dvduaad sttuta v.” Atyam sk f t t ad aguss xd w  daugt wasabdutd at ag 14 ad d atv famst gt yas by t at-gvmt b gu, t ld’s rssta Amy.“W my daugt was tak, my ys w d,” Atyam sad. “ ot tat w suffg dd t kw w tvm t gf.... T ld taugt mt ad way t fgv.”i sakg f t y f v tat as tak v Ugada ad t stug-gg Afa ats, Atyma, ag wtt t statvs, maszd td t fgv ad t g f gudgs  -d t mv fwad.“Fgttg t ast ad mvg fwad ssmtg w d t a,” nafua sad.T ads as sk f t x-s g ts fgtg  t was.Ty uamusy td tat  gsds ad bs,  att s fusdtatmt. Dst usss fm gv-mta autts, a t ast sad t atts a gv  gadssf t sd t wudd a fgtg f.“i’ gv yu ts, t baus yu
James lee/the ChroniCle
p-Mig Wg (left) d her hsbd Td Schwedler (right), Fq ’03, l t e Mgie,  lcl b-tiqe fferig iqe, ffrdble clthig this December. The stre will be lcted  West Mi Street.
Fuqua alum to openlocal clothing boutique
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