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C3 Momentum Spring 2008

C3 Momentum Spring 2008



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Published by c3colorectal
No talk, all ACTION for Colorectal Cancer awareness month.
No talk, all ACTION for Colorectal Cancer awareness month.

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Published by: c3colorectal on Mar 14, 2008
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This March, Turn Your Talk into Action
I it’s not accompanied by some kind o action,
is just anotherour-letter word.Tat’s the view o C3:Colorectal CancerCoalition (C3). Anurgent call to action ispart o our vision, mis-sion and day-to-day operations.During March, Colorectal Cancer AwarenessMonth, taking action—as opposed to justtalking—is even more important.
What kind of action? 
Inspirational action
: when colorectalcancer advocates join together, walk upthe steps o the United States Capitol anddemand that our government take actionagainst colorectal cancer.
Empowering action
: when each andevery person touched by colorectal cancer learns that his or her voice makes a di-erence, whether the voice is a patientasking questions o his or her doctor or anadvocate asking or research unding romCongress.
Discovery action
: as dedicated research-ers and clinical trial participants lead us tonew discoveries and ultimately, the abilityto win our ght against colorectal cancer. Why is action so important?
 Action getsthings done.
And while we’ve come ar, westill have a lot to get done.Breast cancer advocates learned this decadesago. Teir accomplishments are striking and vividly illustrate the work that needs to be done by a growing cadre o colorectalcancer advocates. For example, our govern-ment provided $712M or breast cancerresearch in 2006, compared to $244M orcolorectal cancer. Insurance coverage ormammograms is oered in every state o theunion versus only 25 orcolorectal cancer. Andmore Americans die romcolorectal cancer each year than rom breastcancer.
 At C3, we like to say that awareness withoutaction is meaningless.
 When you wear the colorectal cancer BlueStar o Hope, set your personal action bar higher. You know that simply wearing a pinwon’t end colorectal cancer. So, use the pin tosymbolize your greater advocacy. At C3, wesay “ake Action.” Push your elected ofcials…push the health care proessionals in your lie…push us. Everyone needs to do more, andwe need to do it better.C3’s mission is to win the ght againstcolorectal cancer through research, empower-ment and access.
Trough Education and Awareness:
www.FightColorectalCancer.org oers
near-daily updates in treatments andresearch or patients, amilies and medicalproessionals.Tis quarterly newsletter,
, issent ree to everyone who is interested inC3’s work.Te C3 Answer Line at 877-4CRC-111
(877-427-2111) provides callers withmedically-reviewed and unbiased inor-mation about colorectal cancer.
Trough Research:
C3 is awarding a grant this spring to a
researcher exploring treatments or late-stage colorectal cancer.C3’s third annual Research Advocacy
raining held earlier this yeartaught advocates to serveeectively on groups thatoversee the development o clinical trials in our country.Te National Cancer
Institute (NCI) is expected tocomplete its colorectal cancerprogress report this spring,thanks to urging rom C3. C3will help NCI implement the recommen-dations o the report.
Trough Policy:
Cover Your Butt Campaign
sup-ports three bills that together will guarantee coverage o nearly every buttin America that should be screened:those belonging to the poor and under-served, the elderly and those with privateinsurance.Tis month, C3 advocates will lobby their
members o Congress in support o the
Cover Your Butt Campaign.
Advocateswill make ace-to-ace visits on CapitolHill on uesday, March 11th. And on Wednesday, March 19th, we urge everyperson reading this to participate in the“Congressional Butt-In”, a one-day phone blitz to Capitol Hill.
See page 4 andMAKE THE CALL!
o learn how else youcan make a dierence, visit
Education + Research +Policy + YOU = Action 
 Join us.
C3:  Momentum
 News from C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition Volume 3, Issue 3 Spring 2008
C3:  Momentum
C3’s mission is to win the ght againstcolorectal cancerthrough research,empowerment and access.
Board of Directors
Nancy Roach
 Board Chair
 Alan Balch, PhD
Vice Chair
Greg Crats
Robert Erwin
 Board Secretary
Steven DeppCarlea Bauman
Medical Review Network
Mace Rothenberg, MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nancy Baxter, MD, FRCSC
University o oronto
 Al B. Benson III, MD, FACP
 Northwestern University
Richard Goldberg, MD
University o North Carolina
 Axel Grothey, MD
 Mayo Clinic College o Medicine
Heinz-Joseph Lenz, MD, FACP
University o Southern Caliornia
John Marshall, MD
Georgetown University Medical Center
Howard McLeod, PharmD
University o North Carolina
Neal Meropol, MD
 Fox Chase Cancer Center
Edith Mitchell, MD
Tomas Jeferson University
Daniel Sargent, PhD
 Mayo Clinic College o Medicine
Joel epper, MD
University o North Carolina
 Frankly Speaking About Colorectal Cancer
is a new, nationalpatient education program developed by The WellnessCommunity and C3. The free program guide and educational workshopempowers you with the tools and confidence you need to discuss colorectalcancer with your health care providers, friends and family.To find a workshop near you or to order your free
Frankly Speaking about Colorectal Cancer
guide call 1-888-793-WELL.Join us March 15, 2008 at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center in Newark,Delaware for the first of many free
Frankly Speaking About ColorectalCancer
workshops across the country. For more details or to reserve yourspot call TWC-Delaware, (302)-995-2850
Dusty’s Recipe for Action
I became a colorectal can-cer advocate almost three years past my diagnosis. Itwas more o a “why not?”sort o thing and I reliedon the encouragement o more experienced advo-cates to keep me engaged.But as time passed, I didmore. I learned that I liked doing it and that I was good at it. Isaw it as a way to repay those who helpedme during the early days o my diagnosis.Later, it helped keep me connected tothe world o cancer ater I’d heard those beautiul letters, N.E.D. (No Evidence o Disease).Finally, I began to see that my work as acolorectal cancer advocate made me a bet-ter citizen. Many complain about “thoseolks in Washington” being the problemwith the state o aairs. oday, I see the problem is us “ordinary people” giving up.It may sound cliché, but it’s true: When wechoose to not participate in the process we have no one to blame but ourselves.Trough my advocacy work, I have met somany people aected by cancer. Some arestill in active treatment while others aremany disease-ree years past diagnosis. Weare not proessional lobbyists who live in Washington, DC and make daily visits toCapitol Hill. We are everyday people who have a desire to be more than angry aboutcancer. We are driven to take inormedaction by doing what we can with what we have.I’ve lost a ew o my ellow advocates overthe years to this disease. Teir spirits, their passion and their commitment to endingcolorectal cancer live on in our work. Everyemail I send, and every visit and phonecall I make to Capitol Hill is done in their honor. So, in a sense, they are still herewith me.I am eight years past my diagnosis. But Iwill continue to speak or those who, orwhatever reason, cannot speak out orthemselves. I am a regular person whoreuses to simply complain about the waythings are but someone who works tochange things to what they could be. You can be too.
 As part o Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, step up your commitment to the ght against colorectal cancer. Here’s what C3 isdoing to take
against colorectal cancer. Remember, without action, talk is just another our letter word. Become part o theeuation. Join us today!
 What C3 Is DoingWhat You Can Do
 Advocating or three pieces o ederal legislation that, i passed, will provide coverage or screening and treatmento nearly every butt in America. Te Cover Your ButtCampaign needs your help!
qLog onto www.CoverYourButt.org and take action today. Send an email to your legislators and demand that they “Cover Your Butt!”qJoin the Congressional Butt-Inon Wednesday, March 19. Flip to page 4 to learn how.
Fighting or more ederal dollars or researchers looking or better screening, better treatments and ultimately acure or colorectal cancer.
qBecome a “One Minute Advocate” at www.FightColorectalCancer.org and urge yourelected ofcials to support cancer research by unding the National Cancer Institute’s(NCI) Fiscal Year 2009 By-Pass Budget.
Pushing or additional resources or the Food and Drug  Administration (FDA) to make sure that colorectal can-cer treatments are sae and efective.
qGo to www.FightColorectalCancer.org to learn why FDA needs support to ulllits mission.
 What C3 Is DoingWhat You Can Do
Providing answers to your colorectal cancerquestions
.qCall the C3 Answer Line at 877-4CRC-111 (877-427-2111)qGo to www.FightCol- orectalCancer.org to get accurate and up-to-date colorectal cancer inormation.
Publishing inormation about clinical trials on our web-site and in our printed and emailed newsletters.
qConsider enrolling in a clinical trial. Call the C3 Answer Line at 877-4CRC-111(877-427-2111) or more inormation.qSubscribe to our ree newsletters atwww.FightColorectalCancer.org.
Empowering patients to become their own best advo-cates when it comes to their treatment plans.
qKnow your colorectal cancer risks and ollow an individual plan or screening.q   Visit www.FightColorectalCancer.org and learn all you can about your own colorectalcancer diagnosisqGet a written survivorship plan when you nish treatment.
 What C3 Is DoingWhat You Can Do
Funding research to beat late stage colorectal cancer.
qDonate to C3’s Lisa Fund and help us reach our 2008 goal. Log on to www.FightCol-orectalCancer.org or call 703-548-1225 to make a secure git.
raining patient advocates to help us shape the colorectalcancer research agenda by sitting on national commit-tees that oversee clinical trials.
qLearn about the latest in colorectal cancer research by reading the C3 News andEvents blog at www.FightColorectalCancer.org.qKeep up to date by getting Newsand Events by RSS or email subscription.
 Working with NCI, FDA and the Centers or Medicareand Medicaid Services (CMS) to ght or policies thatstrengthen research and services to patients.
qBecome a C3 “One Minute Advocate” to support adeuate unding or NCI andFDA, and payment or colorectal cancer treatment costs.q
Advocating to streamline research to get sae and efective treatments to patients aster.
Pushing NCIdevelopment o a comprehensive research portolioaimed at beating colorectal cancer.
Working with FDA and drug manuacturers to ensure that once drugs areapproved, research continues to study sae and efectivemanagement o side efects like rash, neuropathy, anemiaand high blood pressure.
Advocating that FDA, CMS,and private health insurers make policy decisions thatare based on research evidence and in the best interest o patients.
qSupport C3’s liesaving research advocacy eorts with a donation.Log on to www.FightColorectalCancer.org or call 703-548-1225 to make a secure git.
ACTION = Policy + Education + Research + YOU

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