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Battle Cattle Quest for the Holy Pail

Battle Cattle Quest for the Holy Pail

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Published by shadrenae8200
Battle Cattle Quest for the Holy Pail rpg
Battle Cattle Quest for the Holy Pail rpg

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Published by: shadrenae8200 on Jun 04, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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(oud'hoom-lä, -hum-)
noun, Scand. Myth.1. Norse Cow God. 2. A cow, owned by Ymir and born like himfrom drops of the melting primeval ice: its licking of a mass of saltyice exposed the first god, Buri. 3. The man you’re going to visitthrough the golden arches after getting a Cattle Prod Bolt of Lightning up your rear.
Quest for the Holy Pail
Miniatures Rules Expansion Book
A Plague Upon You From
Matt StipicevichAldo Ghiozzi
Aldo Ghiozzi
Tyler SigmanMythrole Gameswww.mythrole.com
Mike Simonwww.hypnothetical.com
Alexandra Ghiozzi, Andy Volokitin, RodgerBright, Mark Pentek and Andres Noriega
 Tho art welcome to send questions forsooth to:
Wingnut Games • 704 Thompsons Drive • Brentwood, CA 94513www.wingnutgames.com wingnut@wingnutgames.comStupid questions will be thrown to the lions.
Copyright © 2000 Wingnut Games. All rights reserved. Any similarity between historicalbovine and ones portrayed in this game, are without satirical intent, and purely coinci-dental.
 Introduction 2Setting 2Battle Cattle Creation Cow Classes
Fighter 5Cowvalier 6Pailadin 9Moo-gic User 10Barbarian 12Bard 13Free Range-er 15Cleric 16Rogue 18Assassin 20Moo-nk 21Necowmancer 23
Scroll Packs 24 Equipment Descriptions 25
Weapons 25Armor 28Accessories 30Modifications 31
Spells 33
Arcane Spells 34Divine Spells 41Necowmancer Spells 45
Moo-gic Items 48
Amoo-lets 48Hoof Boots 49Hoof Bracelets 50Horns 51Moo-Moos 51Nose Rings 52
Combat 53Cattle-log of Items (Appendixes) 54 Quest for the Holy Pail Record Sheet Back of Book
The Battle Cattle: Second Edition rules quickly pass over the MiddleAges. As they should not seem insignificant, this period was the basisfor Battle Cattle of the future. We know that the Middle Ages were thetime when crude forms of Battle Cattle pasture combat began. The fol-lowing timeline gives the true history of cows and their ever-so-impor-tant role in the society that oppressed them.Early Middle Ages: A battle began…"If you do not agree to my com-mands, then I shall-- [twang] [mooooooooooooooooooooooooo]* JesusChrist! Right! Charge!"Late Middle Ages: A battle ended…"Run away! Run away! Runaway!"**
*As to avoid a lawsuit, the author has intentionally misspelled this word, following the "m" with only 25 "o"s, not 26.**As to avoid a lawsuit, the author has intentionally left out the 4th set of the two-word repeating phrase.
Little do people know, but Battle Cattle truly made their mark in theMiddle Ages. For peasants, cows were both a food staple and a respect-ed companion. While these peasants were ridiculed and ordered to cleanup for the upper class, little did the aristocrats know of the events faraway from the lords and ladies.Jousting was by far the sport for the rich. Peasants watched joustingfrom afar with the only goal to fill the aristocrats with the illusion of  jealousy and envy. After a day of jousting was complete, the peasantswere sent home to wallow in their sorrows. But sorrow they did not have. They had cowsting. An underground world of early Battle Cattleevents where the fittest cow would fill its owner's coffers with glory andgold!
Sneaking off in the middle of the night, peasants from all over wouldmake their way to a secluded piece of farmland. Here, they would meetto watch their favorite cow make patties of others. The cheers fromupon the fences would echo through the hills, though never making it tothe ears of the rich sleeping on their soft beds. The frantic chants of "Bessie! Bessie! Bessie!" would only be equally muddled with bellow-ing chants of "Norman! Norman! Norman!" The peasants reveled inthe bloodshed, only hoping one day that their cowsting cattle could one-day drive out the poisonous aristocrats.Though the peasants felt the opportunity was there, cowsting nevercaught on to the peasant mass-market. For the time being, they reveledin their little niche, hailing such noted warriors as Moo-lin, Robin Herdand Arthur (you know, the one who pulled Excowlibur from the stone).
And just like any fad, it soon faded, leaving only jousting to make itsway to the history books.
In Battle Cattle: Second Edition, you pick a cow type among otherthings. Follow the same steps and process explained on page 13 inBattle Cattle: Second Edition to start. Beyond choosing your cow typeas a normal run-of-the-barn cow, you will add a character class afteryour cow type. Individual character classes are explained in the next sec-tion. Some examples could include an "American Brahman Pailadin" ora "Corriente Cleric". The Battle Cattle you create will now become afantasy-based cow. Adding a cow class to your chosen cow type isrequired.Also explained on page 13 in Battle Cattle: Second Edition is theamount of money to begin the game. Now, Quest for the Holy Pailmoney is in Gold Pieces. We suggest creating Battle Cattle between therange of 10,000 gold pieces and 15,000 gold pieces. When referring tocow types and items from Battle Cattle: Second Edition in Quest for theHoly Pail, their costs are now adjusted to gold pieces on a one-to-oneration. For example, a Fifth Leg is $1,500 in Second Edition and is con-sidered 1,500gps in Quest for the Holy Pail; a Watusi cow is $400 inSecond Edition and is considered 400gps in Quest for the Holy Pail.
As explained in the previous section, adding a class to your cow type isnecessary to truly bring Battle Cattle into the world of fantasy. Eachclass will possibly have advantages, disadvantages and innate abilities.

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