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Software Testing Report

Software Testing Report

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Published by uday

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Published by: uday on Nov 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Software Testing
In a software development project, errors can be creeping at any stage during thedevelopment. For each phase we have discussed different techniques for detecting andeliminating errors that originates in that phase.During testing, the program to be tested is executed with a set of test cases, and theoutput of the program for the test case is evaluated to determine if the program is performing as it is expected to. Due to its approach, dynamic testing can only as certainthe presence of error in the program; the exact nature of the error is not usually decided by testing. Testing forms the first step in determining the errors in a program. Clearlythe success of testing revealing errors in programs depends critically on the test cases.
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Software Testing
2. Need for Testing
Testing is the process of running a system with the intention of finding errors.Testingenhances the integrity of a system by detecting deviations in design and errors in thesystem. Testing aims at detecting error-prone areas. This helps in the prevention of errors in a system. Testing also adds value to the product by conforming to the user requirements.
2.1 Causes of Errors
The most common causes of errors in an e-commerce system are:
Communication gaps between the developer and the business decision maker.
Time provided to a developer to complete the project.
Over commitment by the developer.
2.1.1 Communication gaps between the developer and the businessdecision maker
A communication gap between the developer and the business decision maker isnormally due to subtle differences between them. The difference can be classified intofive broad areas:
Thought processes
Background and experience
LanguageFor example, an entrepreneur with a financial marketing background wants to set up anonline share-selling site. The developer with an engineering back ground might beunaware of the intricate details of the financial market. Therefore the developer may notknow to incorporate those features that can add value to other site visitors into the sitesuch as the prices of mutual funds.
2.1.2Time provided to a developer to complete the project
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Software Testing
A common source of errors in projects comes from time constraints in delivering a product. At best, a project schedule provides an educated guess that is based on what isknown at the time. At worst, a project schedule is a wish-derived estimate with no basisin reality.Assuming the best, previously unknown problems may present themselves duringdevelopment and testing. This can lead to problems maintaining the schedule. Failing toadjust the feature set or schedule when problems are discovered can lead to rushed work and flawed systems.
2.1.3Over commitment by the developer
High enthusiasm can lead to over commitment by the developer. In these situations,developers are usually unable to add here to deadlines or equality due to the lack of resources or required skills on the team.
2.2 Objectives of Testing
Testing is essential because of:
Software reliability
Software quality
System assurance
Optimum performance and capacity utilization
Price of non-conformance
2.2.1 Software reliability
E-commerce requires software that performs critical tasks. Such as creating storefrontand a shopping cart, collecting customer data, and providing the payment gateway. Thissoftware needs to function correctly.Testing assures the organization of the quality and integrity of the e-commerce solution.
2.2.2 Software quality
Software quality is characterized by the correctness of program logic andimplementation. It begins with testing the software during development. The developer must test each module to make sure that it functions correctly at the time it is written or modified. Test values and boundary conditions must both be verified. Next, the module
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