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Why Sri Lanka Should Not Antagonize Jayalalithaa 

Why Sri Lanka Should Not Antagonize Jayalalithaa 

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Published by Thavam Ratna

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Published by: Thavam Ratna on Jun 04, 2014
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| by Upul Joseph Fernando( June 4, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian !amil "adu Chie# $inis%er, Jayalali%haa, has  been %he %ar&e% o# Sri Lanka's S%a%e and pro&o)ernmen% media sin*e %he day %he resul%s o# %he +ndian &eneral ele*%ion ere ou%- !hey .ubilan%ly repor%ed Jayalali%haa losin& %he &rip she had on %he *en%re due %o %he ou%ri&h% )i*%ory o# %he /hara%iya Jana%a ar%y (/J- $any *ar%oonis%s in Sri Lankan nespapers also mo*ked Jayalali%haa- Go)ernmen% spokesman, $inis%er eheliya ambukella, said %he nondependen*e o# %he $odi's Go)ernmen% on Jayalali%haa as a )i*%ory #or Sri Lanka- !he &o)ernmen% as ela%ed hen residen% $ahinda a.apaksa as in)i%ed #or $odi's searin&in *eremony amids% pro%es%s o# %he !amil "adu Chie# $inis%er-!he a.apaksa Go)ernmen% has been *ri%i*i3in& %he !amil "adu S%a%e Go)ernmen% led by Jayalali%haa #or a lon& %ime- !amil "adu on*e pro%es%ed a *ar%oon in a Sri Lankan nespaper %ha% insul%ed Jayalali%haa personally-!o %he ama3emen% o# %he a.apaksa Go)ernmen%, no Jayalali%haa has ini%ia%ed %alks %o .oin %he /Jled Go)ernmen%- !he Sri Lankan Go)ernmen% seems sho*ked i%h %his nes, al%hou&h i% %ries no% %o sho i%-J's Go)ernmen% %ha% *ame %o poer in 155 as also dis%ressed %he same ay in 160 hen %he +ndira Gandhiled Con&ress ar%y as reele*%ed %o rule +ndia- !he reason as J's Go)ernmen% a%%a*kin& +ndira and her son as i# ima&inin& %ha% %he Con&ress ar%y may ne)er *ome %o poer- J's Go)ernmen% also a%%a*ked +ndira in %he same )ein %he presen% a.apaksa
Go)ernmen% a%%a*ked Jayalali%haa-ela%ions i%h +ndiaFolloin& e7*erp% is #rom a spee*h deli)ered by %hen opposi%ion $, 8nura /andaranaike in arliamen%, *ri%i*i3in& %he #orei&n poli*y o# Sri Lanka-9!ake #or ins%an*e our rela%ions i%h our nei&hbour, +ndia- +ndia is, his%ori*ally, *ul%urally and  poli%i*ally linked i%h Sri Lanka as no o%her *oun%ry is- :ur *lose pro7imi%y, no% only &eo&raphi*ally bu% in e)ery sense o# %he ord, makes +ndia our mos% impor%an% nei&hbour- :ur &ood rela%ion i%h +ndia is %here#ore )i%al as %he *orners%one o# our #orei&n poli*y- +# our rela%ions i%h +ndia ha)e in any ay been dama&ed or in any ay lessened in some #orm or %he o%her %hen one o# %he prin*ipal pillars o# our #orei&n poli*y ould ha)e been demolished-:ur rela%ions i%h +ndia ha)e been buil% o)er de*ades and *en%uries *are#ully nur%ured and *ul%i)a%ed, and be%een 150 and 155 e #inally elimina%ed some o# %he misunders%andin&s %ha% ye% e7is%ed be%een Sri Lanka and +ndia-+ndia #a*es a &eneral ele*%ion in less %han %hree eeks' %ime, and #rom all repor%s rea*hin& us, #rom in%erna%ional sour*es and par%i*ularly #rom +ndia, %here is no doub% %ha% %he lady hom you re#erred %o as a *o ill on*e a&ain be*ome %he rime $inis%er o# +ndia-$r- anil ;i*kremesin&he< ;ho re#erred=$r- 8nura /andaranaike< + ill *ome %o %ha%, Sir, + ha)e brou&h% i%h me >uo%a%ion a#%er >uo%a%ion o# ho members o# your par%y insul%ed %his &ra*ious lady-$r- C--J- Sene)ira%ne ($inis%er o# Labour< !his is %he *al# speakin&?$r- 8nura /andaranaike< "o, you kno more abou% i% be*ause you are %he s%udbull #rom $ahiyan&ana- ;e are dis*ussin& a serious sub.e*%-!he Chairman< :rder please? @o no% in%errup%-$r- 8nura /andaranaike< @o no% orry, Sir, + ha)e *ome %o an a&reemen% i%h %he ba*k  ben*hers-+ ha)e i%h me >uo%a%ion a#%er >uo%a%ion o# ho your speakers en% on publi* pla%#orms %o make *heap poli%i*al &ains a% %he e7pense o# %he Sri Lanka Freedom ar%y and hurled insul%s a% $rs- +ndira Gandhi- + ha)e brou&h% i%h me a repor% in !he Sun o# 1A July 155, o# a spee*h made by Bis 7*ellen*y %he residen% in suppor% o# $r- eer%hi 8beyi*krema- Be says< D;ha% happened in +ndia %o $rs- +ndira Gandhi ill happen in Sri Lanka also-'$embers< !ha% happened-
$r- 8nura /andaranaike< ;ha% ill happen in January ill happen here %oo-$embers< "o-$r- 8nura /andaranaike< Sir, he &oes on %o say< D;ha% pre)ailed in +ndia under $rs- Gandhi as a di*%a%orship &o)ernmen% riddled i%h *orrup%ion and malpra*%i*es- :ur *ondi%ions are )ery mu*h similar %o %he *ondi%ions %ha% pre)ailed in +ndia under $rs- Gandhi- 8s %he rime $inis%er o# %he *oun%ry, $rs- Gandhi #ailed %o sol)e %he problems o# %he +ndian na%ion- She *ould no% %olera%e her poli%i*al opponen%s- She %ried %o *rush %hem- 8s a prelude %o %ha% she &o% %he dura%ion o# arliamen% e7%ended by ano%her year in addi%ion %o i%s normal li#e span o# si7 years- ;hen she as *ri%i*i3ed #or her an%idemo*ra%i* measures, she pro*laimed a s%a%e o# emer&en*y, and arres%ed all *ri%i*s, and banned all publi* mee%in&s-'8no%her s%a%emen%, Sir, made by Bis 7*ellen*y %he residen%, in suppor% o# my &ood #riend, %he Bon- 8*%in& $inis%er o# Finan*e- !his as made in u%%alam-$r- 8nanda%issa de 8lis< +s %ha% par%i*ular s%a%emen% ron&=$r- 8nura /andaranaike< !ha% is *omple%ely ron&, *omple%ely #alse? !he people o# $r- "aina $arikar- Be %ried %o make ou% %ha% *er%ain in*iden%s, hi*h %ook pla*e in +ndia ere due %o %he suppression o# demo*ra%i* #reedoms- Be said, D$rs- +ndira Gandhi suppressed %he :pposi%ion- !he people o# +ndia ere *oura&eous enou&h %o %ea*h her a lesson-'Be made s%a%emen% a#%er s%a%emen%- !he more + read %he more embarrassin& i% ill be #or you-!his is %he s%a%emen% he made in andy, in suppor% o# $r- -L- Senanayake<E$rs- Sirima)o /andaranaike and her son are rulin& %he *oun%ry in %he same manner $rs- +ndira Gandhi and her son, San.ay, did in +ndia- !he people o# +ndia sen% $rs- Gandhi and her son home- Likeise, %here is no doub% %ha% $rs- /andaranaike and her son 8nura %oo ill be sen% home by %he people o# %his *oun%ry-E;e did no% &o home, e *ame %o arliamen%?Like %his, s%a%emen% a#%er s%a%emen% as made on publi* pla%#orm o# %his *oun%ry %ryin& %o dra a poli%i*al *omparison be%een +ndia and Sri Lanka, i%h %he sole ob.e*%i)e o# &ainin& *heap  poli%i*al ad)an%a&e- Fur%hermore, %he a%%a*ks in %he *ampai&n be*ome dir%ier and dir%ier as %he  pollin& da%e be*ame nearer and nearer, and #inally %hey re#erred %o her as D*o-'8 $ember< /y hom=$r- 8nura /andaranaike< /y your speakers-$r- 8nanda%issa de 8lis< !ha% as a re#eren*e %o %he symbol o# %he par%y-$r- 8nura /andaranaike< ou kno %he )alue o# punnin& on a ord more %han anybody else-$embers< Chan&e your par%y symbol %o *o and *al#?

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