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Verbos griegos

Verbos griegos

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Published by adrianhterrazas

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Published by: adrianhterrazas on Jun 04, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Verbs beginning with α
*ἀάω (ἀϝα-ω), ἀάζω harm, infatuate: pres. only in mid. ἀᾶα!" aor. α#α$α (α#α%$α or α#α$$α), &$α, α#α$ά' (and ἀα%$ά' or ἀα$$ά') erred" aor. pass. ἀά$" +. a. in ἀ-α#α, ἀ-α#α%, -α%./hiefly 0pi1. 234ἀ5ά66ω (ἀ5α6-) adorn, honour (a1t. in /om. poets): ἀ5α67, 856α" mid. ἀ5ά66'α! 9lory in, only pres.and imperf. (.) (;tti1) 2345α-'α! admire (<=>): aor. ?5ά$ (@AB e), rarely ?5α$ά', +. a. ἀ5α$C. 0pi1 fut. ἀ5ά
'α!,0pi1 aor. ?5α
ά'. Dom. has also ἀ5ά'α! admire and ἀ5αE'α! (ἀ5α- for ἀ5α$-) en+y, amindi9nant at or Fith. (;tti1) 234ἀ55G66ω (ἀ55H6-) announ1e: ἀ55H67, 855H!6α, 855H6Iα, 855H6'α!, ?55G6, ἀ55H6J$'α!, ἀ55H6C.= aor. pass. ?55G6 rarely on ;tt. ins1r. (.) (;tti1) 234ἀ5HEKω (ἀ5HK-) 1olle1t: 85H!Kα. 0pi1 are aor. mid. LM-5H!Kά'" = aor. mid. ἀ5GK assemNled,85KH (O33. P5KH), ἀ5HKG$α!, @=> a, Q. (some read Fith O33. ἀ5GKH$α!), ἀ5KC'H" plup. R pl.ἀ55GKα" aor. pass. ?5GK. 0pi1 Ny-form ?5HKG'α!. (.) (;tti1) 234ἀ5!%Gω 0pi1 and on. S 5ω. nf. ἀ5!%G'Hα! 0pi1. (;tti1) 234ἀ5Gω not to TnoF: re9ular, Nut ἀ5J$'α! as pass. (AUA). Dom. ἀ5!Gω. (;tti1) 2345-M%'! (ἀ5- for ϝα5-, <RR) NreaT, in prose 9enerally Iαα#5M%'!, Iαα%5Vω in all tenses: -άLω,-Gα%Lα (@RW), = perf. -Gα%5α (@@R), = aor. pass. -Hα#5 (@R@). -αIC. 0pi1 aor. XLα, and = aor. pass.YZ[\]^_ bc Z[ \]^_ gb  jk ^]Z q q vwx5ω lead: Lω, = aor. 85α5, Xα, X5'α!, 8, ἀJ$'α!, ἀIG. zut. mid. L'α!, also S fut. pass.(AUB). ;or. XLα suspe1ted in ;tt., Dom. ἀLά': Dom. has mi{ed aor. LHH, ἀLG'Hα!, ἀLG'H (>@= Q.).(;tti1) 234α#|H- or α#|H- Ne sated in 0pi1 aor. opt. α#|J$H!H and perf. α#|ICH. 234}|ω sin9: }$'α! (AU~), •$α, •$'α!, €$, $G. ‚n1ontra1ted forms in 0pi1 and on. are ἀHE|ω,ἀHE$ω and ἀHE$'α!, 8H!$α. (;tti1) 234ἀH- rest, sleep: 0pi1 aor. H$α, &$α. 234ἀHEKω: see αƒKω. (;tti1) 234ἀGLω: Dom. for α„Lω (α…Lάω). (;tti1) 234'! (ἀ-, ἀH-, <=@, <@W) NloF: R s. $!, R du. , R pl. ἀH†$!, inf. ἀJ'Hα!, ἀ‡α!, part. ἀHE,imperf. R s. " mid. pres. α!, part. ἀJ'H, imperf. . ˆoeti1, 1hiefly 0pi1. 234α‰|G'α! (α‰|H- for α‰|H$-) respe1t, feel shame: α‰|G$'α! (@AA a), €|H$'α! (@AB 1), Š|G$,α‰|H$J$'α! rare (AW=), Š|H$ά'pardon a 1riminal in prose, otherFise ‹ra9i1. mper. α‰|H† Dom.(~>U). ˆoeti1 αƒ|'α!. (;tti1) 234
α‰IEζ'α! outra9e: α‰I!Œ'α!, ŠI!$ά', €I!$'α!, ŠIE$ Fas outra9ed. α‰IEζω a1t. pla9ue poeti1. 0pi1ἀH!IEζω. >W=. (.) (;tti1) 234α‰Gω praise, usu. 1omp. F. ŽE, ŽαKά, et1., in prose: -α!G$ω (in prose usu. -α!G$'α!, @AA N, AU~),-H$α, -HIα, -'α!, -G, -α!H$J$'α!, -α!HG, -C ;ristotle. 0pi1 and 2yri1 are α‰J$ω,€$α. (;tti1) 234αƒ-M'α! taTe: only pres. and imperf. (α‰V'). 0pi1. (‘.) 234α’KGω (α’KH-, “6-) taTe, mid. 1hoose: α’KJ$ω, = aor. H”6 (@RW), KIα, K'α! (mid. or pass.), –KG(usu. Fas 1hosen), α’KHJ$'α!, α’KHC, -G. zut. perf. –KJ$'α! rare. Ddt. perf. ἀKαEKIα,ἀKαEK'α!" Dom. +. a. “6HC. (‘.) (;tti1) 234αƒKω (>@@ 1) raise: α#K7, XKα (α#Kω, α#Kα!'!, &K, &Kα!, α#Kα%), XKIα, XK'α!, 8K, α#KJ$'α!,α#KG. oni1 and poeti1 ἀHEKω (ἀϝHK-): ἀHK7, 8H!Kα, ?GK, Dom. plup. ωK (from ?K) for 8HK. zut. ἀKŒ'α! and aor. ?KC' Nelon9 to KM'α! (ἀK-) Fin. (.) (;tti1) 234α‰$-ά'α! (α‰$-, α‰$H-) per1ei+e: α‰$J$'α!, = aor. Š$C', €$'α!, α‰$C. ‹he Ny-formαƒ$'α! is douNtful. (‘.) (;tti1) 234ἀ—$$ω rush: see }ω. (;tti1) 234α‰$-M#ω (α‰$M-) dis9ra1e, mid. feel ashamed: α‰$M7, €$M%α, Š$V felt ashamed,α‰$MG. ˜n fut. mid. α‰$MŒ'α! and fut. pass. α‰$MJ$'α!, see WBWW. Dom. perf. pass. part.Š$M''G. (.) (;tti1) 234ἀ—ω hear, Fith α% usu. in ;tt. poets, α™ in 0pi1, 2yri1, and in some ;tt. poets: imperf. Dom. 8š, šand α#š, aor. Ž-›$H Ddt. (O33. Ž‡!$H), +. a. Žάš$ Ddt. ˆoeti1 and on. Dom. has also ἀHEω, of Fhi1h ἀšœ (O33. ἀ—ω) may Ne the = aor. 234ἀ—ω Nreathe out: imperf. α#š 0pi1. 234ἀI-α-Eζω (ἀIα!|-, ἀIα-, ἀIαH-, from ἀ- redupl.) affli1t, 9rie+e: ἀIαJ$ω, ἀIά$α (rare), = aor.8Iα, ἀIά'α! am 9rie+ed (R pl. ἀIG|αα!), inf. ἀIά$α! (@=> a, Q.), part. ἀIαJ'H andἀIG'H (@=> N, (=) Q.) /p. ἀGω, ἀHVω, M'α!. 0pi1. >W=. (.) 234ἀI-α-'G (ἀI-" 1p. I-K peaT) sharpened" 0pi1 redupl. perf. part., Fith no present in use. 234ἀIG'α! (ἀIH- for ἀIH$-" 1p.  I 1ure) heal: ?IH$ά', ἀIH$C. Dom. has also ἀIHEω. (;tti1) 234ἀI|Gω (ἀI|H- for ἀI|H$-, @AA Q." 1p. ἀI|J un1ared for) ne9le1t: ἀIJ|H$α 0pi1. 0pi1 and poeti1.234ἀIVω (ἀIM-, ἀIžM56!|HŸ-, @R) hear: ἀIV$'α! (AU~), 8IM$α, = perf. ἀIJIα (>~= a), = plup.?IIC or ἀIIC, ?IV$ (@AB e), ἀIM$J$'α!, ἀIM$C, -G. (;tti1) 234ἀ6α6άζω (ἀ6α6α5-) raise the Far-1ry, usu. poeti1 or late prose: ἀ6α6άL'α! (AU~), ?6ά6αLα. (.)(;tti1) 234
ἀ6ά'α! Fander, rare in prose: pres. 0pi1 imper. ἀ6άM (O33. ἀ6Cω, ~@R), perf. 0pi1 ἀ6ά6'α! as pres.(ἀ6ά6$, ἀ6ά6$α!, ἀ6α6J'H), aor. 0pi1 ἀ6J. (;tti1) 234ἀ6αŽάζω (ἀ6αŽα5-) destroy, plunder: 0pi1 are ἀ6αŽάLω, ἀ6άŽαLα. y-forms 6αŽάζω, 6αŽά$$ω. (.)234ἀ6|αEω (ἀ6|α-) Fith the Ny-forms ἀ6|άω, ἀ6|J$Iω, nourish: 0pi1 = aor. (or imperf.) 86|α, +. a.0pi1 -α6 insatiate. ˆoeti1. (‘.) 234ἀ6HE¡ω (ἀ6H-, ἀ6-) anoint: ἀ6Hω, 86Hα, ἀŽ6J6!¡α (@<< a), ἀ6J6!''α!, ?6HE¡,ἀ6H!¡J$'α!, L-α6H!ŽG. = aor. pass. ?6E¡, ?6HE¡ are douNtful. (;tti1) 234ἀ6GLω and ἀ6GIω (ἀ6HL-, ἀ6HLH-, ἀ6HI-, ἀ6I-) Fard off: fut. ἀ6GLω poeti1 (rare), ἀ6GL'α! £en., 3oph.,ἀ6HLJ$ω Dom., ἀ6HLJ$'α! Ddt." aor. 86HLα ;es1h., ?6GL$α 0pi1, ?6HLά' on., £en., ?6HL$ά'(#) £en., = aor. 6α6I poeti1 (>@B). y-form ἀ6Iάω poeti1 (@BU Q.). 234ἀ6G'α! a+oid: aor. ?6Hά' (@R, ~U<). /p. ἀ6HVω. ˆoeti1. 234ἀ6HVω a+ert: 86HM$α. ‚su. in mid. ἀ6HV'α! a+oid, aor. ?6HMά', su. L-α6HV-$ω'α! (L-α6VLω'α!#). ˆoeti1. ˜ther forms Fith liTe meanin9 are ἀ6HHEω, ἀ6V$Iω, ἀ6M$Iάζω, ἀ6M$IαEω. 234ἀ6Gω 9rind: ἀ67 (>RB), 86H$α, ἀ6J6H'α! (ἀ6J6H$'α!, @AB N). y-form ἀ6Jω. (;tti1) 234ἀ6‡α!: see Hƒ6ω. 2346'α! (ἀ6-, ἀ6H-) am healed: 0pi1 6H and Ž-α6J$'α!. Dippo1r. has aor. -6G$. 234ἀ6E|ω 1ause to roll (also ἀ6!|Gω, ἀ6!#ω), usu. 1omp. Fith L: -J6!%$α, -J6!%Iα, ?6E|'α!. ἀ6!#ω is a pres. deri+ed from 86!%$α ( S ?6!|$α). (;tti1) 234¥6-E$I'α! (¥6- for ϝα6-, ¥6-, @A~) am 1aptured (used as pass. of α’K7): ¥6œ$'α!, = aor. “α#6ω or ¦6ω (¥67, ¥6E, ¥67α!, ¥6V, ~A<), “ά6ωIα (@@R) or ¦6ωIα, ¥6ωC. 0pi1 = aor. suN¤. ¥6œω. ;1t.¥6E$Iω is not used, Nut see ἀα%6E$Iω e{pend. (‘.) (;tti1) 234ἀ6!αE'α! (ἀ6!-, ἀ6!α-) sin: 0pi1 are aor. 86! (-C'), perf. part. ἀ6!J'H sinnin9. Oostly0pi1. 0pi1 Ny-form ἀ6!KαEω. (. ‘.) 234ἀ66άω (ἀ66α5-) 1han9e, often 1omp. §. ἀŽC, |!ά, 'Hά: ἀ66άLω, 866αLα, -J66αα, 866α5'α!,?66ά (usu. in tra9edy) and ?66ά5 (Noth usu. in 1omp.), fut. pass. ἀŽ-α66αJ$'α! (so intra9edy) and ἀŽ-α66α5J$'α!, fut. mid. -α66άL'α!, fut. perf. ἀŽ-66άL'α!, +. a. ἀŽ-α66αIG. (.)(;tti1) 234¨66'α! (¥6-) leap: ¥6Œ'α!, ©6ά'. = aor. ©6C' rare and un1ertain in ;tt. 0pi1 = aor. &6$, &6,6'H (~AA). (.) (;tti1) 234ἀ6MIάζω am distressed on., ἀ6MIGω am an{ious late on.: 0pi1 ἀ6α6VI'α! §. redupli1ation. >W=.(.) 234ἀ6V$Iω (ἀ6MI-, >=~ d) a+oid: ἀ6VLω, 86MLα. Dom. has also ἀ6M$Iάζω and ἀ6M$Iάω. ˆoeti1. (‘.) 234

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