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Nurse Charged in Wake of Golden Hill Patient's Death

Nurse Charged in Wake of Golden Hill Patient's Death

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Published by Daily Freeman
Kingston, NY, June 5, 2014
Kingston, NY, June 5, 2014

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Published by: Daily Freeman on Jun 05, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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STATE OF NEW YORK: COUNTY OF ULSTER CITY COURT: CITY OF KINGSTON-----------------------------------------------------------------------------xTHE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK FELONY COMPLAINT-against-PATRICIA SMITHMYER,D!n"ant#-----------------------------------------------------------------------------xMi$%a& Mata'a(a, In)stigat*' in t% O!!i$ *! t% Att*'n+ Gn'a&, M"i$ai" F'a" C*nt'*& Unit, On & Hi&& P&a(a, Pa'& Ri)', N. Y*'/, 0ing "&+ s.*'n, "1*ss an" sa+s, 1*n in!*'2ati*n an" 0&i!:T%at *n *' a0*t 3ana'+ 4, 5678, in t% C*nt+ *! U&st', an" &s.%' in t% Stat *! N. Y*'/, t% "!n"ant, Pat'i$ia S2it%2+', $*22itt" t% $'i2s *!:7#Fa&si!+ing sinss R$*'"s in t% Fi'st Dg', in )i*&ati*n *! Pna& La. 9 7;#76, a $&ass E !&*n+ 5#Wi&!& <i*&ati*n *! Ha&t% La.s, in )i*&ati*n *! P0&i$ Ha&t% La. S$ti*ns 75-0 =5> an" 5468-"=>, an n$&assi!i" 2is"2an*' in t%at t% "!n"ant .it% intnt t* "!'a" an" $*22it an*t%' $'i2 an" ai" an" $*n$a& t% $*22issi*n t%'*!, 2a" an" $as" a !a&s nt'+ in t% 0sinss '$*'"s *! an nt'1'is, t* .it: G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt'? an", .%i& 21&*+" at a 'si"ntia& %a&t% $a' !a$i&it+, "i" .i&&!&&+ s0@$t a 'si"nt t* an a$t *! ng&$t in )i*&ati*n *! S$ti*ns 75-0 =5> an" 5468-" => *! t% P0&i$ Ha&t% La.s, an" a 'g&ati*n  1'*2&gat" t%'n"', t* .it: 76 NYCRR 947#7 =$>, 0+ !ai&ing t* 1'*)i" ti2&+, $*nsistnt, sa!, a"at, an" a11'*1'iat s')i$s, t'at2nt, an" $a' t* sai" 'si"nt *! a 'si"ntia& %a&t% $a' !a$i&it+ .%i& s$% 'si"nt .as n"' t% s1')isi*n *! t% !a$i&it+# T% *!!nss .' $*22itt" n"' t% !*&&*.ing $i'$2stan$s:D1*nnt is in!*'2" 0+ int')i.s .it% .itnsss /n*.n t* t% O!!i$ *! t% Att*'n+ Gn'a& an" .it% t% "!n"ant, a Rgist'" N's =BRN>, an" 0+ a ')i. *! t% '$*'"s *! G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt', a 'si"ntia& %a&t% $a' !a$i&it+, t%at *n *' a0*t 3ana'+ 4, 5678, t% "!n"ant !ai&" t* 1'*)i" Ca'"i*1&2*na'+ Rss$itati*n
=BCPR> t* 'si"nt FK, a 1's*n /n*.n t* t% "!n"ant, t%*g% s% /n. FK .as a 'si"nt .%* 'st" t%at t%is 1'*$"' 0 1'!*'2" as 'i'" t* sstain %' &i! =BCPR 'si"nt># I %a) ')i." t% '$*'"s *! G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt' 'ga'"ing FK# On 3ana'+ 4, 5678 FK .as a 'si"nt *! G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt' an" "1n"nt 1*n t% !a$i&it+ !*' %' $a'# FK %a" an a")an$ "i'$ti) in 1&a$ *n 3ana'+ 4, 5678 .%i$% 'st" t%at a&& &i! 1's')ing 1'*$"'s, in$&"ing CPR, 0 ta/n t* sstain %' &i!# I a2 in!*'2" 0+ sta!! at G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt', .%*s !&& na2s a' /n*.n t* 2, t%at FKs .is%s .' /n*.n an" t%at, a$$*'"ing t* G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt's 1'*t*$*&, %' "signati*n as a 'si"nt 'sting t%at CPR 0 1'!*'2" .as n*t" in %' 2"i$a& $%a't, *n a &ist 2aintain" at %' nits n'ss stati*n an" in t% s1')ising n'ss *!!i$, an" *n a .'ist0an" .*'n 0+ FK# I .as in!*'2" 0+ t% "!n"ant t%at s% /n. FK .as a CPR 'si"nt# I a2 !'t%' in!*'2" 0+ .itnsss, .%*s !&& na2s a' /n*.n t* 2, an" t% "!n"ant t%at *n 3ana'+ 4, 5678, t% "!n"ant .as a s1')ising n's at G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt' .%n FK s!!'" 's1i'at*'+ "ist'ss an" sta!! 220's, in$&"ing t% "!n"ant, 's1*n"" t* FKs '**2# I a2 in!*'2" 0+ .itnsss t%at .%i& t% "!n"ant .as in t% '**2 .it% *t%' sta!! 220's, FK st*11" 0'at%ing 0t t% "!n"ant "i" n*t $*22n$ CPR n*' "i" s% "i'$t an+*n &s t* $*22n$ CPR# A$$*'"ing t* .itnsss t% "!n"ant stat" Bs%s g*n an" "i'$t" a sta!! 220' t* $a&& FKs "ag%t' t* in!*'2 %' *! %' 2*t%'s "at%# U1*n ')i. *! G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt's CPR 1'*t*$*&, .%i$% a"%'s t* t% 1'*t*$*& sta0&is%" 0+ t% A2'i$an Ha't Ass*$iati*n, an" int')i.s .it% sta!!, CPR is t* 0 $*22n$" *n a CPR 'si"nt n&ss t%' a' signs *! i'')'si0& "at%, an" 2a+ *n&+ 0 st*11" .%n t% sta!! 220's a' '&i)" 0+ 2'gn$+ 2"i$a&  1's*nn& *' a 1%+si$ian isss an *'"'# N* signs *! i'')'si0& "at% .' )i"nt in FK *n 3ana'+ 4, 5678 i22"iat&+ a!t' s% st*11" 0'at%ing .%n "!n"ant .as in %' '**2 an" n* 1%+si$ian iss" an *'"' t* st*1 CPR !!*'ts# A$$*'"ing t* .itnsss !'*2 G*&"n Hi&& Ha&t% Ca' Cnt's a"2inist'ati*n, .%*s !&& na2s a' /n*.n t* 2, 'g&ati*ns 'i' t%2 t* in)stigat in$i"nts .%i$% *$$' in t% !a$i&it+ an" '1*'t t* t% N. Y*'/ Stat D1a't2nt *! Ha&t%# As  1a't *! t%i' in)stigati*n int* t% "at% *! FK t%+ 'i'" .'ittn stat2nts !'*2 21&*+s in)*&)", in$&"ing t% "!n"ant# I %a) ')i." t% "!n"ants .'ittn stat2nt in .%i$% s% stat" t%at s% .as n*t in FKs '**2 .%n s% st*11" 0'at%ing an" .as *n&+ n*ti!i" 0+ *t%' sta!! 220's s)n t* ig%t 2ints a!t' FK st*11"  0'at%ing#

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