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fool &final 3

fool &final 3

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Published by api-3718737

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Published by: api-3718737 on Nov 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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kya aap ko pata hai ki es duniya me ek dil sirf aapike liya dhadakta hai aur o dil
kiska hai? aapika aur kiska.

Dejendra Rai (10575)
2 Mobile repair krne walay ko loose motion ho jaye to wo kaisey explain karega?
Doctr sahab subah se missed calls aa rahi hain,outgoing main taklif ho rhi
ha.Subah se naye naye ringtone baj rahe hain. or pait main balance nahin bach
raha, jitna b recharge kro utna kharach ho rha hai

agam (10556)
3 Phone na kia karo DEAR Mama hoti hain NEAR Papa se lagta hai FEAR Bat nahi hoti
CLEAR Dewaro k b hote hain EAR Isliye SMS karo DEAR no FEAR n everything CLEAR
Team SMS (10338)
4 Medical shayri: When you breathe,you respire Wah wah! When you breathe, you
respire; Wah wah,kya baat hai When you don't breathe,you Expire...

Team SMS
5 Emotional Comedy:Dil ko pata tha wo jarur ayegi,dil ko pata tha wo jarur
ayegi..par kabi socha na tha k surprise me wo apna Husband 7 layegi

Team SMS
6 Think why u r so sweet,why u r so intelligent,why u r so lucky,why u r so
blessed,why u r so beautiful..simple muzse fship ki hai to thoda faida to hoga hi.
Team SMS (10257)
7 How did an intelligent boy propose to girl ,he took the girl along wid him on a
boat and at the middle of river said "Marry me or leave the boat"

Team SMS
8 If paper is vry tuf in an xam, just close ur eyes 4 a moment,take a deep breath
n say "Dis is very intresting subject, I want 2 study once more"

Team SMS
9 Nazar mili usse jab wo akeli thi , dosti hui to wo meri saheli thi, pyar hua to
wo ek paheli thi, Shadi hui to pata chala wo us area ki chameli thi.

Team SMS
10 Wats d diff btwn egyptian mummies & Indian mummies? A: Children r afraid of
egyptian mummies & Fathers r afraid of Indian mummies.

Team SMS (10223)
11 Prayer of an ideal son: Dear God, thx 4 all d blesings u hv bestowed upon me. I
wont ask anythin 4 myslf, plz jst giv my parents a really hot daughter-in-law
Team SMS (10216)
12 Question-What is the difference between vaade and yaadein? Answer- Vaade- "Hum
todte hai." Yaadein- "Hamein todti hai."

Team SMS (10212)
13 U r d 1 whos so smart,U r d 1 whos so charming, U r the one whose so caring,U r
the one whose so good looking. And, I'm the one who is spreading these rumors.
Team SMS (10210)
14 SITUATIONAL MESSAGE- ''Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to
die..." "Boley to....... Sab ko top karna hai par padhna koi nahi chahta".

SMS (10209)
15 If ur world is spining Round & Round..& Round .Ur heart is beating fast ,do u

think its LOVE? na Munna na its called high B/P
Team SMS (10155)

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Husband sitting near to his wife n she was driving,Husband:please slow down the
speed of car.Wife:No ;please. No; please NopleaseNopls..Husband:the Newspaper ill
publish ur correct Age 55 in case of axident; Ohh KHkhkhkhkhkh

Team SMS (10154)
17 Despite the Old saying Don t Take Your Troubless & Worries To Bed Most of the
People still sleep with their wives!!! WHAT A CRAZY WORLD, Good Night.

Team SMS
18 wen i go wrong , need ur hand 2 correct, wen emotions bust out, need ur hand 2
catch, wen i win, need ur hand 2 pat. in short YA HATH MUJHE DE DE THAKUR

SMS (10034)
19 when u feel lonely and alone and could not see any one around you
..; The
word seems to be fading away..
come along with me..i will take u to an eye
Team SMS (10033)
20 Q: What kind of food does a race horse eat? A: Fast food

Team SMS (9984)
21 Definition of a Nurse A young and beautiful woman who fingers u in all places n
holds ur hand and then expects ur pulse to be normal

Team SMS (9982)
22 Gud Morning Kindly observe SILENCE for two minutes in the memory of those poor
mosquitoes who died last night after sucking ur blood. Thanks

Team SMS (9979)
23 We cannot grant you a life insurance policy because you are already 102 years
old. I do not understand. It is proven statistically that at that age only few

people die.
Team SMS (9924)
24 so Sweet is ur SMILE???so Sweet is ur STYLE???so Sweet is ur VOICE???so Sweet
is ur EYE?????see how Sweetly I LIE
Team SMS (9866)
25 The Japanese have produced a camera that has such a fast shutter speed it can
take a picture of a woman with her mouth shut!

Team SMS (9850)
26 Husband & wife are like liver and kidney. Husband is liver & wife kidney. If
liver fails, kidney fails. If kidney fails, liver manages with other kidney.
Team SMS (9849)
27 Chinto aur Banto Zidd kar rahe the k Mokeyi dekhna hai, Mai ne Tumhare Ghar ka
address bata dia hai Wo agar aayein to 2,3 JUMP maar dena Bache hain Khush ho

Team SMS (9839)
28 Have a horrible day without water in ur bathroom,while soap in ur eyes.Oh!
sorry, dis msg is not 4 u.Its only 4 those who take bath everyday

Team SMS

29 Never think of the past It brings tears... If you think of the future It brings
fears... So, live life in the present And drink chilled beers!

Team SMS (9801)
30 A Fantastic ad in the paper "Come Via_Agra"... and see man's greatest erection
for a woman.... . . "The Taj Mahal"...!

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