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Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency

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Published by ajaydashora14

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Published by: ajaydashora14 on Nov 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Radio frequency
Radio frequency
) is afrequencyor rate of oscillationwithin the range of  about 3Hzto 300 GHz. This range corresponds to frequency of alternating current  electrical signalsused to produce and detectradio waves. Since most of this range is beyond the vibration rate that most mechanical systems can respond to, RFusually refers to oscillations inelectrical circuits.
Special properties of RF electrical signals
Electrical currents that oscillate at RF have special properties not shared bydirectcurrentsignals. One such property is the ease with which they can ionize air tocreate a conductive path through air. This property is exploited by 'high frequency'units used in electricarc welding, although strictly speaking these machines do nottypically employ frequencies within the HF band. Another special property is anelectromagnetic force that drives the RF current to the surface of conductors,known as theskin effect. Another property is the ability to appear to flow through paths that contain insulating material, like thedielectricinsulator of a capacitor.The degree of effect of these properties depends on the frequency of the signals.
ExtremelyELFa 330 Hzk 10Directly audible when converted tosound 
lowfrequency100 Mm(above ~20 Hz),communication withsubmarinesSuper lowfrequencySLF b 30– 300 Hz j 1–10 MmDirectly audible when converted to sound,AC power grids(50–60 Hz)Ultra lowfrequencyULFc 300– 3000 Hzi 100– 1000 kmDirectly audible when converted to sound,communication withminesVery lowfrequencyVLFd 330 kHzh 10– 100 kmDirectly audible when converted to sound(below ~20 kHz; or 
otherwise)LowfrequencyLFe 30– 300 kHzg 1–10 kmAM broadcasting, navigational beacons, lowFER ,amateur radioMediumfrequencyMFf 300– 3000 kHzf 100– 1000 m Navigational beacons, AM broadcasting,  amateur radio,maritime and aviationcommunicationHighfrequencyHFg 3– 30 MHze 10–100 mShortwave, amateur radio, citizens' band radio, skywave propagationVery highfrequencyVHFh 30– 300 MHzd 1–10 mFM broadcasting, amateur radio, broadcast television, aviation, GPR , MRI Ultra highfrequencyUHFi 300– 3000 MHzc 10–100 cmBroadcast television, amateur radio,mobile telephones, cordless telephones,wireless networking, remote keyless entryfor  automobiles, microwave ovens, GPR  Super highfrequencySHFj 330 GHzb 110 cmWireless networking, satellite links,amateur radio, microwave links, satellite television, door openersExtremelyhighfrequencyEHFk 30– 300 GHza 1–10 mmMicrowavedata links,radio astronomy, amateur  radio, remote sensing, advanced weapons systems, advancedsecurity scanning
RF Switch Matrix – A custom configuration of high frequency switchesused in automated test for testing high frequency components and electronicdevices
3 Hz30 Hz
30 Hz300 Hz
300 Hz3 Hz
3 Hz30 Hz
30 Hz300 Hz
300 Hz3 MHz
3 MHz30 MHz
30 MHz300 MHz
300 MHz3 GHz
3 GHz30 GHz
30 GHz300 GHz
shorter wavelengths longer wavelengths

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