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From Titans To Lemmings - The Suicide of the White Race

From Titans To Lemmings - The Suicide of the White Race

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Published by Reconquistador
A collection of eight essays explaining the demise of Western civilisation.
A collection of eight essays explaining the demise of Western civilisation.

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Published by: Reconquistador on Nov 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From TitansTo Lemmings -The Suicide Of The White RaceWritten By: ReconquistaA Series of 8 Essays First PublishedOn The BNP Supporting Website:
From Titans To Lemmings:The Suicide Of The White Race
1. Selected For ExtinctionBackground
Recently, British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin made a statementdescribing the plight of the indigenous British people. It was short and to thepoint:
"What is happening in Britain is a bloodless genocide." 
For once in his political life, this astute politician is mistaken. What ishappening in Britain today is indeed a genocide but it is far from bloodless andthis blood-thirsty genocide is superbly described in the BNP's "Racism CutsBoth Ways" pamphlet which provides strong evidence that whites are by farthe most likely to be victims of racial hatred. As aliens from all around theworld continue to flood into Great Britain, racial violence against theindigenous British people continues to escalate.And let's not forget please, the 6 million + aborted babies who have beendenied life in Britain since 1967.As more and more unwanted immigrants pour into our land, the British way of life changes. Communities built up over hundreds of years and who were neverconsulted about the invasion of their land are changed irreversibly. A onceadvanced society is diluted as immigrants from third-world lands bring theirretarded religions, superstitions, hatreds and traditions into Britain whilstdemanding the indigenous British pay them for the privilege of living in a landthey are deliberately changing and destroying without a care.Should any Briton speak out about this colonisation of their homeland, they arevilified and demonised as "racists". It is an effective control weapon thatcowers the majority of native Britons into meekly and silently accepting thedestruction of their nation.But Great Britain isn't the only nation to be suffering this fate. Australia, a landwhere it was once so difficult to emigrate to, has opened its borders to Asiansand Arabs. The United States is being flooded by Mexican immigrants and of course also has enormous problems with its restless Black community whodemand more and more whilst giving less and less and who have recentlydemonstrated that their allegiance is to their own kind with 95% of blacksvoting for Barack Obama. Cries of "Racists!" curiously absent. Strikingly, 65%
of white Americans voted for Obama too.Meanwhile, Europe continues to be flooded by immigrants from Africa, theMiddle East, Asia, and the Balkans and a once mighty continent is nowcollapsing.Rhodesia and South Africa, nations that thrived and became first worldcountries under white rule have now become third-world hell-holes wherewhites have been murdered in their thousands, are repeatedly discriminatedagainst and whose lands are unceremoniously stolen from them under thefalsity of "entitlement" leading to white exodus. And unsurprisingly, black-on-black violence is also rife under black rule with millions of blacks being abusedand slaughtered by their own people across the dark continent. Unsurprisingthat is to those who know the turbulent, violent, tribal history of Africa.Whilst Africans flood to Europe seeking a better life and to grab as many freeand generous handouts as Europeans will give them without giving much - if anything - in return, black Africans are making it clear that whites are despisedand are not welcome in the lands of Africa the industrious whites madeprosperous and cultivated to feed not just the colonies but the whole of Africa.And as black rule leads to disarray in African nations, the white race continuesto send aid and money via a multitude of self-perpetuating charities, aid that just papers over the deep cracks and only serves to keep the suffering and theviolence ongoing. A superficial band-aid that does little to heal the ever-festering lesions inherent in African tribal cultures.Little Israel, the sole homeland for the Jewish people and the only democracyin the Middle East, is deceptively portrayed as a "Nazi" state, with the worldthrough the viper's nest of The UN demanding it surrender more and more of its own territory. Territory that will be used to launch murderous attacksagainst innocent Israeli citizens, attacks that will not cease until Israel is"wiped from the face of the earth" as is the stated goal of the Iranianmullahtocracy.Add to this the fact that the white race isn't breeding sufficiently enough toensure it reproduces itself and it is abundantly clear that what is happening inthe world now - and has been happening for at least fifty years - amounts to aholocaust against western civilisation and the two peoples who advancedhumanity more than any other: The Whites and the Jews.But the core of the problem isn't hatred or hostility from other competing andless advanced races. The core of the problem is that the white race iscommitting suicide because it is collectively refusing to play by nature's rules.

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