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Letter From Chair Frank MacKay

Letter From Chair Frank MacKay

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Published by Nick Reisman

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Published by: Nick Reisman on Jun 06, 2014
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Independence Party of New York
PO Box 7204 Albany NY 12224
June 6, 2014 Dear Elected Official:  Now that we have made our statewide endorsements, it is my hope that we can better educate the
 public and our elected officials on the values of the Independence Party of New York State. It’s
important to us that you
 as a public official
understand the Party’s priorities. Toward that
end, I would like to bring to your attention our 2014 Legislative Agenda, which is enclosed for your consideration. The Agenda was adopted by our Executive Committee, with input from our diverse leadership throughout the State.
Our critics have stated that the Independence Party lacks a “philosophical core.” This could not
 be further from the truth. The Independence Party has a simple and straightforward
 platform which promotes “centered and pragmatic leadership.” Over time, the party has reinvented its core values to embody what it
eans to be a true “independent,”
 and has done away with all politically divisive and polarizing language which asserts strong positions on hot-button social issues. The core premise of the Independence Party is that elected officials should be free to legislate
and use common sense in governing, and shouldn’t be tied to a highly partisan social platform
that fails to represent their electorate. They should be free to make policy and legislative decisions based on sound reasoning and input from their constituents, not heavy-handed political  party bosses or special interest groups. All too often we have heard about candidates, especially those in party primaries, bending their
views to meet the narrow tenets of a Party’s platform in order to gain a political advantage over
their opponents. We believe that much of the dysfunction in politics is due to highly partisan maneuvering, fueled by inter-party battles and polarizing social issues which effectively prevent reasonable compromise. Public officials and candidates should be free to talk honestly to the  public and vote their conscience. Anyone who thinks that this belief reflects that we "stand for nothing" need not worry. There are two very powerful, well-funded major Parties and influential third parties that address their need and desire to express more partisan views. The Independence Party is an organization for the rest of us who simply do not fit into either extreme, and there are millions of people that share this  political viewpoint. Apparently none that edit downstate newspapers,
and that’s okay,
 but we disagree 100% with their desire to impose their traditional political dialog on us.

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