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Somethings are never forgotten - Chapter 3

Somethings are never forgotten - Chapter 3

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Published by miz-93
For those who hated how twilight ended and didn't agree with Breaking Dawn... Somethings are never forgotten..
there was no Renesme...
Edward had never returned...
Alice hadn’t had the vision of Bella dying... she had had no vision whatsoever... and would never have....
For those who hated how twilight ended and didn't agree with Breaking Dawn... Somethings are never forgotten..
there was no Renesme...
Edward had never returned...
Alice hadn’t had the vision of Bella dying... she had had no vision whatsoever... and would never have....

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Published by: miz-93 on Nov 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 3With very little choice, Bella could only think of two options, eitherreturning home and risking her father’s life or leaving, leaving everythingthat she had considered hers and home. Taking one lasting look at thebeach, she shut her eyes and breathed deeply in, an action which feltawkwardly unnatural. Surprisingly it didn’t take her long to deliberate.Even though her father would be left heartbroken at least he wouldremain alive. That thought alone allowed her to leave, nothing little of herparent’s protection would make her depart.Opening her eyes, she knew that if she could cry than she would havedone so. The stretching rays of sunlight appeared to be reaching acrossthe sky, clawing the clouds. Looking at the sand she expected to see herusual deep footprints. There was no trace of her presence, no shapes inthe sand, nothing. Knowing that she was delaying her departure, Bellatook a sweeping glance before running.Quickly hitting the forests past her house, Bella only briefly reflectedon her speed, it felt faster than any of the Cullens had managed. A twingeof pain stabbed through her mind before swiftly calming.“No Cullens. Not today. They ruined everything. They caused this” shemumbled, inaudible to anyone else. The crunching of breaking twigs beneath her feet rang loudly in herears as she moved. Unsure of where exactly she was heading to, Bellawas shocked when she found herself surrounded by familiar scenes.Standing in the meadow, she could remember every detail of the day shehad spent there with Edward. Although it was blurry Bella could recallexactly how she had felt, feelings that she had long since buried.Shaking herself off the memories, she clenched her fists; she would notallow herself to dwell on past lies. Looking up at the branches, she waspleased when she saw and though of nothing but the wood that stood infront of her. Still Bella longed to test her limits.
If I could just prove that Ididn’t feel anything then I’d be fine,
she thought.Accelerating, she soon found what she had been searching for.Devoured by overgrown foliage, the Cullens’ house was barelyidentifiable. Weaving through the increasing forestry, Bella navigated herway to the front of the house. It had only been five months since theCullens had left yet the house seemed to have aged incredibly. Allowingher hand to brush against the walls, she shuddered each time an oldmemory would resurface. Finally she let go feeling triumphant. She had
imagined it to be torturous however it hadn’t felt like that at all. A senseof peace and calm now overwhelmed her.Smiling, she soon remembered what had happened. Thinkingsystematically, Bella tried to decide what to do next.
I’m a vampire. I’m anewborn vampire.
Which means what, she heard her conscience ask.
Which means I’m unstable and I drink blood, BLOOD!
Rather than confuseher further, her internal conversation she had just had had alerted her tosomething that had always repulsed her, blood. The Cullens, the manystories and Jacob’s fears had all confirmed to her one thing, vampireswere blood drinkers. No matter how moral the vampire was, they alwaysdevoured blood, even the vegetarians.Feeling no hunger, Bella was far from complacent. She had seen thehunger strike before, it possessed you, even the strongest of vampires fellto the pull of feeding. Desperate to do the honourable choice and resistfeeding as long as she could, Bella knew that it was impossible and if shewas to become overwhelmed by the hunger, than it was best if she wasisolated from humans. A shiver passed through her at the thought of sucha thing. Nonetheless if isolation meant her not murdering humans thenisolation was her only choice.Taking one last look at the house, she washed her mind blank beforeracing away towards the mountainous region, which she had heard waswhere the Cullens used to hunt. Speedily climbing the rocks, she reachedthe top of the cliff-like area. Surrounded by animals, Bella hoped that herfirst kill would be easy. The sun began to set, its red rays illuminating the sky before beingreplaced by the night. The moon gradually became evident, bringing withit an array of glowing stars and a chilly breeze. Mesmerised by the stars,she found herself acknowledging that she had never seen such naturalbeauty; her human sight had done the world an injustice. The choppywind that usually would have caused her teeth to chatter had little effecton her.Quickly time passed, soon she had waited an entire day yet the hungerhad still to appear. Pacing around, she remained always vigilant. Apassing deer mixed with the wind, causing its scent to travel to whereBella was. Expecting such a situation to end in a fast kill, she wassurprised and frustrated when she felt nothing.
Yeah it’s a deer, so what,
she thought. Another day passed and it was swiftly becoming clear thatthe hunger was either waiting or there was something wrong with her.Perhaps she was only attracted to human blood? Maybe it was a certaintype of animal that she liked? Or maybe she didn’t like blood at all... the

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