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To Change an Element of the World if Afforded With the Means

To Change an Element of the World if Afforded With the Means

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Proposition for the foundation of the Non-Aligned Council for the Globally Literate Republic.
Proposition for the foundation of the Non-Aligned Council for the Globally Literate Republic.

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Published by: Omar Alansari-Kreger on Jun 07, 2014
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To Change an Element of the World if Afforded with the Means -Proposition for the Foundation of Non-Aligned Council for the Globally Literate Republic- Omar Alansari-Kreger
Well, the real question is where would I start? It is my aspiration to establish an organization that has multinational outreach in every corner of the world; as is the aspiration of any petty idealist. This organization would have one fundamental purpose and that would be to export basic literacy to the underdeveloped world. I firmly believe that perpetual violence, ethnic hatred, and backward cultural practices are reinforced through common ignorance. It seems that not knowing is one of the worst things that can descend on an entire population. They can be used and exploited by some sort of big brother figure and that depraved population will go on to view such an authority as if they are larger than life. When a population is illiterate they can be compelled to believe anything and will never have the fundamental resources they to challenge the authority of big brother. The creation of a world community exists when there is a universal standard of living for every man, woman, and child on the Earth. When people have the basic resources they need in order to develop an education for themselves then they can have the ability to take things in their own hands. They will no longer need elite mediators to read books and newspapers to them and the achievement of such a thing stands as a powerful celebration. Nonetheless, there is a greater question that stands: How do we achieve such a thing when the aspiration itself is so unilaterally grandiose? In an effort to answer my own question, I contest that such a thing is made possible  by implementing incremental strides that work toward big picture objectives. After all, that is how we are able to establish, situate, and season our civilizations because history clearly demonstrates that they do not emerge over night. In the preliminary stages, it would be best to focus on one geographic-political arena in the world and I feel that Sub-Saharan Africa stands as a pristine proving ground for such an objective. I envision the construction of literacy centers that would have two fundamental purposes; the first would be to teach members of the immediate population to read and write using the national language of their respective countries. For example, if a literacy center was established in say Chad then the language that would be taught would be French. Literacy in English will also be taught considering that it is the most widely spoken language all over the world. Secondly, once literacy has been achieved a general education will be provided to the same  population in a fashion where local educators will be brought in a way where the depraved  population can be initiated to subject matters where they develop and harness their intellectual motor skills. Ideally, medical services could be provided alongside the primary function of the actual literacy center and this is where a partnership say with Doctors without Borders can be established. The final addition that would be added to the literacy center would be an electronic
library where any type of subject matter can be researched and observed as a means of allowing the newly literate population a way to test and use their literacy. The ultimate theme behind such an organization would focus on achieving and bringing forward a universal standard of living for humankind sustained and reinforced by a literate and educated humanity. The impetus of this organization would seek to bring humanity together  beneath a flagship of ecumenical brotherhood and sisterhood insisting on the maximization of human potential. Of course, my main fear would be over coming corrupt governments and their cronies, but there are always ways around that. Initially, each literacy center can fall under the  jurisdiction of its own sovereignty so that these obstacles can be overcome and there is also  potential where the actual prevalence of the literacy center can host and facilitate the needs of refugees. At any rate, if I were wealthy, that is where I would start and I would call this multinational organization the
Non-Aligned Council for the Globally Literate Republic
; of course maybe that might be shorted for the purpose of public relations appeal. This is a general concept that can be applied to the entire world all under the alias of non-aligned humanitarian empowerment.  Now, who wants to start writing checks?
-Additional Response Commentary-
Well, it is the balance of power that must be reformed and that begins with a literate and educated population. The people should have the ability to audit the monies that are issued into circulation. This ensures that the banks do not get too powerful. Unfortunately, there are not enough precious metals in the world to bring back something that would compare to the Gold Standard; that is why a federal reserve system has been put into place. It all comes down to auditing the dispensation of monies, how it is done, and exploring ways that minimize inflation  by using productions of discovered and undiscovered technologies. In the end, any type of Federal Reserve System should be governed by a congressional body that democratically incorporates legislation into the management of banks. Of course, this system is not fool proof considering that constituents would need to elect representatives and a Federal Reserve shutdown would be much more catastrophic than that of the government. In regards to your main point I would have to agree with you; private banks should not have the ability to produce and distribute money out of thin air. There should be something that can reinforce the value of the issued currency in question. In my first response, I proposed using relevant contingencies of intellectual capital in addition to technological resources to reinforce the fiscal value of the issued currency; at the end of the day, there always needs to be some sort of collateral behind any form of wealth. There isn't wealth without collateral, it is just that simple. When our primordial ancestors used the barter system as primitive hunter gatherers they traded based on the collateral value of material objects/resources around them; of course, these

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