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Alexander Jacob. The significance of Alfred Rosenberg in the age of Jewish-American globalism

Alexander Jacob. The significance of Alfred Rosenberg in the age of Jewish-American globalism

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Alexander Jacob. The significance of Alfred Rosenberg in the age of Jewish-American globalism
Alexander Jacob. The significance of Alfred Rosenberg in the age of Jewish-American globalism

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Published by: Other account: scribd.com/Liberalreaccionario on Jun 07, 2014
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The rere!uisite for a"tion is the wi## and "ourage to $e truthfu#.%
The significance of Alfred Rosenberg in the age of Jewish-American globalism
By: Dr. Alexander Jacob The current campaign towards establishing a one-world-order under the hegemony of the nited !tates is a clearly ruinous one since it is directed primarily by the alien rulers of American policy" the Jews" one of whose most serious faults is the sinister mediocrity of their mind itself. To illustrate this we may  begin by considering the religious outloo# of the Jews" which is completely de$oid of mythological $alue and" rather" portrays the historical destiny of the Jews as the destiny of the entire world which will be ruled  by the so-called %chosen people% of the Jewish &od" Jeho$a. Already in the late nineteenth century" the 'nglish cultural historian (.!. )hamberlain had noted that the materialistic attitude of the mind of the Jewish scribes is clearly e$ident in their transformation of the elaborate mythological speculations of the !umero-A##adians into a mere historical record of the Jewish tribe itself:
The fantastically scientific ideas in &enesis" concerning the origin of the organic world" the profound myth of the fall of man" the theory of the de$elopment of man upto the first organisation of society *which was originally the mythical and symbolical conception of an imaginati$e people +probably the !umero-Accadians, ... all that became history/ *in the hands of the Jews and thereby it at the same time lost all significance as religious myth0 for the myth is elastic" inexhaustible whereas here a simple chronicle of facts" an enumeration of e$ents" lies before us. That is materialism ... with this $iew of religion only practical ends are pursued" no ideal ones.
 This materialistic world-$iew of the Jews is reflected also in the fact that" right from the beginning of the creation of man" the Jewish god proscribes through the strictest interdictions all attempts at a spiritual approximation of man to the le$el of the deity. By contrast" the 2ndo-'uropean mythology is throughout infused with the sense of the di$inity of man" whose /atman/ or indi$idual soul is identical in its purest form with the /brahman/ or the di$ine brilliance of the cosmos. 2n the Jewish religion" the restriction of man to the limitations of his intellect and the total disregard of the di$ine potentiality of the spirit ma#es Jeho$a a $irtual dictator o$er an impotent creation" so that we indeed find in Jewish monotheism what Alain de Benoist percepti$ely calls %the mar# of a compensated impotence%. All efforts to de$elop the creati$e spiritual powers of man are discouraged by the 3ealous god of the Jews" as we remember from the $ery first account of human life in &enesis where Adam and '$e are  banished from the &arden of 'den for aspiring to the #nowledge of good and e$il. The resentment and en$y characteristic of Jeho$a are indeed the trademar#s of the Jews themsel$es throughout their recorded history. 2ndeed" as )hamberlain put it"
Jeho$a is really nothing else but an old Jew" pro$ided with enormous will-power and good intellectual gifts" but thereby wrathful and $engeful and lac#ing in many respects the simplest moral concepts: he allows e$ery deception" e$ery plunder and carnage" as long as this ser$es his little
(.!. )hamberlain"
 Foundations of the Nineteenth Century
chosen people or one of his special fa$orites0 he is without any feeling for inborn human $alue and inborn merit.
 nfortunately" the infusion of the Jewish monotheistic religious sensibility into the originally  polytheistic pagan peoples of 'urope through the intermediary of the new reformed Judaic religion called )hristianity in the early centuries A.D. caused the 'uropeans to adopt the same rigid intolerance and despotism of the Jewish ethos in the form of a desire to bring the entire world under the yo#e of )hristianity. (owe$er" we should remember that the new !emitic religion deri$ing from the Jewish tradition was for a few centuries at least" especially in the 5iddle Ages" ele$ated by the original 'uropean spirit of selfless de$otion to a superior spiritual cause through the institutions of feudalism and sacred imperialism. 6hile the Renaissance was responsible for the wondrous reco$ery of the culture of the ancients" the first stirrings of the rise of anti-aristocratic thought are noticeable already in the same era as radical 7rotestantism and the 7uritan ethic" which are at once 3udeocentric and commercially oriented mo$ements" as 5ax 6eber has demonstrated. 2t is not surprising that the inspiration for the 8rench Re$olution indeed came from the example of the 199 Re$olution in the land of the 7uritans. The 8rench Re$olution in turn pa$ed the way for the ensuing democratic ;iberalism which finally resulted in the horrors of modern economic collecti$ism" communistic as well as capitalistic. 2t is significant that both these forms of economic collecti$ism were crystallised by the Jewish intellect" the former most notably by <arl 5arx and the latter by the entire Jewish capitalistic rule of modern America. The unfortunate emancipation of the Jews in the nineteenth century and their gradual domination of the 6est thus resulted in the establishment of two fiercely anti-aristocratic mo$ements" communism in the first half of the twentieth century and capitalist democracy" which is today  being proclaimed from e$ery corner of the world as the only possible go$ernment of nations. The last great effort to stem the bra=en affrontery of the )apitalists as well as of their totalitarian counterparts" the )ommunists" was that underta#en by the >ational !ocialist regime. 6hen we study the  political writings of Alfred Rosenberg" the >ational !ocialist ideologue and 5inister of the Reich" for instance" we are immediately struc# by the depth of his understanding of the nature and conse?uence of the Jewish menace as well as by the remar#able strength of his resistance to it. The first and most blatant manifestation of the proletarian Jewish agenda was that of the 5arxist )ommunists. As Rosenberg pointed out in his re$ealing essay @Jewish 6orld-7olitics@ written in 14:
2t signifies an unparalled tragedy that" in the middle of the nineteenth century" for the armies of stri$ing wor#ers no great representati$e arose who" rooted" with all his $eins in his culture" had through his personality bound past and present in order to gift to the millions a world-$iew for the future. But" in place of such a representati$e" an incomprehensible fate brought forth two Jews" 5arx and ;assalle. The occasion of gi$ing a religious content to the 3ustified wor#ers" mo$ement conducting a battle for bare existence was missed. The Romantic !ocialism of a 6eitling was not deepened but falsified into a plutocratic 5arxism.
5arx/s )ommunism was 3ust the ob$erse of the stoc#-exchange rule" the /expropriation of the expropriators/:
2nstead of preaching a religious" freeing ideal to the ensla$ed" he threw a flat Darwinistic empty world-$iew rubbish at his feet. 2nstead of setting up for him as a goal a real homeland and the stri$ing for a national culture" he taught him to hate the history of his people and belie$e in a nebulous /2nternational/. This poisonous seed of hatred against one/s own people has perhaps been the greatest crime of 5arxism against all nations.
!ince the bases of materialistic communism and of plutocratic democracy are essentially the same Jewish economic institution of the stoc#-exchange" the two regimes ha$e often been able to wor# together  politically and economically. And now that )ommunism has faded as an ideological support e$en in 'astern 'urope" capitalist democracy carries on the Jewish 2nternational under the banner of )apitalist Democracy. As Rosenberg pointed out" the /present-day democratic go$ernments are the conse?uences of elections. The elections are in the first place influenced by the press. The press is in the hands of rich stoc#holders. And these are today" in most countries. Jews./ All the ma3or countries of the 6est ha$e thus lost their /historical
 Mensch und Gott 
" 4f.
All translations from Rosenberg are from Alfred Rosenberg"
 Political Essays
" selected and translated with an 2ntroduction by Alexander Jacob" !ussex: (istorical Re$iew 7ress" 4.
national attitude/ and are to be 3udged only /in relation to the new centre of power of the Jewish finance and its democratic-5arxist following/. !ince the Jews are spread o$er most of the nations of the 6est" /the Jewish family-politics exerts for its part a foreign political pressure when the internal politics of a state threatens to become dangerous to the ruling financial and profiteering spirit./ 2ndeed" shortly after the start of the first 6orld 6ar" the Jew Trots#i-Bronstein declared that the war signalled the end of the @nation state@ as an economic system and the creation of a /nited !tates of 'urope as the basis of the nited !tates of the 6orld/. And in 141 Rosenberg noted that @)apitalism" in pure culture" has firmly laid out its marching route: the syndicate for the plundering of all 'uropean nations" in the first place &ermany and Russia" has as good as been founded.@ 2n 14E" Rosenberg confirmed that @the  present-day propaganda for the Fnited !tates of 'uropeG which originates from the circles of the stoc#-exchange and the Jewish press means nothing more than the logical continuation of *the same exploitati$e economics *as that of the British 'mpire sanctioned by a politically strenghtened union.@ 6e must bear this in mind when we obser$e the rec#less haste with which former !o$iet states see# to 3oin the 'uropean nion and its rather self-effacing ally" >ATH. 2t cannot be forgotten either that the creation of the Jewish world-republic is intimately connected also with the creation of a symbolic homeland for the Jewry - e$en though" as you may #now" the Roman emperor" Titus" destroyed Judaea in 9 A.D. deliberately in order to curtail the sub$ersi$e politics of the Jews" while his successor (adrian renamed the land 7alestine after the second Jewish re$olt of 1CE A.D. sing the customary Jewish threats of financial punishments and proletarian re$olutions" )haim 6ei=mann  boasted in 141 at the Iionist 6orld )ongress that 'ngland would be sure to do the Jewry/s bidding in aiding the creation of their state since it @in its world-embracing glance has perhaps ... understood more" and more ?uic#ly" than any other nation" that the Jewish ?uestion ro$es o$er the world li#e a shadow and can  become an enormous power of construction and an enormous power of destruction@. As Rosenberg reminds us" the forced creation of a Jewish state has resulted in the alarming problem that /in a country which has  been inhabited for many centuries by Arabs and is Arab land" the Jewry has been pressed in li#e a lasting infusion of poison" as it were.G The British who witnessed the $iolence which attended their unnatural creation turned ?uic#y enough anti-Jewish but their protests and warnings were ignored under pressure from the Jewish authorities in ;ondon and >ew or# with the result that
today the 7alestine is a fire-place which smoulders in the middle of the timber-wor# of the British 'mpire. There two powers are crossed which are not limited only to the 7alestine" for the longer the fire continues in the 7alestine so much more do the resistances against the Jewish tyranny in all Arab states and beyond that in the other 5oslem countries consolidate themsel$es. The 'nglish soldiers  belie$e that they fight for the British 'mpire" and they fight howe$er for the $iolent in3ection of the Jewish poison into communities with which &reat Britain has to rec#on.
As Rosenberg points out" this Iionist enterprise was indeed presented as an integral part of the British 'mpire so that this @Jewish world power" supported by enormous financial means and supported by the leadership of the proletarian re$olutionary mo$ements in almost all countries"@ was at the same time" @decisi$ely wor#ing at the collapse of the &erman Reich@" which had long opposed British interests as well as 5arxist ones. 6e need only substitute here the American 'mpire for the British and the fundamentalist 2slamic nations for the &erman Reich to see how the Iionist problem has continued to fester to this day without any sign of a cure. 6ith the total sub3ugation of 'urope by America at the end of the second 6orld 6ar" the Iionist dream continues to be combatted not by &ermany but by some 2slamic nations" which are aided to a certain degree by Russia and a few other states that are not tightly controlled by the Jewish American @Big Brother@. But we must remind oursel$es now that it is e?ually 'uropeFs responsibility to put an end to this unnatural empire which holds it in its present drugged state of obedience. And it is here that we must turn to the example of the Reich. According to Rosenberg" the only way to counter the Jewish international idea is through the reco$ery of the racial and national idea:
This idea signifies the recognition of the idea of power and" yet" not imperialism. The first insofar as the idea of power presents nothing else but the expression of the internal racial-national life-will and the attempt to fight for its natural self-de$elopment" if necessary with one/s life. >ot imperialism for"  precisely from the conscious recognition of the actual personality-worth and of the special character of one/s own people - in the wider sense of race - follows also the actual e$aluation of other genuine

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