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Spoons Deliverable Examples

Spoons Deliverable Examples

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Published by Michael Angeles

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Published by: Michael Angeles on Mar 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spoons Across America
Angeles, MPersona matrix, 1.011 August 2003
Primary personaSecondary persona
Peter Vaccaro
Executive chefRole: Program organizer
"I love the Dinner Party project and the joy it brings to children. I'd like to beable to share my ideas with new program organizers and find out whatideas worked in their projects."Background informationPeter is the executive chef and ownerof a catering company.Peter has done 3 Dinner Parties. Hedoes it because he loves seeing thesense of satisfaction and happinessthat comes over the kids who get somuch out of something as simple aschopping carrots. Peter thinks a lot oftime is spent planning a Dinner Party and the lessons learned in planningshould be captured and shared so newprogram organizers (P.O.s) can rampup quickly. He would also like to beable to learn about creative ideas otherP.O's have come up with.Peter likes well-organized sites that gethis to what he needs quickly. He oftenhas his assistants do her computerresearch for him.Goals
Share lessons learned
Find new creative ideas for her futureprograms
Find out what's new with Spoons
Sue Stegman
Events Manager
Role: Spoons Staff
"I need to keep track of programorganizers and point them to the information they need to get a program going. I need an easy-to-use site that will help my people find what they need without me."
Background informationSue produces the events andadministrates the programs. She is themain hub through which programmaterials and information pass fromstaff to organizers. She contactsvolunteers and organizers andcoordinates a lot of their activities.Sue is a no-nonsense person that likesWeb sites that keep you oriented andthat provide most to all of theinformation you need without having tomake a call to someone. She likes sitesthat are easy to navigate. She dislikessites that are gimmicky or cluttered,sites that don't have enoughinformation available, or sites thatrequire her to "work too hard" to getthings done.Goals• Track program organizerselectronically.
Publish the information her programorganizers need.
Cal Selfridge
CEO, Selfridge Vinyard
Role: Corporate Sponsor
"I'm pretty busy and don't get to thecomputer much unless it's work related or to read email. I like web sites that  get me to the information I need quickly."
Background information
Cal is the owner of a vinyard and winery inCalifornia, where he produces Selfridgewine. He took over his family's businesswhen he was 20 and has been in thebusiness for 23 years. He spends a lot oftime managing the business and ensuringthat operations run smoothly. He alsotravels quite a bit to festivals to sell hisproduct.Cal's time on the Internet is limited. He's aregular email user, but doesn't surf theWeb unless there is something specific hewants to check out . He mainly visits food-industry sites that he is familiar with or thatare recommended to him on the road or byfriends and colleagues in email.Recently, he was approached by a friendto check out the Spoons organization withhopes that he might support it.
• Learn quickly about what Spoons doesso he can quickly figure out why he wouldwant to fund it.• Learn who the beneficiaries are.• Learn how his money will be used.• Learn how to make a donation.
Omar KiddStudentRole: Beneficiary 
"I like to use the computer to play video games. Sometimes I use the Internet at school or at the library to do homework."
Background information
Omar is a 4th grader in PS 170 in Bronx,New York. He likes school and sometimesgets to use the computer there or at thelibrary to play games or do his homework.He doesn't have a computer at home.Omar enjoys playing sports like basketballin the park with his dad. Both of hisparents work a lot, so he really enjoys thetime he gets with them on the weekends.Omar was recently invited to participate ina Dinner Party project and thought it was"the best day in his life". He learned howto cut vegetables and make wraps.
• Find fun things to do like play games.• Look at pictures of the Dinner Party hehelped plan and cook.
Pamela "Pam" Vazquez
TeacherRole: Prospective volunteer
"I'm interested in getting involved in volunteer work, but I need to know exactly who and what I'm volunteering for and how I'll be investing my time.
Background information
Pam is a third grade school teacher inBrooklyn. In summers she has time todevote to some volunteer work, so she'slooking for a worthy organization todevote her time to. She loves helpingkids, which is why she became teacher inthe first place. At her school, she oftenuses creative projects using PCs to getkids interested.Pam has come to the Spoons site afterhearing about the program from a fellowteacher in New York City. She comes tothe site to find out more about theorganization. She is specifically interestedin who they help and how they do it. Shewants to see what they've done in thepast and if she's interested in theorganization, would like to know what isrequired of a volunteer.
Learn more about the organization andwho they benefit
Find out what volunteering entails
Sign up to volunteer
Prospective volunteersSponsors
 o c u s p e s on a sN onf   o c u s p e s on a s
Likes and dislikes
Inform & learn
Exploring, learning, joining
Connect & collaborate
Collaborating, sharing, tracking,organizing, exploring, playing
Pushing &Pulling
Matching likes and dislikes to tasks
Spoons Across America
Angeles, M.Persona attributes, tasks, goals, 1.05 August 2003
• Simplicity, easy to use• Navigation ease, breadcrumbtrails• Visually appealing graphics• Good use of white space andcolor• Sites that make you feel smart• Links that lead to lots of info. Imight be interested in• Uses: Google, CitySearch• Uses web for: Shopping, research• Too many things on a page• Gimmicks
Obtuse, insincere or insulting copy
• Distractions, innesentialinformation• Pages that are slow to load
Flashing graphics
• Plug-ins• Pop-up windows to othersites
Win / IE 6Mac OS X/ IE 5.22-5 hoursonline
• Organizinginformation• Pushing info. to POs• Tracking andanalyzing PO andSponsor info.
Matching tasks to high-level goals
Win / IE 6<1 hour
• Simplicity• Summarized information• Uses AOL, likes Yahoo! services,e.g. Yahoo! financials• Uses web for learning aboutcompanies and tracking industries• Sites that ask him to register toread their information• Sites that don't let him what heneeds to know• Researchingcompanies• Learning whatorganizations do andwhy he should give tothem• Making donations
Win / IE 6<1 hour
• Fun sites• Sites with interesting games• Sites that are boring• Exploring andlearning• Playing
Tasks and goals
• Creative sites• Organized, easy to look at andhelp me find what I'm looking for• Well-organized home page• Uses NY Times, Google, Yahoo!• Uses web for: research, readingnews, shopping• Too many things on a page• Unclear labels
Learn more aboutthe organization andwho they benefit
Find out whatvolunteering entails
Sign up to volunteer
Win / IE 61-2 hoursonline
• Organized pages• Clear, elegant design (no clutter)• Simplicity, easy to use• Quick downloads• Uses: Google, Yahoo!, NY Times• Uses web for: Shopping, Web-based email, reading news,research• Gimmicks
Obtuse, insincere or insulting copy
• Distractions, innesentialinformation• Pages that are slow to load
Flashing graphics
• Plug-ins• Pop-up windows to other sites• Collaboration:Sharing work, findingnew ideas• Keeping up to date
Win / IE 61-2 hoursonline
ExploreLearnJoin / VolunteerExploreLearnDonateLearnInform / PublishShareCollaborateCommunicate
Program organizersStaffStudents
Inform / PublishAlertTrackOrganizeAnalyzePlayExplore
Spoons Across America
Angeles, MTemplate system 1.1, Home pageDate
About us | Programs | News and publications | Spoons Network | Things we recommend
Mission statementGet involved (call to action)(c) 2003 Spoons Across America |Terms of use|Privacy information
ProgramsThe Dinner party
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametnonummy consectateur.
info | discuss | photos | new docs
Days of Taste
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametnonummy consectateur.
info | discuss | photos | new docs
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametnonummy consectateur.
info | discuss | photos | new docs
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametnonummy consectateur.
info | discuss | photos | new docs
On the Farm
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametnonummy consectateur.
info | discuss | photos | new docs
* News item 1* News item 2* News item 3* News item 4* News item 5* More...PhotoSearch...go
Sign in | Discuss | Help | Contact us
Program organizers
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametconsectateur.More...
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametconsectateur.More...
Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametconsectateur.More...
* Discussion thread 1* Discussion thread 2* Discussion thread 3* Discussion thread 4* Discussion thread 5* More...
Key & notes
The home page will attempt tohelp users understand whatSpoons is, make sense of thecontent it contains and thenstart navigating to their areaof interest.
1. Navigation bar
1.1 Logo - links to home1.2 Supplementary navigation1.3 Search1.4 Global navigation
2. Introduction to Spoons
2.1 Mission statement2.2 Call to action -- Initially willbe "Get involved". Can berotated/randomized tohighlight a program, specialevent or timely call to action.
3. Pathfinders --
Pages tohelp our targeted users findthe specific information theyneed more quickly.
4. Programs
- Quick links toindividual program pages witha short description of each.
5. Recent News
- Recentnews will be hidden at launch,until we have more than 5news items.
6. Recent discussion
-Recent discussion will behidden at launch until wehave 5 discussion items.
7. Footer
-- Less frequentlyaccessed links including legalcopy.
1. Navigation2.1 Mission3. Pathfinders5. Recent news7. Footer2.2. Call to action1. Introduction4. Programs6. Recent discussion

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