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Ukraine New President Pushes for Peace With Russia

Ukraine New President Pushes for Peace With Russia

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Published by Thavam Ratna

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Published by: Thavam Ratna on Jun 07, 2014
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SATURDAY 07 JUNE 2014Ukraine's new President Petro Poroshenko says he wi not !i"e #$ %ri&ea and wi $ress or #rther ties with the E#ro$ean Union( )#t warns Ukraine &#st sette or )etter reations with R#ssia too*
Ukraine's newly elected president said Crimea "was, is and will be Ukrainian" in his inaugural speech to parliament following his election on 25 May.Mr oroshenko was greeted with a standing o!ation and ga!e an emotional address, saying Ukraine would not become a federalised state as ad!ocated by ussia.
 #he $%&year&old was elected weeks after his pro&ussian predecessor was ousted during street protests and faces an ongoing crisis in relations with Moscow following its anneation of the Crimean peninsula in March. #he Crimea crisis has reignited tensions between ussia and the west in the worst dispute since the end of the cold war.Mr oroshenko, a billionaire who is known as the "Chocolate (ing" after earning his fortune from confectionery, said he planned !ery soon to sign the economic part of an association agreement with the )U, as a first step towards full membership.
'No trade+o' on %ri&ea
Moscow is staunchly opposed to Ukraine forming closer ties with )urope and wants to keep the country in its own post&*o!iet sphere of influence.
Mr oroshenko said+ "Citiens of Ukraine will ne!er en-oy the beauty of peace unless we settle down our relations with ussia. ussia occupied
Crimea, which was, is, and will be Ukrainian soil."e said he had told this to ussia's resident /ladimir utin when the two met on 0riday at a the 1&1ay commemorations in 0rance."#here can be no trade&off about Crimea and about the )uropean choice and about the go!ernmental system," he added."ll other things can be negotiated and discussed at the negotiation table. ny attempts at internal or eternal ensla!ement of Ukraine will meet with resolute resistance."
%ontin#ed t#r&oi
*ince oroshenko's election, Ukrainian forces ha!e intensified their campaign against pro&ussian rebels in eastern Ukraine who want to become part of ussia. #he rebels ha!e continued their resistance, turning parts of the east into a war one. 3n 0riday they shot down a Ukrainian army plane and killed a member of the interior ministry's special forces in the separatist stronghold of *la!iansk, where residents said shelling continued all day. 

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