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Published by odai

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Published by: odai on Nov 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ALCPT)-(American Language Course Placement Test1-The instructor asked "Are you going to the dance? Thestudent said "I'd like to, but I have to study." What did theStudent mean a. He will go. b. He can't go .c. He finished the studies. d. He likes to study .-Lt. Jhones was told to report to the commander at 1:15 . When does he have to be therea. at 1005 b. at 1315 c. at 1515 d. at 1615 -You should consult your dictionary. What should you do it a. put it on the desk b. l*** up words in itc. put a new cover on it d. correct it4-Bob has a new bench vice in his word shop. What does he useit for a. for measuring lengths b. for painting boardsc. for folding objects d. for sharpening tools-Bober is going to New York by plane. What is Bober planning to do a. buy a plane b. sell a planec. travel on a plane d. find an old plane-What color is your coat a. red b. woolc. rain d. small-I heard the men talking about the snack bar. What were they talking abouta. a list of telephone numbers b. a new medicinec. a group of workers d. a place to eat-What month comes right after July  a. April b. Junec. August d. September -If jack has an appointment with the dentist. What is probable the matter with him a. He has a stomach-ache. b. He has a toothache.c. His feet hurt him. d. His eyes hurt him .10 -Lesson 1 is easier than lesson 2. Which lesson is lessdifficult to learn a. lesson one b. lesson two c. They are the same d. Both are the difficult.: ههههههه1. b 2.b 3.b 4.c 5.c 6.a 7.d 8.c 9.b 10.a ALCPT Form 1R 11-Ellisa asked " What is your given name ?" What does shewant to know 
a. Your brother's name b. Your father's namec. your mother's name d. Your name12 -The Clerk said "I don't think this suit need any alteration" What did the clerk mean by alteration a. cleaning b. price tags c. buttons d. changes13 -If the teacher asks you a question. What should you do  a. close the door b. follow him c. answer it d. l*** at them 14-They are going to Chicago by jet. How will they get to Chicago a. They will fly. b. They will walk .c. They will run. d. They will drive.15 -Today is Friday I'll see Mary tomorrow. When will I see Mary a. yesterday b. on Saturday c. with George d. at the office16 -Why did Sam go to the airport a. to board the ship b. to get a haircutc. to see the factory d. to meet his friend's plane17 -What is a mail box used for  a. stamping packages b. depositing lettersc. filing envelopes d. collecting stamps18 -Tom was pleased with the acceleration of the car. What washe pleased with a. the ability to speed up b. the color of the car c. the slowing-down action d. the stopping action 19 - My friend lives in a spacious house. Where does he live a. in a large house b. in a small housec. in a crowded house d. in a busy house20 -John bought a new horn for his car. What did he buy  a. a directional light b. a new headlightc. a spare tire d. a warning device21- Mr. Jones said "I hope Henry will get in touch with me." What does Mr. Jones want Mr. Henry to do a. like him b. remember him c. contact him d. forget him 22 -Sam glanced through the b***. What did he do  a. He got it at a store. b. He read it slowly .c. He l***ed at for a long time. d. He read it quickly .11.d 12.d 13.c 14.a15 . b 16.d 17.b 18.a 19.a 20.d 21.c 22.d  ALCPT Form 1R 
23 .Bill said "That wire is not insulated" What did he mean  a. The wire is not good. b. The wire is not covered for  protection .c. The wire is not carrying electricity. d. The wire is notvisible.24.Who used this b*** originally  a. Who used this b*** first ? b. Who wants to use this b ? *** c. Who used this b*** frequently ? d. Who will be using this b ?*** 25 .How far is it to the school a. Classes begin at eight o'clock. b. Only young children go to school there.c. The school is three miles from here. d. The school isclosed for the day .Directions for questions 26-50. You will now hear statementson the test tape.Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.26 -On Saturday's the traffic is heavy down town . a. There are many people downtown. b. Many people are walking on Saturday .c. There are many cars on the streets. d. There are many lights on the streets27 -The air in this room is invisible. a. It can't be seen. b. It is cool.c. It is not humid. d. It is warm 28 -John noticed the cr***ed line. a. He saw it. b. He made it.c. He moved it. d. He cut it.29 -This metal is flexible. a. It is easily bent. b. It is very hard .c. It is bright. d. It is heavy .30 -This radio function is properly . a. It plays too loudly. b. It needs repair .c. It's in good condition. d. It's a cheap radio .31-The main speaker for the convention is a famous person . a. He is well known. b. He is not known . b. He does not know anyone. d. He is a dangerous person .32 -The teacher introduced a new student to the class. a. He left a new student in class. b. He found a new studentin class.c. He registered a new student. d. He presented a new student.

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