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june06.2014 cHouse panel approves proposed Magna Carta of the Poor

june06.2014 cHouse panel approves proposed Magna Carta of the Poor

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Published by pribhor2
House panel approves proposed Magna Carta of the Poor
House panel approves proposed Magna Carta of the Poor

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Published by: pribhor2 on Jun 09, 2014
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House panel approves proposed Magna Carta of the Poor
The House of Representatives has calendared for floor deliberation a measure which seeks to uplift the standard of living and quality of life of the poor and provide them with sustained opportunities for growth and development House Bill 452! to be known as the "
 Magna Carta
 of the #oor!$ also targets to achieve the %illennium &evelopment 'oal of eradicating e(treme poverty and hunger)The bill was already approved by the *ommittee on #overty +lleviation chaired by Rep) ,alvio -ortuno .5
 &istrict! *amarines ,ur/)House Bill 452 is the substitute bill to HB 25 authored by Rep) Raul del %ar .0st &istrict! *ebu *ity/! HB 452 by Rep) %arcelino Teodoro .0st &istrict! %arikina *ity/! HB 51 by Rep) rlinda ,antiago .#arty3list! 03,+'#/ and HB 064 by Rep) %a) 7ictoria ,y3+lvarado .0st &istrict! Bulacan/)The bill provides that the government shall establish a system of progressive reali8ation or implementation to provide the requirements! conditions and opportunities for the full en9oyment of the five fundamental rights of the poor which include the right to food! right to employment and livelihood! right to quality education! right to shelter and the right to basic health services and medicines! which are essential requirements towards  poverty alleviation! del %ar said)+ccording to &el %ar! the &epartment of ,ocial :elfare and &evelopment .&,:&/ is directed to e(pand a program of subsidy to help the poor meet their minimum food requirements) "To ensure the implementation of the food assistance program! all food items and food products! including rice! corn! sugar and other prime commodities! sei8ed and forfeited with finality in favor of the government for violations of customs laws shall be automatically transferred or turned over to the &,:& for proper disposition!$ &el %ar said)Teodoro said the &epartment of +griculture .&+/ and the local government units .;'<s/ are tasked to develop plans and pro9ects to complement e(isting food subsidy  programs of the government so that the poor can engage in productive activities that  promote food self3sufficiency among the poor) The &+ shall also purchase the agricultural produce of the poor farmers through its local buying stations)<nder the measure! ,antiago said the &epartment of ;abor and mployment .&=;/ in coordination with development partners! the #residential *ommission for the
NR # 3489CJUNE 6, 2014

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