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june09.2014 bBill criminalizes sale of human organs

june09.2014 bBill criminalizes sale of human organs

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Published by pribhor2
Bill criminalizes sale of human organs
Bill criminalizes sale of human organs

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Published by: pribhor2 on Jun 09, 2014
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Bill criminalizes sale of human organs
Deputy Speaker Giorgidi Aggabao (4
 District, Isabela) has filed a bill declaring the sale, barter or any transaction of human organs as a crime punishable by 2 years imprisonment !ith a fine of "2 million#Aggabao said $ouse %ill 444 also strengthens the &rgan Donation "rogram to address the declining number of recipients of kidney transplants in the country# 'Although organ transplantation affords the highest uality of life for patients including those !ith kidney failure, it is sad to note that the number of transplants hae  been declining,* Aggabao said#Aggabao cited data from the country+s largest transplant facility, the ational -idney and .ransplant Institute (-.I), !hich sho! that the number of recipients of kidney transplant at the -.I has gone do!n from /01 patients in 21 to 2/1 recipients in 2/#Aggabao said the same dismal trend is true nation!ide !here 03 patients had kidney transplant in 21 and only /42 patients under!ent transplant in 22#'.here is an urgent need to improe the e5isting &rgan Donation "rogram# 6egulated systems that remoe disincenties on organ donation and afford incenties to donors simultaneously !ith a strong information and education drie on organ donation a!areness are deemed as the solutions to increase organ donation,* Aggabao stressed#Aggabao pointed out that more organ donors !ould mean more lies !ould be saed and significant saings for the goernment on costs on e5pensie dialysis#7oered by the proposed '&rgan Donation Act of 24* are goernment and  priate hospitals and health facilities, organ recoery organi8ations, medical and allied medical practitioners or professional, foundations, non9goernment organi8ations and other goernment units that are inoled in organ and tissue transplantation#.he bill proides that any indiidual, at least 1 years of age and of sound mind, may gie by !ay of legacy, to take effect after his death, all or part of his body# It could  be made by !ill and becomes effectie upon the death of the testator !ithout !aiting for  probate of the !ill#A legacy of donation of all or part of a human body authori8es any e5amination necessary to assure medical acceptability of the legacy or donation for the purpose intended#
NR # 3492BJUNE 9, 2014

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