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Rocky Horror Horror

Rocky Horror Horror



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Published by Phantomimic
Guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you!
Guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you!

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Published by: Phantomimic on Nov 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 by Phantomimic
I will never again go see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". It's not that Iwas shocked when I saw it for the first time, I have seen it dozens of times.In fact I was part of a group (we called ourselves "The Hot Groins") thatdressed up and engaged in audience participation during the movie. I wasthere in the first row shouting "Asshole" or "Slut" whenever Brad's or Janet'snames, respectively, were mentioned and all the other stuff; so it's not that. Iwill never again see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" because severalyears ago I was scared shitless by an incident that happened during the firstscreening of this movie in my hometown. This is my story.First an intro, I will keep it brief. I come from a boring small town inAmerica's heartland where the economy has been depressed for as long asanyone can remember. Upon hitting their late teens young people that grewup with the promise of the American dream would begin to question whether the dream was within their grasp. When they graduated from high school aselect few who had good enough grades or family funding would go tocollege right away. But most would linger, alternating between working atodd jobs or in the family business and having a good time. Eventually,despite the opposite sex and other distractions, it became obvious to manythat their lives were going nowhere. Some then joined the armed forceswhile others moved to the city or other towns seeking their fortune andseldom came back. A few however, would stay and become their parentsdeveloping a fierce sense of pride about it during the process. Now that I have given you an idea of the setting where this story takes placelet's get down to business.
I discovered "Rocky" during my senior year when I went with some friendsto a screening of the movie in the city. We all thought it was a riot andquickly managed to find a copy of the movie. We began recruiting others,rehearsing the audience participation lines and even inventing some of our own. Thus the "Hot Groins" group was born. For the next "Rocky" screeningin the big city a total of 12 of us showed up en masse and we were able tohold our own against some of the diehard "Rocky" fans at the place. Wemade a handful of these trips on weekends but it was not easy to get there.Our town is sort of isolated, many miles away from the nearest highway; itwas really complicated to organize an outing, getting people with wheelsand all that stuff. So it was during the summer after graduating when I got a job working at the only movie cinema in our town that I had a great idea."Why not show "Rocky" here?" I talked to the manager and explained thatmy friends and I could talk to other kids and get him a crowd big enough tomake it worth it. He said that he thought it was a great idea and then he justsaid "but" and remained silent. There was no need for him to say anythingelse; I knew what he was thinking: "Reverend Foley".Reverent Aaron Foley had been a fixture of the life of our small town for decades. His lanky body frame and his face as old as the hills wererecognizable by everyone in town. Over the years he used his particular  brand of fire and brimstone preaching to wage a war against obscenity andimmorality molding the city's politics and spawning many ordinances. Intheory he did not have any formal powers but he held sway with the town'ssocial and political centers of influence. Rubbing the reverend "the wrongway" was just not worth anyone's bother and it was certainly not good for  business in a town where this commodity was limited. Because of this,

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Phantomimic added this note
Happy Halloween! : ^ O
Claire Hennessy added this note
Just stumbled across this. What a fabulous, creepy tale. I remember dressing up for the Rocky Horror show in my college years - sooo fun.
Phantomimic added this note
This Halloween why don't you stay for the night, or maybe, a bite!
Phantomimic added this note
This Halloween come up to the lab and see what's on the slab!
Ingrid Ricks added this note
Looks great, Phanto. I'm heading home from the office and can't wait to dig into this tonight - awesome cover!!!
Joe Hagen added this note
Didn't anyone yell, Stop picking on him!" as Frank jumped from the screen and at the Rev.? Well, I guess we never saved Meatloaf either. Fun read!
linneyanne liked this
Helen Winslow Black added this note
Time to get in the mood for Halloween. Phantomimic is one of our most versatile and imaginative writers. I think he's like....an accountant in Toronto.....or a commercial fisherman in Vancouver.....or fast-food franchisee in Phoenix...I dunno. All I know is he's in DEEP COVER :)

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