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Published by: api-19495865 on Nov 22, 2009
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Jyothi Engg. College
CSE Department
Google App Engine
Jyothi Engg. College
CSE Department
Google App Engine
Topic:-Google App Engine
Submitted to
Head of the Department
Computer Sce and Engg.
Jyothi Engg.College, Thrissur.
Submitted by
Viju Shankar
CSE Department
Google App Engine
Google App Engine
Google App Engine(GAE) is a platform for building and hosting web applications on
Google Web Servers. It was first released as a beta version in April 2008.GAE gives us

access to the same building blocks that Google uses for its own applications, making it easier to build an application that runs reliably, even under heavy load and with large amounts of data. The development environment includes the following features:

i). Dynamic webserving, with full support of common web technologies
ii). Persistent storage (powered by Bigtable and GFS[Google File System ] with queries,

sorting, and transactions)
iii). Automatic scaling and load balancing
iv).Google APIs for authenticating users and sending email
v). Fully featured local development environment

Supported programming languages and frameworks

At the launching time of GAE, its only supported programming language was Python. A limited version of the \u2018Django\u2019 web framework is available, as well as a custom Google- written web app framework similar to JSP or ASP.NET. Google has said that it plans to support more languages in the future. Any Python framework not requiring network access, data storage outside the Google Datastore, file system access, or compiled Python modules written in C or Pyrex should work on the GAE.

The Python Runtime Environment

GAE provides a runtime environment that uses the Python programming language. The environment includes the Python standard library. The Python environment provides rich Python APIs for the datastore, Google Accounts, URL fetch and email services. App Engine also provides a simple Python web application framework called webapp to make it easy to start building applications.

i)The Datastore
GAE provides a powerful distributed data storage service that features a query engine and

The GAE datastore is not like a traditional relational database. Data objects, or "entities," have a kind and a set of properties. Queries can retrieve entities of a given kind filtered and sorted by the values of the properties. Property values can be of any of the supported property value types(int, long, float, str, bool etc).

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