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Published by Chris Herzeca
Hernick v Verhasselt
Hernick v Verhasselt

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Published by: Chris Herzeca on Jun 10, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Page 1
Page 22003 Minn. App. LEXIS 395, *2 of 83 DOCUME!S
Stephen P. Hernick, et al., Appellants (CX-02-1424), Respondents (C0-02-14!), "s. #erhasselt Constr$ction, %nc., &e'endant and hird Part Plainti'', Respondent (CX-02-1424), Appellant (C0-02-14!), "s. *lson +rothers &rall, nka *lson Constr$ction, hird Part &e'endant (CX-02-1424), Respondent (C0-02-14!).CX-02-1424, C0-02-14! C*R */ APPAS */ %33S*A200 inn. App. X%S 56April !, 200, /iled 3*%C7
S+S83 H%S*R97
(eie+ enie - $e/ni. )e/ae4 Con/., In., 2003 Minn. LEXIS 362 7Minn., ne 25, 2003:
PR%*R H%S*R97
Ciago Con Di/i Co/. ;i4e o. C5011213. $on. (o-e/<. (ano/.
(ee/e an /e=ane.
Dai D. $a==a/g/en, eff/e C. Pa4on, $a==a/g/en > Mee/, P.A., Minneapo4i, M 7fo/ Sepen anSan $e/ni:.Pa/i . S+eene, oAnn C. !o, Spene, (ie, S+eene > <e/ne, P.A., S. Pa4, M 7fo/ )e/ae4 Con/ion:.E+a/ ;. ?a@e/, (e4on > ?a@e/, S. Pa4, M 5510B3829 7fo/ O4on Con/ion:.
Conie/e an eie - (ana44, P/eiing ge, S=ae/, ge, an %/ig, ge.
*P%3%*3 +97
*P%3%*33P+%SH& *P%3%*3
 geOn appea4 f/o= ==a/ g=en, Sepen an San $e/nia/ge a e i/i o/ e//e - o4ing 71: a e +oBea/ ae of 4i=iaion fo/ 4ai= -ae on efeie an nafe oniiona/iing o of a on/a o i=p/oe /ea4 p/ope/, Minn. Sa.  51.051, -. 17a: 72000:, -a//e ei/ aion again )e/ae4 Con/ion fo/ -/ea of a e4e=en ag/ee=en, in +i )e/ae4 Con/ion =ae a ne+  p/o=ie o /e=e o efe an 72: "*2# a e e4e=en ag/ee=en+a ina4i fo/ 4a of onie/aion. In a epa/ae appea4, )e/ae4 Con/ion a44enge e i/i o/F o4ing a i 4ai= fo/ ine=nianon/i-ion again O4on Con/ion +a -a//e - Minn. Sa.  51.051. %e /ee/e an /e=an.
Page 32003 Minn. App. LEXIS 395, *
 On Ma 10, 1993, Sepen an San $e/ni 7e $e/ni: an )e/ae4 Con/ion, In. 7)e/ae4: ene/e ino a +/ien ag/ee=en fo/ e on/ion of e $e/niF o=e. )e/ae4 -on/ae O4on Con/ion 7O4on: o app4 o o e eGe/io/ of e o=e.!e pa/ie 4oe on e on/ion on/a on Dee=-e/ 22, 1993. A e i=e of e 4oing, e $e/ninoea n=-e/ of on/ion efe. )e/ae4 iniae a a44 of e efe +o4 -e /epai/e +iin iG =on afe/ e 4oing. On Oo-e/ 10, 199, e $e/ni en a 4ee/ o )e/ae44iing e /e=aining on/ion efiienie. A=ong oe efiienie +e/e p/o-4e= +i o, /oofing, ga/age oo/, an a/io ine/io/ ie=. )e/ae4 iniae a O4on +o4/epai/ e o efe. & i/a44 noing +a one - eie/ )e/ae4o/ "*3# O4on o /e=ee on/ion efe. ;/o= Dee=-e/ 20, 199, /ogana/22, 1996, e $e/ni ena e/ie of 4ee/ o )e/ae4, o=p4aining a-o e /e=aining on/ion p/o-4e= an)e/ae4F fai4/e o /e=e e=. ;ina44, on ;e-/a/ 28, 1996, e $e/ni fi4e a o=p4ain again )e/ae4 +i e Minneoa Depa/=en of Co==e/e 7e epa/=en:. D/ing e /e of 1996 /og ea/4 1998, e epa/=en fai4iae negoiaion-e+een )e/ae4 an e $e/ni. Afe/ e pa/ieienifie e efe, )e/ae4a/ee /epai/. On oe=-e/ 9, 1998, )e/ae4 an e $e/ni eGee a e4e=en ag/ee=en. !e ag/ee=en peifia44 ae a ie of o app4iaion, o /aing an i /e4aion o oe =oe=en +i44 i44 /e=ain o -e /e=eie. C/aing +i44 -e =onio/e /ogo i +ine/. A4o, in e p/ing "of 1999,# an pa an /epai/ o /e4ing f/o= o//eie +o/ one a e en/ po/ o4=n an /eonfig/aion of faia an offi +i44 -e /e=eie - e on/ao/. !e a=on of H 3,000 +i44 -e paa-4e o e $e/ni * * * an -o M/. an M/. Sepen $e/ni ag/ee o o4 a/=4e )e/ae4 Con/ion "*# Co=pan, In. an a4o <a/ )e/ae4  pe/ona44 fo/ an pa o/ p/een 4ai= on ei/ o=e, * * * eG4ing an ao/ o-4igaion a fa/ a //a4 ie +o4 go.%i4e e e4e=en ag/ee=enino=enion O4on, )e/ae4 a iniae in ea/4ie/ o==niaion a O4on +o4/e/n o o=p4ee e o /epai/. !o ae, e o /epai/ ae no -een o=p4ee. On ana/ 22, 2001, e $e/nio==ene i 4a+i in i/i o/ again )e/ae4, a44eging -/ea of e e4e=en ag/ee=en. )e/ae4 fi4ea i/Bpa/ 4ai= again O4on, eeing on/i-ion an ine=ni. &o )e/ae4 an O4on =oe fo/ ==a/  g=en, a/ging a e +oBea/ ae of 4i=iaion, Minn. Sa.  51.051 72000:, -a//e e $e/niF 4ai=. !e i/i o/ g/ane==a/g=en in fao/ of )e/ae4 an O4on. !e $e/ni appea4 e ==a/ g=en in fao/ of )e/ae4 an O4on. In o/e/ o p/ee/e e on/i-ion an ine=ni ie again O4on, )e/ae4 appea4 e en/ of ==a/ g=en in fao/ of O4on. !i o/ ono4iae e appea4.
 On appea4 f/o= ==a/ g=en, "*5# i o/ a +ee/ e/e a/e an genine ie of =ae/ia4 fa an +ee/ e i/i o/ e//e in i app4iaion of e 4a+.
State by Cooper v.  French
, 0 .%.22, 7Minn. 1990:. o genine ie of =ae/ia4 fa eGi J+e/e e /eo/ aen a a +o4e o4 no 4ea a /aiona4 /ie/ of fao finfo/ e non=oing pa/.J
 DLH, Inc. v. Russ,
5 .%.2 0, 9 7Minn. 1996: 7a4e/aion in o/igina4: 7Koing
 Matsushita  Elec. Indus. Co. v. Zenith Radio Corp.,
65 U.S. 56, 586, 10 S. C. 138, 135, 89 L. E. 2 538 7198::. J!e pa/ /eiing ==a/ g=en = o =o/e an /e on =e/e ae/=en.J
a 61. A genine ie fo/ /ia4 = -e ea-4ie - -ania4 eiene.
a 9B60. !i o/ ie+ e eiene in e 4ig =o fao/a-4e o e  pa/ again +o= ==a/ g=en +a g/ane.
 Fabio v. ello!o
, 50 .%.2 658, 61 7Minn. 1993:. S==a/ g=en i app/op/iae +en a pa/ fai4 o =ae a o+ing ffiien o ea-4i e eGiene of an e4e=en eenia4 o e pa/F ae.
 ersch v. R"nonti # $ssocs., Inc.
, 58 .%.2 683, 68 7Minn. App. 1998:, "*#
revie% denied 
 7Minn. De. 15, 1998:.
 !e $e/ni a/ge a e i/io/ e//e in on4ing a ei/ 4ai= a/e -a//e -

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