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The Holy Roman Empire Begins

The Holy Roman Empire Begins



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Published by joe
Another Key of David Television transcript.
Another Key of David Television transcript.

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Published by: joe on Nov 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tomorrow’s NewsToday
The Key of David 
with Gerald Flurry.
 Greetings, everyone.In the next two months, the Holy Roman Empire is going to be official in Europe. Now, itwill be mainly dominated and even domineered by the nation of Germany. They’re goingto sign the constitution in November 2009, and it’s all called the Lisbon Treaty, but that’sreally quite a lot of deceit because it is about a new constitution that is, in many ways,very undemocratic. But there is a lot of deceit going on in Europe that the world is simplyunaware of.On January 1 of 2010 they will implement their Diplomatic Service, they’ll appoint aForeign Minister and a President, and will officially become the Holy Roman Empire.Then they’re going to begin to develop a military that your Bible says is going to be sopowerful it’s going to
this world, and it’s going to excel any other military empireon this Earth. So says your Bible.So it’s not a good thing certainly for America and Britain and the Jews in the MiddleEast, and we can prove that to you. But I want to read you something that Otto vanHabsburg said. He is from the famous Habsburg dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire, anda few years ago he was a member of the—well, very active in European politics, and hehad this to say: “The European community is living largely by the heritage of the HolyRoman Empire, though the great majority of the people who live by it, don’t know bywhat heritage they live.”So what
the Holy Roman Empire all about? What is this new institution all about? It’sgoing to be a political and a religious and a MILITARY union, and it’s going to be whatthe Bible calls the “seventh head” of the Holy Roman Empire. Although the Bibledoesn’t call it
, it’s certainly the “seventh head” of what is called the Roman Empire.So what is it all about?Did you know that we have been prophesying for 65 years that that seventh head wouldcome on the scene? Even when Germany was beaten into rubble we were prophesying tothe world that it would rise again and become a great military power, and oh, so manypeople scoffed! And perhaps for good reason because of what our leaders had said, butthey were all sadly wrong and we were right, simply because we were prophesying fromyour Bible. You’re going to see this European Union pared down from 27 nations to ten,
 2or “ten kings,” as the Bible calls it, and it is going to be a combine that is going to startWorld War III, and it’s going to lead DIRECTLY into the Second Coming of JesusChrist, Himself.Now does that sound too far-fetched to be true? But I tell you there are hundreds of prophesies in your Bible—certainly
a hundred—about that very event, and abouthow that’s going to come to pass.Already we have seen six Holy Roman Empires rise up, and each one being a verybloody empire, and yet people talk about the Holy Roman Empire as if it were some greatthing for the world, but is it really? Do you know the history of the Holy Roman Empire?Well, we have a booklet we’ll send you on that Holy Roman Empire. If you don’t have acopy, you need to get one and understand what is really happening in Europe.And on January 1 this is all going to go global. January 1, 2010. And it’s going to beginto spread, and it is going to all have everything to do with the Fourth Reich of theGerman nation.Let me read to you something that we wrote about recently. “‘I will not sign the LisbonTreaty, says Czech President,’ headlined the
on October 13.” The
of London. “‘Germans seek to oust Czech President Vaclav Klaus over EU Treaty,’declared the headline in the
Sunday Times
a week ago. Then on Saturday, the
 ran an article under the headline, ‘Vaclav Klaus says it is “too late” to stop LisbonTreaty.’”That’s only just five days later. Five days later, and the Germans sought to oust him.Well, now, they must have quite a lot of power. Now, this all happened after the nation of Ireland and Poland had capitulated to that same power. But here we see the Germans, theGERMANS had the power to kick him out of office, get him out of office, and they’rereally throwing their weight around, and that alarms a lot of people if they know anythingabout the history because Germany did start World War I and they did start World WarII. Now I think you can see why people are concerned about that, and yet we have all of this going on and much of it disguised.But there is one prophesy in your Bible that explains all of this, and you need tounderstand it. Notice Revelation 17 and verse 10, “And there are seven kings: five arefallen, and one is,
the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue ashort space.”So you have five that are already fallen, and then there was a man that came on the worldscene at that time. That’s obvious from this. We have a very detailed understanding of that in our booklet. But those five have all had very bloody histories, and were veryaggressive with their military. Now you see, this is not a new empire. This is an oldempire, really old, goes back about 1500 years. What do you know about it? See, this isalso the same—let me just put it this way, the sixth head was that of Hitler combined withMussolini, and we all should remember some of that history. Now there was a man thatcame on the scene it says here, when “one is.” In other words, God sent His man to warnthe world about what was coming, and to do a work for God. This is really end-time
 3history in one verse in many ways. It’s a powerful and a revealing verse, and it’s one of the greatest prophecies in the Bible, all in this one verse. Now if God says He sent Hisman on the scene you can be sure there was a work going on, and there was a man thatcame, God said, who would restore all things (Matthew 17, verses 10 and 11). He wouldrestore ALL things spiritually.In Malachi 3 and verse 1, he would be a messenger that would precede and prepare theway for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.In Matthew 24 and verse 14, he would proclaim the gospel around the whole world, thegood news, because all of it’s going to lead to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.But that apostle has come and gone. He came when “one is,” and if you understand thisverse it shows, well, there’s one “not yet come,” so there is another work, another work that has to be done. Now the “other” has come, that other head, that seventh head of theHoly Roman Empire, which is becoming official January 1, 2010, and it’s all prophesiedin your Bible. Do you really believe God? Do you really believe what God is saying inHis Bible? I mean this is not difficult to understand. If we are willing to study, and studyprayerfully, God will show us.Notice Revelation 17 and verse 14, “These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lambshall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are withhim
called, and chosen, and faithful.”So He’s coming, and He’s going to fight this European combine and also the greatmilitary might of the East, as well, in Asia and that area. But notice verse 17, “For Godhath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto thebeast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.”So again, this little remnant is going to warn about that seventh head, and at the sametime introduce the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It’s all going to lead
into HisSecond Coming!See, I’m not trying to get you just to understand the Holy Roman Empire. I’m trying toget you to understand God and what He’s doing on this Earth. It is MAGNIFICENT! Andyet so many people understand so little. So little.But you see, in verse 17, again, God put it in their minds. I’m not blaming the Germansor the Europeans, or anybody else. This is really God’s doing. He’s putting it in theirminds to do all this. What does that mean? Well, it means God has a plan, and He’s goingto use them to get some people straightened out that ought to know better than whatthey’re doing, and that will all be explained in the booklet.You can see in verse 7 it talks about “the mystery of the woman.” Well, it’s going to be achurch-state combine, the mystery of the woman. But it’s a mystery! Nobodyunderstands! But they should understand. They should understand, and they ought tounderstand some of their own history.

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