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Hinduism Exposed, By Dr. Robert A. Morey

Hinduism Exposed, By Dr. Robert A. Morey



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Published by Jack Chick
Hinduism Exposed. discover what you don't know about the Hinduism. you need discover something...
Hinduism Exposed. discover what you don't know about the Hinduism. you need discover something...

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Published by: Jack Chick on Mar 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hinduism Exposed
By Dr. Robert A. Morey
Hinduism is one of the oldest pre-Christian pagan religions still viable in theworld today. While we think of it as the faith of Mother India, it actually traces itorigins to a mysterious tribe of Europeans called the Aryans who invaded andconquered Northern India from 1500 BC to 500 BC. The light-skinned Brahminsof Northern India claim to be their physical and spiritual descendants.
The Aryans
The Aryans brought with them their sacred writings called the Vedas. They wereoriginally fire worshippers and this is why they believed in cremation instead of burying their dead. They also invented the theory of soul-transmigration in whichat death you do not go to heaven or to hell but you are reborn into another bodyon earth. This next body could be animal, vegetable or human depending onwhether you were good or bad. Your past behavior catches up with you in your present life due to the law of karma.You could in your next reincarnation end up a clam, a carrot, a bush or a humanbeing. The highest rebirth you could wish for was to be born as one of the white-skinned Brahmins who by virtue of their color were considered the “higher” class.

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Nachimani Charde added this note
The Bible is totally against the science and nature. Galilelio was murdered because of his solid proves that the bible is not word of god but word of prophets......Every religion has some drawback so pls love the god not the religion.....
Farhaan Khan liked this
Anthony Villanueva added this note
Without the evil we would not know who was good, without good we would not know who was evil. Light shines even upon the darkness.
Anthony Villanueva added this note
Whatever path you take you were meant for, wether it be good or evil. Because your religion has a history of evil men in the fore front your following an evil path, and if you blindly followed it and you believe deep down in your heart its right, deep down in your heart your evil. But without a proper balance of good and evil we wouldnt have a reason to live...
Anthony Villanueva added this note
We'll notice the balance of good and evil, but what is weighing that religion down more its evil deeds or its good ones? We can always state that theres good people in those religions, but in all honesty there the typical human being who instead of balancing out the good and evil and making a proper decision they go off of they're faith.
Anthony Villanueva added this note
ok... lets put it this way... I know people want equality in this world, everyone wants to be excepted for they're beliefs... Human beings have a natural sense of whats wrong and whats right... To gather enough faith in something one must believe in it. Now this is where the good and evil are seperated, when one actually looks deep into a lot of religious text wether it be any religion...

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