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Published by Vaishnavi Jayakumar

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Published by: Vaishnavi Jayakumar on Jun 11, 2014
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Severe Threat to Pulicat Lake
K.Mrutyumjaya Rao, Flat 404, Kamalakshi Residency, Behind Benda Complex, Sarpaaram !n, K"K#$"%"& '((00'. )h* Mo+* 044--4/4/, and* 0//4&('(/. mrutyumjaya1hotmail.com."+out t2o years +ack 3oernment o "ndhra )radesh has selected three places to esta+lish a 5orld class Major Sea )ort in "ndhra )radesh. 6ne is at $akkapalli in 7isakhapatnam %istrict8 the other one is at Ramayyapatnam in )rakasam district and the third one is at %u9arajupatnam :)ulicat ake; $ellore %istrict in "ndhra )radesh.. Finally 3oernment is selected %u9arajupatnam as a suita+le place to esta+lish the Major )ort. <he )ort 2ill +e esta+lished in the )ulicat Bird Sanctuary=#B" site. <he esta+lishment o Major port at %u9arajupatnam 2ill destroy the ake=sanctuary=#B"<he +rackish 2ater )ulicat ake 2ith an area o >0 s? km includin9 Sriharikota #sland, is situated in the states o "ndhra )radesh :$ellore district; and <amil $adu :<hiruallur %istrict;. "+out /4@ o the area is in "ndhra )radesh and -A@ in <amil $adu. <he len9th o the lake in the north  south ake is A0 km and its 2idth in ast and 2est aries rom 0. to ->.' km. <he 2ater dischar9e rom the riers S2arnamukhi, Kalan9i, "rani and Moolthan9al drain into the lake durin9 monsoon season mainly $orth ast Monsoons rom 6cto+er to %ecem+er. 7ery little rainall is receied durin9 South 5est monsoon !une to Septem+er. <he lake has three openin9s namely Kondurupalem mouth extreme $orth end o the lake, the second one is just a+oe the middle part o the lake to2ards $orth. <hese t2o openin9s are in "ndhra )radesh area. <he third one is extreme South o the lake in <amilnadu state near "nnamalaicheri. <he la9oon is associated 2ith saline marshes, resh to +rackish 2ater s2amps. Most o the part o the la9oon is shallo2 2ith lar9e areas o mudlats and sand lats. Both "ndhra )radesh and <amil $adu 3oernments notiied the lake area as sanctuaries in Septem+er ->A and 6cto+er -/0 respectiely. Do2eer the area has +een declared as )ulicat Bird Sanctuary under section A&" o the 5ild ie :)rotection; "ct -> in 3.6 MS $o A FSE< :For ###; %epartment dt A&-&-> and 2as pu+lished in $ellore %istrict 3aette $o -' dt (0&-&->.<he Bom+ay $atural Distory Society :B$DS; reco9nied the lake as an #mportant Bird "rea :#B"; o #ndia. <he B$DS and S"C6$ :Salim "li Center or 6rnitholo9y and $atural
Distory; reco9nies the lake as a potential site or Ramsar Site and makin9 eorts or reco9nition as Ramsar Site. <he lake is ery rich in +iodiersity and ecolo9ical entity supportin9 00 species o a?uatic and terrestrial Birds, A' species o ish, - species o pra2n and 0 species o cra+s. #t also supports lar9e extent or +iales and oysters. <he 2ater is rich in phytoplankton and ooplankton. <he lake is rich in silica, 9ypsum, lime shell and other mineral deposits. #t also possesses man9roes and other littoral plants alon9 shore and tropical dry eer9reen orests. <he ake is also supportin9 mammals and reptiles such as 5ild +oar, !ackal, !un9le Cat, Fox, Monitor iard,
, Co+ra, Russell 2iper kraits etc. "s the ake is rich in Biodiersity and ecolo9ical entity, 4A illa9es :-A island illa9es and (0 adjoinin9 illa9es; depend on the lake directly or indirectly or their lielihood. "+out 0 +ird species 2ere recorded in the lake. ar9e populations o mi9ratory and resident +irds isit the lake. <he lake is ery important and major ora9in9 9round or lamin9os. "+out -',000 9reater lamin9os :
 Phaenicopterus ruber 
; and lesser lamin9os :
 Phaenicopterus minor 
; :isit this ake or eedin9 rom 6cto+er to March rom 3reat Rann o Kutch their  +reedin9 place. #n addition to lamin9os lar9e num+er o painted stork :
 Mycteria leucocephala
; and a+out (,00,000 ducks :
 Anas acuta
; are recorded in %ecem+er 0-. #t is an important and major ora9e 9round or the threatened species or Spot +illed )elicans and also the +irds nestin9 in the $elapattu Sanctuary 2hich is one o the lar9est )elicanory in South and South ast "sia. Besides it is also Fora9e 9round or Spot +illed )elicans and )ainted Storks o Sriharikota nestin9 Colony.<he 9oernment o #ndia has issued a 3aette notiication on -Ath Septem+er, 0-( :3.S.R. A4-:; or the construction o %u9arajapatnam Major )ort in the $ellore district 2hich is located in the northern side o the )ulicat ake.
The proposed entire 5000 acres land for the major port is part of the sanctuary and its Eco sensitive Zone.
<he %u9arajupatnam major port location is not only in the sanctuary area +ut also it is ery near to the ollo2in9 existin9 ports. <he proposed %u9arajupatnam is at a distance o

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