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Wolfenstein Game Guide

Wolfenstein Game Guide

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Wolfenstein walkthru
Wolfenstein walkthru

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Published by: DJPorterNZ on Nov 23, 2009
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Remember BJ Blazkowicz? Of course you do. Having made his first appearance wayback in 1992 in Wolfenstein 3D, the original first-person shooter, Blazkowicz has beena largely dormant character since that game's release, with the exception of the"Return to Castle Wolfenstein" games released nearly a decade later. But now, ourgood friend, the American spy, is back. Ready to take on the Nazi regime once morein an alternate history storyline, Wolfenstein (the third game in the base Wolfensteinseries) is as heated a first-person shooter as you'll find on the market today.Blazkowicz's fight takes place in an alternate history storyline, but that doesn't meanthere's some semblance of truth to what's going on. The SS Paranormal Division isback in full force, and conducting crazy experiments to give the Axis the edge inWorld War II. Think the SS Paranormal Division is fictional? Think again. Based on thevery real SS Ahnenerbe, the Paranormal Division in Wolfenstein is after the occultknowledge hidden by something called The Black Sun. And while the SS Ahnenerbewas never quite this out of control during World War II, rest assured that the Nazis'fascination and obsession with archaeology, the paranormal, the occult, and ancienthistory is quite,
real, indeed.Wolfenstein is the biggest game in the small series yet, by far. With over a dozenmissions, there's plenty to do during the main course of events. And that doesn't eventake into account the hundreds of collectibles to be found throughout the game'svarious maps, from gold, to intel, to special occult-based items called Tomes of Power. There is also an entire arsenal of weapons to uncover and upgrade, and a vastmultiplayer element to the game that will certainly require your full attention as well.
Naturally, our guide covers all of this, and more, to ensure that you take down theNazi regime once and for all in this unique take on World War II shooters.Are you ready, soldier? The German Resistance awaits your arrival.
In this Wolfenstein strategy guide, you'll find:
Because to take on the Nazis, you have to know the fundamentalsfirst.
Each mission covered to help you bring down the Nazis'occult ambitions.
All of the game's weapons thoroughly covered. Upgradeinformation included.
Locations for each and every piece of gold, intel folder, and Tome of Power.
Your questions, our answers.
Wolfenstein Basics
Killing Nazis Ain't Easy
BJ Blazkowicz, Wolfenstein's famed protagonist, is in an unenviable situation yetagain. With World War II blazing around him, the Nazis are making aggressive movesin an attempt to turn the war permanently in favor of the Axis. Naturally, inWolfenstein's epic lore, this means that the Nazis are chasing after the supernaturaland occult via the SS Paranormal Division, modeled after the very real Nazi SS squadthat existed during the equally-real battles of World War II, known as Ahnenerbe.Specifically, the Nazis in Wolfenstein are after powers granted by something calledthe Black Sun. And that is where you, playing as Agent Blazkowicz, come into play. There's nothing even remotely easy about Wolfenstein, not if you're playing on achallenging difficulty level (and why wouldn't you?) There's a lot to be seen and donein Wolfenstein. There are myriad missions to complete, side quests to undertake,weapons to find and upgrade, and of course, a plethora of secret items to uncover allover the place (in the form of gold, intel and Tomes of Power). This Basics section isdesigned to help you understand some of the game's finer points, so that you knowprecisely what you're getting yourself into. Below this are a few more fundamentals.Switch over to the next page to find some information on Advanced Tactics. Andfinally, a page removed from there, you'll find our typical Ten Tips section, outliningten points you should keep in mind moving forward.
 Your Environment
 This iteration of Wolfenstein is quite far removed from its predecessors. While it's stilla first-person shooter full of extraordinary action and adventure, Wolfenstein hasopened up somewhat, into something far less linear, and far more customizable.Events in the game take place primarily from a town in Germany called Isenstadt.More specifically, Isenstadt is located in Austria, but during the course of World War II,the two countries were essentially one, indistinguishable locale (Hitler was Austrian,after all). Isenstadt is home, in Wolfenstein, to a resistance group known as theKreisau Circle. And yes, the Kreisau Circle was also a real group during World War II. They were one of the
rare German-based resistance groups that carried outa guerilla campaign against the Nazis.

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