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The Black Hole Called "I"

The Black Hole Called "I"

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Published by John Paily
“Black Hole called “I” is death, but out of this death a new beginning occurs. This summarizes spiritual secrets and has potentials to lead scientific endeavor to its goal; rests are only details”. It is best understood scientifically and spiritually when we understand it in terms of information loss and its retrieval
“Black Hole called “I” is death, but out of this death a new beginning occurs. This summarizes spiritual secrets and has potentials to lead scientific endeavor to its goal; rests are only details”. It is best understood scientifically and spiritually when we understand it in terms of information loss and its retrieval

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Published by: John Paily on Jun 11, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Black Hole called “I”
The Gate Way to Secret of the Universe
“Black Hole called “I”
is death, but out of this death a new beginning occurs. This summarizes spiritual secrets and has potentials to lead scientific endeavor to its goal; rests are only details
. It is best understood scientifically and spiritually when we understand it in terms of information loss and its retrieval Modern scientists see Black Hole in distant cosmos. His strenuous efforts to seek the origin of universe have led him to Black Holes,
 Big Bang
. But he fails to perceive the cause for death and Origin from Black Hole or Singularity
. He sees the “
Path to Death
 but fails to comprehend the
Path to Life
. He is ignorant of the fact that deep within he is a black hole and what he sees is only a reflection of himself and his negative self-centered mind that is slave to material world. Self-centered mind imbalances the system of which it is part. A self-centered mind and soul is the dark matter and its inner space is the seat of dark energy. A self-centered mind and soul cannot see and experience the Life force that creates and sustains the universe in time acting eternally against gravity. An atom and the whole universal system cannot exist unless it is governed by two forces; a force that attracts to the center of black hole and a force that acts away from the center. These two forces should give way to one another to sustain the system. Much of modern science and mind of humans are aligned with the force that is directed to Black Hole. We have no hope unless we awaken to the force that gives life. Man is so arrogant and ego centered that he fails to note his position in Nature. He thus disconnects from Nature and her Master. In other words ego leads to loose connection with consciousness, intelligence and True Information. It leads to deterioration of higher or spiritual knowledge. With advancement of science and his ability to exploit the material power, his ego has only grown many folds. He is recklessly exploiting Earth and she is reacting violently. Today Earth
and human existence stands endangered because of human “I”. The ego is the dark field in
which humanity has caught and out of which he is struggling to emerge both by his Spiritual and Scientific quest. However u
nder the influence of human ego and “self 
centeredness”, b
oth spiritual and material knowledge, instead of being creative and ordering have become destructive.
Spiritual force or knowledge has manifested into many religions, competing to enslave human souls.
They work for quantitative development than quality
The material forces that nations and individuals have acquired are being recklessly used for self-advancement with least concern for Mother Nature.
 We are seeing the wrath of Mother  Nature as increased fire/wind, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, yet we are failing to awaken.  Nature reduced to her core from a
 point of freedom from “I” and conquering motive is simple
and comprehensible to all. Life and Nature is created from information emerging from black hole
2 of single cell extendable to single
“Atom of Life” or Soul
This single cell and “Atom of life” is the product of pairing of two spirits or information’s [male and female].
What is Atom of Life and why it is so, how it manifests as black hole etc., is explored in the link 1 and 2 given below. The fact that atom can carry a black hole is already explored in science [Nassim Harmein
work]. The Big Bang Creation now could be traced to one
Supreme Soul
 and the black hole in it.
It should be recalled that Max Planck’s works speaks of Ultra Violet Catastrophes
, where an energy particle that has smallest frequency can carry highest amount of energy. This means a small packet of light carrying immense energy can expand from within supporting the whole universal system that by gravity tends to collapse to a singularity or black hole. This creation needs to be understood as information unfolding from a
single soul or “Atom of life”.
This  brings all conceptual development in science and secret of spiritual scriptures sensibly to awaken the world to Truth or God and thus help humanity evolve from Dark Age to Light or Golden Age. It can lead us from Lower Knowledge to Higher Knowledge. This incorporates all developments in science and evolves it such that it can include spiritual scriptures sensibly. The material vision of science is built of gravity or centripetal force and in time it gets directed to singularity and Big Bang explosion. Scientists have failed to perceive this reality sensibly. They have come with new theory called parallel world and Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario, where one world at singularity pierces the other and emerges on the opposite side to initialize time. Visualizing universe as living with
“Atom of Life”
 and its inner space that carries information solves the problem. We can easily visualize the material world and all its force collapsing into
 black hole of a single “Atom of Life” or soul and emerging from it. We need to understand it as
information of Creator Soul and mind going into creation phase and unfolding the information to start a New Time Cycle. This picture now accounts for Big Bang, Ekpyrotic scenario, and even all the theories of universe known to science. The universe remains the same. With the unfolding of information, the ego of human souls that seek the secret of nature with self-centered intent  breaks down. Thus it accounts for spiritual secrets hidden in scriptures
The Key Realization
As a biologist I was aware that life has parallel world design and is a continuous struggle to sustain life.
More than two and half decades back, when I broke loose from “Plato’s chair of 
 science at the mouth of the cav
e” The first thing I realized is that
Nature also has a parallel world design and struggles to sustain certain equilibrium. She struggles to sustain certain energy to matter ratio within some limit
. I could see parallel between life and Earth and its
functioning. I could perceive a “
Principle and Design
 by which Nature and Life functions.
 - Later I could extend this Principle and Design to visualize the building blocks of nature, and how and why spin and motion occurs in it, how and why they form atomic and higher complex systems. I could visualize the formation of Black Hole in atoms that acts as information store house. I also could visualize how big black hole forms from collection of atoms Being biotechnologist trying to manipulate and clone life, I had understood one thing; life and its
information’s are
 not determinable as modern man thinks. It is dynamic one and has qualitative aspect attached to it. Life has a parallel world design with male and female and they mix the  billions of information it has developed over millions of years precisely such that the system can survive against time and change. This mixing is a boon for all species of life. As for humans who
3 tend to exploit life to his advantage, mixing of information by life is considered a disadvantage. The idea behind biotechnology is predictability and quantitative vision of gene, which is assumed to control traits of life. The motivation to biotechnology is purely economics. Suppose I find a super coconut tree yielding 600 nuts/year, [that is six times above average], and if I clone it, I would get six times more profit and if I isolate the genes for yield and add them up I can further multiply the profit by several folds. If I can isolate the gene for oil production and add more genes into cells and cultivate them in vitro, I can create a coconut oil production machine without plants. So goes the imagination In lab, I could manipulate the cells of many economically important species of plants to dedifferentiate and differentiate without going through the critical step by which Nature mixes its information [sexual reproduction]. But the preliminary observations showed that systems I create in test tubes showed immense variation. The life or cell that survived and differentiated without going through that critical step of union with parallel world [male and female union] is not only
“not determined” [unpredictable] but is inferior 
 to survive against time and change. The creators
of “Dolly” [the first test
 tube sheep] have aired this. The genes which I try to manipulate in lab appeared not only indeterminable units, but clearly appeared as not the source of information. At  best they are like weights a BALANACER uses to balance the balance. Life is essentially qualitative and changes in relation to the change in quality of the environment in which it exists. They make random quantum changes at critical points. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned cell  biologist today spe
aks of “epigenetic”
 Nature of information control.
I agree with it and I see another critical dimension to it
. The information is not only epigenetic but is “endogenetic”.
There is an
“inner space” or environment through which everything
connects and binds to form one system. This vision helped me visualize
Big Bang Theory
 sensibly including life. Our  Nature and life seems to pulsate and exist perpetually with information moving in and out two spaces; inner and outer. Modern scientific world in contrast to it have tried to visualize the universe from one space-time reality that collapses to
Einstein did strive to introduce the second space
time reality to give a steady state picture to the universe but failed
. What Einstein missed to note in Nature, I happened to note by Grace. All life strives against gravity and its centripetal force. All life transforms gravity force into anti-gravity in its inner space. They show creativity and ability to create mass that grows against the material world that tends to collapse to a point or singularity. This opposition of material and living world stand out when one applies the second law of thermodynamics to it. Scientists know it, but have failed to give it the importance. The inner space in life is the store house of information. In other words information is spiritual. It is the change in the spiritual information in the inner space that reflects to the outer world of genes. We all know the cell phones and laptops we use takes information from the environment and coverts it into data. Information here is generated and received by software created by minds. The instrument by itself does not create the information and reads.
This means information has a root in mind and its intelligence
 and life cannot be separated from the study of nature. It means creation and sustenance of the universe need to be searched in life. The root of life when traced, it leads to a primal cell. A cell is a conglomeration of atoms. This means we can trace it further ba
and its inner space. The inner
space “Atom of Life”
carries the Spirit or Information of the whole system. The life we see originates from energetic wave associated with this Atom of Life. This logically means we can

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