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Published by Cody Goggin
A script that I wrote about 3 months ago. It's about a man and his son going on a mission to retrieve the mayors secret box.
A script that I wrote about 3 months ago. It's about a man and his son going on a mission to retrieve the mayors secret box.

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Published by: Cody Goggin on Mar 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By: Cody A. GogginOpening Title Car reads - Bullet!EXT.CLUBHOUSE-DAYRock music plays in back ground and a musclecar is in the foreground.CARL walks up to car and passes to clup house. the camera follows him to the steps and then watches him walk up.INT.CLUBHOUSE-DAYInside CHRIS sits in side watching t.v.CARLHey Chris whats up buddy?CHRIS(not paingg much attention) Not much dad just whatching t.v.CARLI see... well how about going for a little ride?CHRISSure but where are we going to go?CARL Where ever we want to go. Come on.EXT.INSIDE CAR-DAYChris climbs in while Carl walks around to driver side and climbs in.The camera watches as car drives away and turns.CUT SCENEEXT.DINER-DAYCar pulls into a parking spot at a local diner and as Chris and Carlare walking up a man with a dark jacket walks out and pushes Carl outof the way. He gets on a motercycle and speeds off. A woman runs out. WOMAN(worried,mad)He stole the mayors secret box!!CARL(curious) Whats in the box ma'm? WOMANIts top secret!CARL(brave)Chris stay here!Carl jumps in car and speeds after the man and camera pans back toChris and woman.
 WOMAN Nice Car!Chris(proud)It's called Bullet!CUT SCENEEXT.FIELD WITH ROAD-DAYThe motercycle turns into shot followed by Carl in Bullet. Camerafollows the bike and pans to Bullet after bike is out of range. Carlcomes to a stop.CARLShoot... better go back and get Chris, and talking with the mayorcouldnt hurt. Wonder whats so important in that box?Bullet turns around and heads back to diner.CUT SCENEEXT.DINER-DAYBullet pulls up and Carl gets out.CARL(intereted)Come on Chris I need to talk with the mayor.CHRIS(curious)About What?CARLI think we can help catch that guy.CHRISCool, like Dukes of Hazzard!INT.DINER-DAYThey walk in and walk up to the mayor.CARLEscuse me mayor but I believe I have a sollution to your problem. MAYOR (unconfident)Oh realy? Whats that?CARL Well sir, uhh me. MAYOR How can you help me?CARLI can catch that guy. MAYOR If you do I will give you a very big reward.CARLI'm on it!Carl and Chris run out the door.
CUT SCENEINT.CLUBHOUSE-DAYCarl is seen worried.CARL(worried)Listen I want you to know that this is well... alot more dangerousethan anything we have ever done before.CHRIS(kiddish)More dangerouse than when we were in Egypt?CARL(forced smile) Well I doubt that. Ha Ha Egypt was bad wasnt it. Cousre this is real soyes I guess it is more danger filled.CHRIS(exited)Real danger huh? I can handle it!CARLYou think so? Well lets go. I'll get the guns!EXT.CLUBHOUSE-DAYThey walk out the door.CHRISCan I use a gun?CARLWell not now but maybe later.CHRISRealy?CARLOnly if you realy have to o.k.CHRISO.k. DaddyThey get in and drive off and turn leftCUT SCENEINT.INSIDE CAR-DAYCarl riding in car talking to Camera which is in Chris' spot.Carl:You see Chris we bring these guns do that if he has one we can protectourselves. If he dont use one we dont either. Understand?Chris' voice is heard  CHRISYes sir.Carl stops at a strange looking area.CHRIS

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