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Accessing Resources From the Teacher Wrap Around Edition in Teacher Works

Accessing Resources From the Teacher Wrap Around Edition in Teacher Works

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Published by djwest78
How to access resources from TeacherWorks software.
How to access resources from TeacherWorks software.

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Published by: djwest78 on Nov 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Accessing Resources from the Teacher Wrap Around Edition inTeacher Works.From the Resource List
1. Open TeacherWorks and click on the Open the TeacherWrap Around Edition. Make sure the correct disk is in theCD drive.2. Look at the bookmark on the left side of the page. Anything with a plus sign will hasmaterials listed under it. At the top you should see “Teacher Wrap Around Edition.”Click to open the book. Directly below it you should see “Resources. ”Simply click on theplus sign and it will list the materials. Double click on any resource to open it.3. Simply page through the resource to find the page youdesire. To print a single page simply go to file, thenprint, check current and hit print. To print multiplepages, put the page numbers in the “Page” box or the“From Page, To Page” box.Caution, when printing multiple pages, use the pagereference numbers from adobe, not the page number onthe actual page of the document. Adobe has to includethe table of contents and front matter when it numbersthe pages, so they generally are off a few numbers. Inthis example the page number on the document is 7, but ifprinting the next two pages, you would print page 13 to 14.
From the Teacher Planning Page
1) Open the teacher edition as shown above. Insteadof clicking on resources, click on table of contents.Click on Student edition table of contents and clickon the chapter you are interested. This will takeyou to the chapter opening page.2) Click back a few pages to the teacher planningpage. All of the resources are on the planningpage are linked to the actual resources.3) Click on the title of the resource and it will open.Click on the back arrow (previousview) and it will take you back tothe planning page. (If you are using Adobe 8 or 9,the previous view arrow is not on the toolbar. Onyour top menu, go to tools, customize toolbars,scroll down to page navigation toolbar and checkevery box under that heading and it will add it toyour toolbar on the top menu.)

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