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A Little Imperialist Bird Whistles at Nicolas Maduro

A Little Imperialist Bird Whistles at Nicolas Maduro

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President Nicolas Maduro of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will probably be assassinated in the very near future
President Nicolas Maduro of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will probably be assassinated in the very near future

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Published by: David Arthur Walters on Jun 12, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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June 14, 2014 By David Arthur Walters Miami Mirror MIAMI BEACH
President Nicolas Maduro of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will probably be assassinated in the very near future, not by agents of the United States, but by his own people, most likely in a
coup d’état effected by his
security force or army. That is, if his spouse, the First Combatant, lead counsel on the team that saved Hugo Chavez in 1994, does not save him along with the nation. After all, if ordinary Venezuelans cannot trust the military and the police with the human right to life, why should President Maduro trust them in respect to his own life? Therefore he has more than one good reason to be paranoid. People are out to get him for various reasons. One reason being he would establish a dictatorship of the so-called proletariat.
Well, “Little Venice,” called the “Land of Grace” by Christopher Columbus, who said he saw signs there of a “Terrestrial Paradise,”
has a tradition of dictatorships or banana republics established by one coup or another, with barely a democracy in between. Now Fascism may be the antidote for both liberalism and the permanent revolution of communism.
Pointing the finger at the
“historical enemies,”
 meaning the imperialists up north, is propaganda designed to rally the troops. If the C.I.A. wanted President Maduro dead, he would all ready be dead if it were not for the fact that the imperialists are actually governed by Law instead of dictators. As General Simon Bolivar, who visited the United States and studied its constitution and who was much admired by liberals the world over, eloquently declared at the Act of Installation of the Second National Congress of Venezuela in 1819:
“A corrupt People, should it gain its liberty, soon loses it again, for in vain are the lights of
experience exercised in showing that happiness consists in the practice of virtue, and that the Government of Laws is more powerful than that of Tyrants, because they are more inflexible, and all ought to submit to their wholesome severity; that good morals and not force constitute the pillars o
f the Law, and that the exercise of Justice is the exercise of Liberty.”
 Alas that the Chavistas, having seized the liberty promulgated in the Fundamental Principles of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, did not understand that constitutional liberty hangs on orderly process, on how a state is functionally constituted, so that everyone, not only themselves, rich or poor or in between, may enjoy it. When they rendered the Supreme Tribunal of Justice a political tool of the
party in the National Assembly instead of an independent branch of the Republic, and politicized prosecutors and public defenders and police as well, they unwittingly renounced their own liberty, only to march in lockstep against the rest of the nation, pe
rverting the very meaning of the words “right” and “liberty” and “independence.”
Unless something is done now to realize the liberating concepts in all the particularities to which they are intended by the general will to apply, the tables shall turn violently against Chavismo in La Guerra de Mesas. It may be admitted upon trial that the officials had good intentions, as far as they were concerned. Nonetheless, the means and therefore the ends were evil when constitutional rights were violated; wherefore the officials must be rehabilitated for their particular transgressions against the whole. After all, the 1999 Constitution that Mr. Maduro helped draft does provide for the personal responsibility of officials for their violations of civil rights. For example, Article 29 provides that
The State is obliged to investigate and legally punish offenses against human rights committed by its authorities. Actions to punish the offense of violating humanity rights, serious violations of human rights and war crimes shall not be subject to statute of limitation. Human rights violations and the offense of violating humanity rights shall be investigated and adjudicated by the courts of ordinary competence. These offenses are excluded from any benefit that might render the offenders immune from punishment, including pardons and amnesty.
” Under Article 30,
The State has the obligation to make full reparations
to the victims of human rights violations for which it may be held responsible, and to the legal successors to such victim
s, including payment of damages….”
 President Maduro has good reason to be paranoid, to be hyper-vigilant, but he is looking in the wrong direction. In the United States, where federal judges serve for life on Good Behavior, meaning until they are impeached for mental infirmity or crimes, one statute willingly obeyed prohibits the Yankee imperialists from assassinating leaders of sovereign states. That statute is one of several reasons why the anti-social socialist Bashar al-Assad, Regional Secreta
ry of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and President of Syria, is still alive to be Pre
Maduro’s fellow traveler,
 and why Saddam Hussein, a sociopathic assassin and leading member of that revolutionary socialist party, survived as President of Iraq to kill so many of his own people until his people were liberated to hang him, and the same might be said of the anti-imperialist Muammar Gaddafi of the Arab Socialist Union, whom President Maduro supported
as Venezuela’s foreign minister
. Yes, it appears that Iraq is going down the tubes now that the liberators have pulled out, devolving into chaos pending the emergence of another brutal strong man. It is said that some
people are just not ready for “democracy” or “socialism” quite yet or will never be attun
ed to it temperamentally. They are too uncivilized as of yet, or just too wild by nature or culturally diverse to voluntarily bring their freedom into order. They need a strong man, a tyrant, a despot, a dictator, a general, to tame and lead them so they can live virtuous and moral lives fighting for some higher cause than their own survival until he retires or is assassinated. We recall that Simon Bolivar, Dictator and Supreme Chief of the Republic of Venezuela, resigned and delivered his powers back to the legislature. Now Venezuelan socialists cultivate him for their Socialism of the 20
 Century, but it should be remembered that he was a nobleman of a wealthy Creole family, and a great student of the ancient classics, modern republican literature, and military strategy, the very sort of person who should be honored and protected by President Maduro along with everyone else in his capacity as tribune of the people. Given the wisdom of his first-hand experience on the battlefield and as president of Peru, Bolivia, and a union of nations (modern Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, northern Peru, and northwest Brazil) known as Grand Colombia, Bolivar did not believe South American countries were ready to unite in a grand centralized state given their diversity, vices, and ignorance. Neither would a confederation of sovereign states along the lines of the one that was inadequate to the purpose of union in North America be practical. In fact, Gran Colombia was ridden by dissension and would eventually break up. Of course, he was blamed for its

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