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Prayer and Holy Living.

Prayer and Holy Living.

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"I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy
hands, without wrath and doubting." — /. Timothy ii. 8.

"I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy
hands, without wrath and doubting." — /. Timothy ii. 8.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jun 12, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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PRAYER AD HOLY LIVIG. BY E. BAKS DILLARD, D.D. "I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting." — /. Timothy ii. 8. [A sermon preached in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday morning, January 14, 1894, by Dr. Dillard, and reported for this book. It is the first of the series of sermons. After being introduced by the pastor, Dr. Dillard made a few remarks relative to his mode of work, led in a short but earnest prayer, and then announced his text.] There seemed to have been some question among the ancients relative to the proper placein which to pray. This will appear when we consider the fact that in the construction of the Temple there was a small room, sepa- rated from the other parts of the Temple by a heavy hanging curtain, called the vail of the Temple, and known as the Holiest of Holies; in this sacred place the high priest alone, after having slain some innocent victim and sprinkled its blood, dared to enter once a year and pray for himself and the people. Again, the Savior, in the conversation had with the Samaritan woman at the well, brought out this same idea, for said she: "Our fathers worship in this mountain, but ye say in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship." To this Christ replied: "Verily, verily I say unto you, the time is come and now is when they shall no longer in Jerusalem nor 76 PRAYER AD HOLY LIVIG. 77 in this mountain worship the Father; for God is a spirit,
and seeketh such to worship him as worship him in spirit and in truth." This has a wonderful significance, and gives us to understand that God is not a god of temples or mountains, but, as the Psalmist said, His eyes are in every place, beholding the evil and the good; so His ears are ever open to the earnest and plaintive cry of His people. When Christ was crucified, there were some wonder- ful phenomena: "The sun blushed to night, And refused to behold the awful sight; The earth trembled at the foot of the cross, And Peter thought the world was lost; The vail of the Temple rent in twain, And the dead came back to life again." But, strange to say, that which seemed less significant at the time has been the only remaining incident of far- reaching importance. The sun shines brightly above our heads, and the old earth revolves just as steadily as before; the dead have all disappeared, and only the rent in the vail remains to tell us that the hoi} 7 place is every- where, and that wherever man has the spirit of prayer, there God is waiting to receive his petition. Oh, what a splendid privilege ! o high priest need go in for us, no in- nocent victim need suffer now; our Great High Priest has gone in for us; once for all, the blood of the atonement has been spilt; the obstructions have all been removed, and man is urged to pray always and in every place. I beg you to notice that this view of the subject has a practical side. Suppose you are a blacksmith; you can make your anvil 78 PRAYKR AD HOLY LIVIG. an altar from which shall rise as acceptable prayer as ever ascended from the altars of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If you are a farmer, as you follow the plowshare you may not only obey the command to eat bread in the
sweat of your face, but you can by prayer unite the divine oversight with the weakness of human effort, and in answer to prayer and effort, command and promise, seed-time and harvest will be crowned with labor and reward. If you are a physician, as you stand by the bed- side of suffering humanity and diagnose the case you may hold communion with the Great Physician, and thus be led to a correct diagnosis of the case and the wise application of proper remedies ; so shall your patient be healed and your reputation be sustained. Are you a merchant, then while your customer is before the counter breathe a silent prayer. I remember, while in meetings in the town of Smithville, Va., hearing a minister say he had once been a merchant and the time had been in his experience when he had felt the power of temptation so powerfully that he left the customer standing before the counter and ran down in the basement among the boxes and barrels, had a little talk with the L,ord, and ran back to finish waiting on the customer. Oh for more such merchants! ["Amen!" "That's right!" came from different parts of the house. The evangelist said, "ow let us see how many people here believe in prayer; rise to your feet," when at least 75 per cent arose. "Great interest; be seated."] ow we pass to the second thought. Lifting up holy hands: Suppose I say something to you about the eyes> what will you think of? seeing; of the ears? hearing; PRAYER AD HOLY LIVIG. 79 because these are the organs with which we see and hear. "As the feet are the appendages of locomotion," as the preacher said of the chicken, so the hands are the objects with which we work ; hence holy hands simply means, in common English, doing right. Somehow men have an intuitive idea that there is absolutely no use to pray unless their lives are going to correspond. The poet has .said:

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